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    Maybe sword, dagger sling or aiguillette [or similar type] accouterments? Have seen several of the smaller one before some years ago in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar and maybe in Cairo.
  2. Insignia shown in Graf's post immediately above belongs to the private Cyril & Methodius organization previously discussed. Most material regarding those pieces posits 1920-30 French manufacture. The 'collector copy' Cyril & Methodius collar set badge & star enamel and metal finish quality appear cruder than 1960's Rothe copies. However, the format & execution have similar characteristics to those copies in terms of general shape [flames between badge & star cross arms, star reverse appearance, blue enamel hue, stippling absence, seraph detail, and so on]. Maybe someone found old French or Rothe dies? At one point in the 1970's-'80's, claims that Cejalvo of Madrid made Cyril & Methodius [supposedly for Simeon's use] badges and stars surfaced. The badges were of the 'thin' arm variety. The centers had struck saint images, I believe. These do not look similar to those items.
  3. Thank you Drugo! I tried a quick search of online U.N. diplomatic lists without success but with a June 1960 date may have better luck later.
  4. Fascinating group! You must feel quite lucky to have obtained it! Both the French and U.S. publish annual lists of accredited diplomats so it may be possible to consult those directories. I tried a quick google search for these lists from the 1950's-'60's without success.
  5. Most likely, would be cheaper to buy a complete one than pay for restoration. Genuine ones now range from $80-$150--you can get a not bad copy for around $25
  6. WOW!! some price--I'd have needed more than a few beers' consideration! I gave a wrong attribution for the 6 point 'medal' you saw. Militaria, not MILITES, 2nd year #11, p. 47 of June 1994 IDs it as a Star of Merit of the G.L.A. [ Gioventù del Littorio Albanese--Youth of the Albanian Lictor--an Italian orchestrated Albanian fascist youth organization]. It seems unclear whether it was a formally awarded distinction. This is only the 2nd one I've ever heard of; the other was in a dealer's shop in Rome at least 10 years ago. See http://spazioinwind.libero.it/littorio/org/gal-i.htm for info on the G.L.A. There's a Florence Nightingale medal in that image next to the Red Cross award--another rare bird!
  7. Bob--did you get a price for these? All very desirable!! The epaulets have been forged so cannot offer definite opinion on them. Did you get a view of the button details or reverse? If they're 'linked' to the belt they may well be originals. Have seen only 4 of these Albanian belts [supposedly for officers and court officials] for sale in over 50 years; only one other in this good of a condition. Last one in this condition sold for about $250 or so a few years ago. Both epaulets & belts were supplied by Unione Militare and sometimes so marked. Medal is one of the Albanian fascist party/related items. It's described in the MILITES article--have to consult my copy now stored away. Related things at ...
  8. If you don't find any in the UK, Paul Kaparoff in the USA had a number of Indian ribbons. Paul's email address follows: kap73p@aol.com
  9. If you seek maker identification, the first star looks to be Spink manufacture; however Spink almost always placed their maker identification lozenge on the reverse and sometimes used gold pins. Another Spink 'tell' not present here is that now and again the star's central white enamel has a yellowish cast. This may be due to production error or a lacquer overlay. The other stars may be Polish made. First maybe 1990's made by A. Panasiuka, Warsaw--if so ID would be on [apparently missing] screwback plate. Last one more recent--look under the pin hinge support for possible marks.
  10. Eurorders, a wonderful bar perhaps formerly in George Seymour's collection! Do you know the original owner's name?
  11. Rusty, Think Ismail Teymour Pasha's Belgian Crown Order neck badge indicates a commander grade award. https://twitter.com/EgyChampagne/status/511990449741901824/photo/1. may be an admiral or the commander of the royal [now Presidential] Yacht el Morissa built in 1863 and still active. About 90% certain he's wearing a naval uniform--4 rings usually means captain. Somewhere I have an image of Farouk in naval uniform [admiral] & seem to recall the ornate cuff embroidery same as this fellow but with a very broad band in place of the 4 stripes. I agree with your decorations ID. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/107945722297247055/. -- no idea of uniform ID but lean towards Anglo-Egyptian Sudanese Condominium military service. His neck awards may be Ismail, Nile, Jordan Independence, and Iran Taj [Crown]. Two breast medals appear to be UK Sudan & Khedive's Sudan. Star too washed out for me - maybe Jordan Independence
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