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  1. Wow I can't believe it!!!!!! I was around there last year!!!! I didn't know a shop like that existed.!!!!! Got to get back!!! Best regards, Dolfek.
  2. Thanks very much for the pictures. About the strings, can´t tell. I´ll have a close look once I have it in hand. Best regards, Dolfek.
  3. Thanks so much for your quick reply and excellent pictures!!! Best regards, Dolfek.
  4. Hello everyone, I´m a rookie japanese medal collector among many other things. But today I decided to upgrade my collection and bought this tunic thinking I could display many of the medals I have. I hope I did the right thing. I´m not very familiar with japanese uniforms yet, but for what I see with this one, it would be a officers M98 private purchase tunic. Any further comments are appreciated. Also, what medals/badges would you add to the tunic. Thanks. Best regards, Dolfek.
  5. Hi, It depends on which award you´re talking about. Is it a german medal awarded to a spanish soldier or is it spanish medal?
  6. Thanks very much for your quick replay. I really appreciate your time and help. I thought it could be a restrike due the two tone finish, like what happends with US medals. Thanks for your opinions. Best regards, Dolfek.
  7. Hello, Could anyone tell me if this medal is period made, or is it a late replacement for veterans? Looks to be in mint condition, and made yesterday. Just the ribbon made me think it could be a period, never awarded medal. Thanks very much in advance. Best regards, Dolfek.
  8. Thanks, all I need now is the box!
  9. Here´s another medal with ball type suspension ring, for later manufactured medals. Regards, Dolfek.
  10. Yes. You could get a Croix de Guerre (with a palm or lion), a commemorative war medal (with a few bars) and the WWI victory medal. All belgian of course. That would be a basic and nice group. This medal was awarded to french troops too. So, you may add some french medals instead. I personally have mine in a belgian group. Regards, Dolfek.
  11. One of the nicest US medals, at less for me. Also the Legion of Merit of course. Regards, Dolfek.
  12. Thanks for warning us! Regards, Dolfek.
  13. Hi, When I said "now I have a few more" I meaned belgian medals. I´ve just have one medal of this kind, and no box or packet. By the way mine is exactly like yours. Regards, Dolfek.
  14. Received it today in the post. The patina looks far nicer in hand. Thanks very to everyone for their help. Regards, Dolfek.
  15. Did you really bought it for 60 euros? Lucky you!!! I hope you did. It´s a really nice piece, with plenty of details. Regards, Dolfek.