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  1. I saw couple interesting cased Bravery awards sold in these special boxes, marked by Schwerdtner, Wien. Boxes are covered with leather, are brown in color (unlike other Bravery boxes). These are supposedly late Alexander or early Prince Ferdinand awards. Not sure if the crosses belong to the boxes though. What do you think? Here's 4th class award 3rd class award
  2. I just noticed that this dealer is incorrect in his description. He states that 2nd class cross in combination with the star becomes 1st class set. He essentially implies that 1st and 2nd class crosses are identical. Well, they are not - 1st class cross is noticeably larger than 2nd class cross.
  3. Photo of Professor Marin Penchev Slavov and his biography. Prof. Marin Penchev Slavov - is nominated for awarding for the research and design activities for realization of large sites of water supply and sewerage and for long-term teaching activities. Prof. Dr. Eng. Marin Slavov was born on 05.08.1922 in the village of Manastir, Provadiysko. He graduated in 1952 at the State University of Varna in the field of Civil Engineering. He joined the Engineering and Construction Institute as an assistant in 1953, where he passed all grades to a professor and worked until his retirement. In 1977, he obtained a Ph.D. degree in technical sciences. He takes part in the training of students in all disciplines taught at the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage. He is a senior holder of the courses "Sewerage" and "Pumps and Pumping Stations". He was the head of the Department of Water Supply, Dean Dean and Dean of the ChTF, Deputy Director of the UACEG and Chairman of the Vuozov Prof. He was a lecturer at the GS Rakovski Military Academy and at the Fire and Emergency Safety Department at the Interior Ministry. Specialized in Russia / MISI - Moscow / and France / DeGreon, Paris /. Prof. Slavov maintains a close connection with the practice as a member of scientific and technical councils. Honorary member of the Bulgarian Water Association. He is the winner of the First Cycle Cyril and Methodius Order. Awarded by Decree No 256 of 3 July 2009 http://www.uacg.bg/?p=125&id=72&l=1 Decree to award him with Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius: https://www.ciela.net/svobodna-zona-darjaven-vestnik/document/2135639187/issue/2939/ukaz-№-256-ot-03072009-g-za-nagrazhdavane-na-prof-dtn-inzh-marin-penchev-slavov-s-orden- There were 2 other people awarded with Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius on the same date, colleagues of Professor Marin Penchev Slavov: 1) Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Marinov Ivanov, Awarded by Decree No 254 of 3 July 2009 2) Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Nikolov Patokov, Awarded by Decree No 255 of 3 July 2009 http://www.uacg.bg/?p=125&id=72&l=1 Photos of Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Marinov Ivanov Photo of Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Nikolov Patokov
  4. Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Saints_Cyril_and_Methodius Very rare award - modern version. Design is based on Royal version of award, however not as detailed. The Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius was reinstated on 29 May 2003 as the second order of the republic after the Order of Stara Planina and is awarded for merit in the fields of art, science, education and culture. There are three grades: 1) Collar, 2) 1st Class (Officer) 3) 2nd Class (Knight) Only 15 awarded in Collar Grade, so extremely scarce award. Even rarer with the document! Case and tubus for the document
  5. Awarded to Professor, PhD, for research and design of water systems, as well as for teaching.
  6. I don't collect modern Bulgarian awards, but thought this was interesting set to share photos.
  7. Excellent collection and very rare!!!
  8. Awesome mini stars! Here's a Civil Merit 4cl mini I recently saw. It had some hallmarks on the ring (gold?) and was part of the medal bar.
  9. Very nice set! Congratulations!
  10. First Bulgarian bravery crosses 1880

    here's better close-up of the cross from post #17. Does the center looks like it's gold-plated or is it just the quality of the photo?
  11. In Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow where Marshal's uniform with awards is displayed, they also have his award certificate for Order of Bravery 1st class. The certificate states that Marshal Tolbukhin was awarded in May 1945 (7 V 1945) and document is dated December 1946 (XII 1946). He was presented with Three Dots version of 1st class Bravery order.
  12. hello ilieff, I saw this passage on your web site in reference to Bravery Order: " The First Class of the Military Order was the highest class until the introduction of the 1st class 1st grade in 1886. The introduction of the new, higher grade of the order meant that the old-style 1st class set had to be renamed to 1st class 2nd grade, in order to make the distinction between the two highest classes. Even so, throughout the history of the Order “For Bravery”, the 1st class 2nd grade set was simply referred to as ‘1st Class’. " Where did this information come from? Do you have examples/pics to illustrate the difference between 1st and 2nd grade of 1st class?
  13. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    nice photo! What did Prince Albert do for Bulgaria to deserve both collar and regular award of Cyril and Methodius order?
  14. I thought so, thanks for confirming! I see that some people are considering purchase of this award, eMedals page gives the following status - ' 3 users watching, 6 in another user's cart'. 6 people placed it in their shopping carts!
  15. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Thank you for the photo, you can really see details of his awards. I've noticed couple strange things: 1) Cyril and Methodius order: - He's wearing BOTH Collar and Regular cross. I was under the impression that only highest class insignia is worn, - He's wearing C&M sach over left shoulder and bottom of the cross is on his right side. All examples of this award in wear I saw were worn on the opposite side. 2) St Alexander order - the star he's wearing is with swords in the middle, awarded for deeds during active war. Where and when did he manage to get such star? He was just a small kid during WWII.
  16. Interesting article and even more interesting comments. They suggest someone with money buys this award and gives it to museum in Serbia. Is there such set in any museum? Serbian or other country?
  17. Another possibility - this also could be one of the sets which was never awarded.
  18. I saw this Bravery award with what looks like repair to the area of suspension loop
  19. Bulgaria Book Catalog "Bulgarian Orders and Medals" 2nd edition Just published Bulgarian Book Catalog "Bulgarian Orders and Medals", 2nd revised edition. The book comes with a price catalog. The book has parallel text in Bulgarian and English or in Bulgarian and Russian languages. The description of the Bulgarian Orders and Medals presented in this book in parallel with the documentation for establishment and publications, were used private collections, awards kept by the families, certificates, boxes and other direct or indirect material evidencing of the existence of different issues and modifications, connected with historical periods, various artists, designers, mints etc. Making this into a separate topic with more scans, see prior mentioning here: Two versions were published: 1) Bulgarian-English, 2) Bulgarian-Russian Hard cover - 575 pages, large format 33*23,5*5 cm, plenty of awesome illustrations (see below). On history of awards and deep dive into actual awards More on Royal period awards People's Republic period awards Bulgarian-English cover
  20. Similarly designed cross was issued in 2008 to commemorate 100 years of Bulgarian independence.
  21. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Please send me his e-mail. Thank you!
  22. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Just what you said, the cataloguization is the classification I was talking about. He is the first one to introduce system grouping awards by periods, types and versions. The value and elegance of such system becomes especially clear if you put it in tables or spreadsheet.
  23. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    I have different opinion. To me this book (2002 edition) has been invaluable reference and helped me numerous times since I got my first copy 15 years ago. The amount of knowledge I learned from this book is priceless. Just the classification system Prof Pavlov uses in his book is worth the price alone. I paid over $100 when it came out and this was the best $100 I ever spent in collecting field! Is the book perfect? No, it's not. I would like to see certain aspects of it improved and mistakes corrected. However, the truth is - this is the best reference on Bulgarian awards out there. No other book comes close. If you collect awards - you will be spending thousands of dollars on the hobby and you MUST invest in quality reference books. If I were starting today I would not hesitate to spend $100+ they ask for the book.
  24. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    Very expensive?! Almost any Battenberg period award will cost you more than the price of this book...