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  1. Yes indeed, a magnificent group!! Sincere congrats! Maybe the Brunswick Henry the Lion mini explains D.K. 13.06.1911 Deutsches Kreuz? Gab es erst in NS-zeit, Dragoner Kreuz??
  2. Maybe middle one is Bulgarian WW I Commemorative? Would suggest a Hungarian & ?
  3. Thanks to ALL!! Especially Igor for this precious document!!
  4. Any reverse marking? Center looks good. Swords of this type readily available & these not precisely aligned or contured....maybe an upgrade
  5. Last medal on this group appears to be Edward VII Coronation based on ribbon and profile. Ribbon seems to exclude Norway's King Haakon VII & Queen Maud Coronation Medal [22 June 1906] as well.
  6. Turkish Nurse Safiye Hüseyin Elbi with TWM

    Safiye Hüseyin Elbi, a person of sterling integrity and outstanding accomplishment, certainly merited her awards. Several books and many articles discuss her personal history and contributions as a major influence on and developer of modern Turkish nursing. She is the only Turkish recipient of the ICRC Florence Nightingale Medal [seen next to her Order of Şefkat] known to me. She appears to wear a 1911 UK Coronation Medal next to her Nightingale Medal and a British Red Cross Society Balkan War Medal next to her Red Crescent Medal. She received a Spanish Republic Red Cross decoration neck badge as well. Demir, could you kindly comment on or confirm her awards?
  7. Most interesting Ismail ribbon in your post 27 example, Owain! Fahmy probably mentioned to you the difficulty in securing some materials and then importing them into Egypt, especially in 1940-44 and 1953-'59. He told me that ribbons and fittings like the metal swivels for attaching badges to sashes provided the most difficulty and that his staff developed work-arounds. I have maybe two Ismail neck badges with the same type cravat ribbon as yours. These appear to be of different than usual color hues, slightly narrower widths and tie strings lack the red stripe. This evidence may lead to establishing a contemporary 'type two' Ismail ribbon variety [as opposed to later 'close enough' ribbon replacements]. To date, I've seen no other ribbon widths in these hues. The 2nd class neck ribbon in Rusty's post 4 above seems different from both this type and the more usual one. Perhaps it represents yet another 'material scarcity' substitute or a 'close enough' replacement.
  8. Regarding use of wings and rosettes to indicate award grade, perhaps an Egyptian implementation regulation or other guidance exists to clearly define or regulate these marks. Protocole [1947, p. 96] provides only that rosettes shall not exceed a 1 cm. diameter and that only one, of the highest award, may be worn at the button-hole in street attire. However, Order of Ismail and Nile rosettes [at a minimum] exist in at least 7, 10 & 12 mm. diameter sizes As Owain notes, wings and rosettes differentiate between grades of awards in many instances. Exceptions do occur, such as addition of another type of device to suspension ribbons indicating degrees. Examples include the U.S. Legion of Merit or Presidential Medal of Freedom. As Owain suggests [because rosettes and wings seem to have originated in France], French seems the appropriate language to describe these distinctive class or rank indication marks. Donc, d'un vendeur de détail français, en français: Pour Chevalier : un ruban fin de 1 à 3 mm de large à coudre au niveau de la boutonnière (existe également en « prêt à fixer » appellé fixe-ruban qui est un ruban monté sur agrafe (longueur du ruban apparent : 1,5 cm). Il existe une version spéciale pour dame, il s’agit d’un nœud qui permet de le fixer sur tout vêtement. pour Officier : une Rosette de 6mm sur bouton ou pin qui se fixe au revers de veste au niveau de la boutonnière. pour Commandeur : une Rosette sur galon blanc pour Grand Officier : une Rosette sur galon blanc et or pour Grand Croix : une Rosette sur galon tout or Sizes for these appurtenances may be set by respective decoration description or statute but more often by practical usage or personal preference. Galon translates as braid. Usually galon blanc equates to silver braid and galon or to gold braid. Cheaper substitutes may be used as well.
  9. Help Identifying Medal

    Based on ribbon arrangement and ribbon types, I'd opine a Carnival medal set
  10. Owain, These may well be copies---original details [hair, necklaces, awards] look more like your post 1 example in my experience. Do these offerings have a swivel suspension? Of the handful I've handled, most have swivel suspensions, well defined 'claws' and thin circumference rims. Compare with https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/baldwins/catalogue-id-srbal10013/lot-65390621-7009-49d7-a50b-a441017750b3 or http://www.royalark.net/Pakistan/bahawal9.htm. An example in the Bahawal Museum in 1987 had what appeared to be a 1911 Delhi Durbar medal type swivel suspension, however. Still if the price is right these might be useful as fillers...
  11. Great bar! Lacks just an Osmanie green enamel body beneath the crescent on the green/red ribbon. Attribution would be difficult if not impossible.
  12. Doubt that ID will be possible given the award span. Second award is a UK Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, [Serving] Brother or Member's Badge.
  13. U.S. e#bay vendor shopbags lists such embroidered items for sale from time to time as noted above. White Eagle civil star now available; see item 232643283097. Most likely, simply souvenir pieces like the White Eagle or Karageorge badges attached to key rings.
  14. No reference [written, internet or museum/personal collection] that I've ever seen contains mention or examples of the insignia you illustrate. By statute, Order of Danilo motto ring color is blue rather than green as in your piece. This item looks rather new—may be useful to try a black light material test to help determine age. Pakistani embroidery firms supply this sort of insignia nowadays. Check e#ay item 231970346876 Montenegro Danilo Royal Order Merit Medal Orden Award Duklja Rascia Travunia for a similar item albeit with different details. The Madrid establishment Cejalvo [http://www.condecoracionescejalvo.es] and perhaps one Italian company [possibly Guccione of Roma?] manufacture the physical decorations currently presented by Nikola II Petrović-Njegoš, Crown Prince of Montenegro. These awards do not include insignia similar to your images. Websites/pages that formerly contained information on Prince Nikola’s Order and its insignia [Njegoskij.org, Grandchancelleryorderofdanilo.org and Orderofdanilo.org] ‘cannot be found’ or dead links.
  15. bilylev may be correct. White stripes do look too wide for White Lion--but do not appear to match Serb/Yugoslav White Eagle [and lack greyish hue] or Order pro Merito Melitensi either. Way too wide for Polonia Restituta. Not wide enough for Cuban Order of Merit and Honor [of the National Red Cross]... Issue--What award does ribbon in these proportions actually indicate if not one of the above?