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  1. ilja559

    South West African / Namibia Medals

    General Joseph Hatutale Kakoto More photo
  2. ilja559


    Military Leadership Medal Medal instituted by Decree 47/2017 of August 23. Medal awarded to active, reserve, or retired military personnel and leaders who have rendered outstanding services to the military institution and the Nation. I did find this Decree here http://www.portaldogoverno.gov.mz/por/Governo/Legislacao/Boletins-da-Republica/Boletins-da-Republica-2017 . Boletin n.132. But it have nothing about medals
  3. ilja559


    Joaquim Chissano 1987
  4. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- Mauritania

    Medal of Honour sert
  5. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- Palestine

    Military Honor Star
  6. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- United Arab Emirates

    Medal of Valor Order of Martyr
  7. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    some photo
  8. ilja559

    Swaziland Orders & Decorations

    Police Long Service Medal Swaziland 25th Anniversary Medal 1968 - 1993 Swaziland 45th Anniversary Medal 1968 - 2013
  9. ilja559

    Unknown Chinese Medal

  10. I can put information on my site. If somebody have time to fill it up.
  11. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Яшкин Григорий Петрович
  12. Кочегаров Алексей Фёдорович awarded with Silver Star
  13. Nice photo. Here is Качур Пётр Васильевич awarded with Silver Star
  14. ilja559


    No, just image