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  1. I agree with 922F - award on the bottom is not Legion of Honor. My first thought was same as Graf's, however I've noticed that wreath on top is different and ribbon is not solid red color.
  2. Absolutely yes, corporations were awarded as well. I have an award document from Tsarist period on award to a Factory.
  3. I saw couple interesting cased Bravery awards sold in these special boxes, marked by Schwerdtner, Wien. Boxes are covered with leather, are brown in color (unlike other Bravery boxes). These are supposedly late Alexander or early Prince Ferdinand awards. Not sure if the crosses belong to the boxes though. What do you think? Here's 4th class award 3rd class award
  4. hi Vazov, I am not convinced these these are photos of actual items. If you compare central medallions - they look identical, in fact they look like the same medallion (see reflections, shades, lion - exactly the same). I think these photos were created with Photoshop.
  5. Supposedly rare tanker badge from 1944-45, made by converting German badge. Seller includes article form book by Todor Petrov, shield on his badge looks quite different though. Most likely modern conversion, attempt to transform common inexpensive German badge into something rare and significantly increase the price.
  6. How are enamels - hot or cold?
  7. You can't know for sure, a lot could have happened over the past 100+ years since this was awarded.
  8. Original cross for comparison - you can see than green centers are noticeably larger
  9. Back to the Bravery medals sold by eMedals - we assumed the cross is legitimate 2nd class cross, however another collector pointed that there are issues with that cross as well. Problem is that central pieces are too small - meaning that diameter of circle with green enamel should always be larger than the circular opening on the cross itself. That is evident in any class, even with white enameled circles. If you look at the eMedals' cross from different angle, more from the side you can see this clearly that centers are about the same or smaller than the cross. Which leads to the conclusion that cross is missing original centers and was assembled from parts of different classes. This means than none of the awards sold in this lot are original! Even the sash is modern reproduction. Now I feel REALLY bad for the buyer!
  10. Sold for $6,000 plus 20% auction fee, making the price $7,200. It had 11 bids when I checked few hours before auction end and 3 bidders. I feel bad for the buyer, so much money for a fantasy set!
  11. This "set" has 9 bids with 16 hours to go...this is so sad, people are fighting to get it, thinking they will be getting real thing!
  12. Some photos in color. 1. Tsar Ferdinand 2. Tsar Boris, War Minister Daskalov, Prince Kiril 3. Tsar Boris
  13. Thanks for the link! Saving few more pics. 1. White leather covered box to store baton, badge on top of the case: 2. Daily wear version of the baton, not as elaborate:
  14. Someone is thinking he's getting a bargain... That's actually very low price for a Grand Cross of Bravery, if it were to be legitimate!
  15. This Independence Cross looks like a crude copy - details are lacking, makers stamp unreadable, pitted surface.
  16. I love his assortment of foreign awards!
  17. So much for stories of all POWs being sent to Gulag...
  18. OGIII to a Baker

    Thanks for in depth research!
  19. Aleksei Nikolaevich Inauri - KGB Chief

    Wow! Can you post the rest of the photos?
  20. Shoulderboards

    most of these are common types