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  1. ilja559

    Swaziland Orders & Decorations

    Police Long Service Medal Swaziland 25th Anniversary Medal 1968 - 1993 Swaziland 45th Anniversary Medal 1968 - 2013
  2. ilja559

    Unknown Chinese Medal

  3. I can put information on my site. If somebody have time to fill it up.
  4. ilja559

    ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Яшкин Григорий Петрович
  5. Кочегаров Алексей Фёдорович awarded with Silver Star
  6. Nice photo. Here is Качур Пётр Васильевич awarded with Silver Star
  7. ilja559


    No, just image
  8. ilja559


    Zambia Red Cross Medal
  9. Hello Emmanuel. Yes, but non official too. Military Action Fund Medal for veterans.
  10. Emmanuel, your medal n.3 - is not an official medal of the Union of Russian Airborne Troops veterans. Here link to another medals - http://wawards.org/oldsite/azia/uz/3/medal.html http://wawards.org/oldsite/azia/uz/9/medal.html Best regards, Ilja
  11. ilja559

    Malawi Medals

    Malawi Police Long Service medal
  12. ilja559

    Malaysian Orders of Chivalry

    The Most Exalted Order of the Crown of Kedah
  13. ilja559

    Malaysian Orders of Chivalry

    Grand Commander of the Order of Kinabalu Most Exalted Order of the Star of Sarawak Knight Commander of the Order of the Crown of Selangor
  14. Yes, the Red Star number the same like in my paper. I have to buy this DNW cataloge. May be somebody have this
  15. Nothing special on that page. "On April 28, 1944, the following orders and medals were handed over for awarding (decree on March 20, 1944). Unfortunately I do not know how to spell the name in English. Air Force Major V.A.Gittins ?