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  1. ISM

    I quickly found three of them very quickly - Wilfred Arthur Ward eluded me in short time I had available. Search for (including quote marks) "ward james henry" etc. ie surname first then given names. Putting it in quote marks means look for exact text. Don't worry about the comma - the Gazette search function ignores it. Wilfred ??? you'll have to look harder. Cheers Graeme
  2. I can't find the Statute in the Gazette, but in the authoritative book "Royal Service, Volume 1" it is stated that the King approved the central stripe on 13 Sept 1951 and the Statute was dated 15 Oct 1951. This information appears in a chapter relating to the Victorian Medal and there is no indication as to whether it applies to all grades of the Order. Cheers Graeme
  3. It might help if you could provide his full names and any details you may have regarding where and when he might have served. G.
  4. Probably because he liked it ! Without viewing the rim it looks like an unnamed original. They appear occasionally.
  5. Hello I'm particularly interested in the Piet Retief Commando at Tsumeb in GSWA, 1915. My special interest is Sjt DAVIDSON, D.C.M.,a New Zealander who stayed on in SA after serving in the Boer Wars. Any specific info greatly appreciated.
  6. That is the date in the Edinburgh Gazette. In the London Gazette it is 12 Apr 1912, page 2637. Graeme
  7. PAKISTAN -- Tamgha-i-Diffa, 1948--

    Just wondering........is the "SHAQMA" clasp real....or just a "phurphy"...... G.
  8. Hi Martin Hope you have his Military Medal, M.M., and trio as well........ G.
  9. Yes But..... He was an Asst Commissioner and had been on a training course in the UK when his award came up. When he got back they told him to go to the stores and pick up his gong. He said "NO - I want somebody to pin it on me" - but they didn't....so some years later he went to the stores (with me) and at last got his medal. Graeme
  10. Hello Dave et al Provenance if this medal is impeccable - obtained same time as VERY senior T& T police officer collected his own from police stores still in original packaging and with "as supplied" ribbon - out of storage bin filled with all sorts, including WW I gongs. Medal newby at the time....should have got more.....ahhhhhhhh those were the days...... Graeme
  11. And then came this...not sure when...maybe 20 years ago....for 18 years....reverse has T & T coat of arms...
  12. The Museum to Visit....

    Visited recently ! Incredible !.....and I've seen a lot of museums in my time. Soooooo moving.....and the public interest is unbelievable, especially with the young. It's worth visiting just for the colourised photos - I thought they would be pretty bad - I should have known better - PJ does NOTHING by halves. They really are works of art....and so realistic - a whole new insight to WW I Do not miss it. Graeme
  13. Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    I should have been clearer......just awards to Commonwealth African countries.... Graeme
  14. Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    Can you please show the ribbon. I have one of these but I've never seen the ribbon. Any other African medals you might be moving on ? G.
  15. Botswana Defence Force Long service order

    Looks OK to me. Any spare ribbon ? G.