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  1. Thank you for posting this precious image!!
  2. French Mini medal bar

    First 3 are 'private' awards, usually buy your own diploma and insignia. See https://www.comitedentente.be/membres/confédération-européenne-des-anciens-combattants-c-e-a-c/, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croix_du_combattant_de_l'Europe and https://www.encouragement-public.org/ and related sites for details. Last is an official BE award usually for long service. Given substance of the first three, perhaps self-awarded. .
  3. Yes, dangerous for the unsuspecting. From musical instruments to Orders...... Do not forget the sash!!
  4. Paul Kaparoff [kap73p@aol.com] has a wide variety of ribbon for sale including some Pakistani, Indian and Indian State stock. He may have these Sitara e Harb ribbons on hand.
  5. Order of Homayoun ribbon usually reported as green with red edge stripes without additional outer green edge.
  6. Thank you for posting these detailed, quality images! Tried Googling the awardees' name without success, any suggestions New World?.
  7. I regret seeing the assembled set...before dismemberment! However, given the decoration array, wonder whether it might be a display group rather than an awarded group. Any provenence available?
  8. Had this Belgian officer served in the cavalry or veterinary corps, the French award grant or connection might be more apparent. Further, this officer's commander grade of the French Order of Agricultural Merit may not necessarily related to activity in the agricultural field [pun intended]. France used/uses the Order of Agricultural Merit to recognize general merits in addition to those related directly to agriculture. Examples include Nicholas of Montenegro and Haile Selassie who both received this Order--Nicholas' now displayed in the Cetinje Palace Museum mounted on a sash in the correct colors. An acquaintance seconded to the French Foreign Ministry received the knight cross [star] in 1970 after working there for a year. Concur with an Ethiopian Star for the green-yellow-red commander ribbon. Is the last ribbon a Dannebrog?
  9. Thank you for this excellent presentation. Rudimentary studies of this award appeared in the late 1960’s and mid-1970’s in various publications including the Medal Collector and Sabretache. Your exposition surpasses those in scope and image quality. 1970’s reports suggested that ‘re-strike’ or copy crosses had appeared out of Germany and Spain. These pieces were crude and thick when compared to originals [especially the centers] but of the correct 4 cm. diameter. As I recall, these items were all of the military version. Have you any information regarding copies currently seen on the market?
  10. Has anyone an image of Carol II wearing his Cyril & Methodius?

    Very impressive finds, Bob!! You are lucky AND persistent and that's what it takes!!
  12. Image too small for my old eyes. Ribbon & cross format suggest St. Agatha [San Marino] but do not see wreath between cross arms.
  13. Help needed on unknown medal

    Copy British DSO. If this is soft metal or plastic & about 25 mm or 1 inch wide, it likely dates from the mid-1950's. A series of perhaps 20 similar manufacture awards were sold individually with a 3 fold cardboard display mounting. The idea seems to have been 'collect 'em all!' The ribbon & pin on your example, however, differ from that generally seen on such pieces. Another edition of these same items in plastic painted in colors approximating actual enamel work exists. Those had a much coarser woven ribbon, often in colors similar to the originals.
  14. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    Thank you--See he received a Leopold with swords, perhaps during the visit?
  15. Miniatures of Japanese Orders and Medals

    Looks like a match!! First image I've seen of a Brazilian wearing the 1920 Belgian Medal of the Royal Visit to Brazil. Have you details of his Japanese involvement?