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  1. Japanese visor hat

    Thanks so much. That´s very helpful.
  2. Japanese visor hat

    Thanks very much. I didn't understand how I couldn´t spot the differences between the M90 caps, and you solved the problem by telling me they used the same style. Thank you. So the cap I got it would be used mainly for parade, walking out or even for a "few" officers any other time. Once again, thanks very much. Best regards, Dolfek.
  3. Japanese visor hat

    Thanks so much. Anyone could tell me how to spot the difference between officers and enlisted. Did officers and other ranks wore the same hat style? At least during some time. I´ve seen many pictures and only see the same hat in most of them, except in those officers wearing big crown hats (german style). Thanks in advance. Best regards, Dolfek.
  4. Japanese visor hat

    Hello everyone, Finally I managed to get a japanese visor hat. It took me long as I was unable to spot the differences between officers and other ranks. And I still have serious doubts. Could anyone tell me if I´m correct by saying this hat it´s an officer's hat, and that it could match this uniform? Thanks very much. Best regards, Dolfek.
  5. Different medal

    Hello Gard, About your medal "MEDAL CARLISTA requetés for LOYALTY IN THE CRUSADE", it´s not for being wounded. It was awarded like that to veterans of this group during the spanish civil war. Awarded to veterans from the civil war, but after war, in 1964!! Being sold in Spain for about 85-135 euros. Have a look at these medals, all from the Carlism movement. http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/carlistas.htm Best regards, Dolfek.
  6. Japanese Tunic

    Yes, thank you. For sure, I even know that, but the seller didn´t. I wonder how many other items he has sold by "mistake"? I'll be posting photos soon. I wish I could get a cap. I'm having troubles identifying officers peak caps from enlisted ones. They look alike so much. I´m soo rookie in this field yet. Best regards, Dolfek.
  7. Japanese Tunic

    Finally I've received it. It's in good condition, well worn, and shows use. Also has traces of a string for medal purposes. Also the seller gave me some information about it, but is quite confusing. Here it is: "naval uniform of a Japanese army ensign during WW2. made of wool. Ensign lapel badge sewn on collar. name of owner embroidered on interior. Mr IKEYAMA. label of traders who produced naval uniform sewn on collar" Naval uniform? Who´s wrong here?? Is it anything missing around? At least I know what does it say in the label. Best regards, Dolfek.
  8. A visit to Jimboucho Gunsouten, Tokyo

    Wow I can't believe it!!!!!! I was around there last year!!!! I didn't know a shop like that existed.!!!!! Got to get back!!! Best regards, Dolfek.
  9. Japanese Tunic

    Thanks very much for the pictures. About the strings, can´t tell. I´ll have a close look once I have it in hand. Best regards, Dolfek.
  10. Japanese Tunic

    Thanks so much for your quick reply and excellent pictures!!! Best regards, Dolfek.
  11. Japanese Tunic

    Hello everyone, I´m a rookie japanese medal collector among many other things. But today I decided to upgrade my collection and bought this tunic thinking I could display many of the medals I have. I hope I did the right thing. I´m not very familiar with japanese uniforms yet, but for what I see with this one, it would be a officers M98 private purchase tunic. Any further comments are appreciated. Also, what medals/badges would you add to the tunic. Thanks. Best regards, Dolfek.
  12. Question RE: Spanish Awards

    Hi, It depends on which award you´re talking about. Is it a german medal awarded to a spanish soldier or is it spanish medal?
  13. MEDAILLE DE LA RESISTANCE, Opinions please.

    Thanks very much for your quick replay. I really appreciate your time and help. I thought it could be a restrike due the two tone finish, like what happends with US medals. Thanks for your opinions. Best regards, Dolfek.
  14. Hello, Could anyone tell me if this medal is period made, or is it a late replacement for veterans? Looks to be in mint condition, and made yesterday. Just the ribbon made me think it could be a period, never awarded medal. Thanks very much in advance. Best regards, Dolfek.
  15. Thanks, all I need now is the box!