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  1. That is the date in the Edinburgh Gazette. In the London Gazette it is 12 Apr 1912, page 2637. Graeme
  2. Just wondering........is the "SHAQMA" clasp real....or just a "phurphy"...... G.
  3. Hi Martin Hope you have his Military Medal, M.M., and trio as well........ G.
  4. Yes But..... He was an Asst Commissioner and had been on a training course in the UK when his award came up. When he got back they told him to go to the stores and pick up his gong. He said "NO - I want somebody to pin it on me" - but they didn't....so some years later he went to the stores (with me) and at last got his medal. Graeme
  5. Hello Dave et al Provenance if this medal is impeccable - obtained same time as VERY senior T& T police officer collected his own from police stores still in original packaging and with "as supplied" ribbon - out of storage bin filled with all sorts, including WW I gongs. Medal newby at the time....should have got more.....ahhhhhhhh those were the days...... Graeme
  6. And then came this...not sure when...maybe 20 years ago....for 18 years....reverse has T & T coat of arms...
  7. Visited recently ! Incredible !.....and I've seen a lot of museums in my time. Soooooo moving.....and the public interest is unbelievable, especially with the young. It's worth visiting just for the colourised photos - I thought they would be pretty bad - I should have known better - PJ does NOTHING by halves. They really are works of art....and so realistic - a whole new insight to WW I Do not miss it. Graeme
  8. I should have been clearer......just awards to Commonwealth African countries.... Graeme
  9. Can you please show the ribbon. I have one of these but I've never seen the ribbon. Any other African medals you might be moving on ? G.
  10. Looks OK to me. Any spare ribbon ? G.
  11. Bonjour Marne PM message sent Thank you
  12. Hi there Many thanks for your reply. Great information. Now all I have to do is find out which grade(s) were awarded to Nerw Zealanders, and then where is the best place to obtain one ! G.
  13. Thanks for your replies. The medals I'm interested in were awarded in early 1921 to New Zealand civilians, in New Zealand, for assistance with French WW I war efforts, particularly for humane responses. There were approx 19 awards made to NZers - mostly to Mayors of main cities, Red Cross and other patriotic committees.
  14. I'm looking for information, photos etc, for these awards - awarded to foreigners for WW I services to France, made in approx 1921. Also interested in purchase. G.
  15. Hello Ray Access to WW I New Zealand soldiers are all online at ; http://www.archway.archives.govt.nz/ You will see a search box. Just type in the name you are looking for. For a common name use the soldier's number if you know it. You will find a number of results - sometime hundreds - but soldier's records funnily enough appear under "Military records". On some mens files you will find just one PDF of many pages. On other files you will see multiple PDF files for the one man. Archives are in the middle of bringing online military files because of the WW I centenary. Eventually all of the separate PDF files will be consolidated into one PDF file - when manpower permits. For these multiple files you can look at them individually, or go through the "Preservation Master", "Derivative Copy" I process I gave in my previous post. Sometimes you find more than one file for a man. Be sure to look at them all. Another source for you is; paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/ This is a digitised newspaper site, and you MAY find information there. (Search "ALL" papers). Again you'll hundreds of results - takes some "weeding" to sort out applicable references. Use the advanced search options. WW II files you'll have to try accessing via the NZ Defence site. http://www.nzdf.mil.nz/personnel-records/nzdf-archives/default.htm Not easy, but they are available - have to prove man's death etc. If you have any problems with any of the above get back to me. If by any chance you're going to to OMSA in Irvine next month I'd be happy to explain further to anybody interested. Bring names of soldiers whose files you want to explore. Cheers Graeme