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  1. Hey guys, look tunic of a General of the Red Army to Parade in 1945.
  2. Uniform

  3. hi, is the form of the front where the original award. There is a form of front-where the output is allowed the wearing of the straps.Sorry for bad English
  4. Hi. I'd offer to show photos first detailed. She looks like a replica made in Ukraine.
  5. Early little USSR flag

    Very strange flag. Strange hammer for Communist ideology.
  6. Thanks. I am delighted with information of the site and the book.
  7. A few of my pictures

    Thank You for viewing
  8. A few of my pictures

    Thanks for the comment. Military picture for me an additional illustration of my little collection of uniforms. Of course there is a German view. These are 2 pictures of the time war.These portraits. But I like one of them. It's a German warship in the North sea . Maybe it's Bismarck Yours faithfully Sergey
  9. A few of my pictures

    Thank you TacHel
  10. A few of my pictures

    Hello. I hurt you. Or You got angry seeing the picture.
  11. A few of my pictures

    Stalin. Official picture. Soldiers of the NKVD
  12. A few of my pictures

    Colonel SA. 1952 .
  13. A few of my pictures

    Thank you Larry. I could not buy a picture of Brezhnev in uniform. Now i found this picture .And if You dont mind here are a few my pictures.
  14. A few of my pictures

    Thank you Rogi .Unfortunately the photo does not give the full color pictures.
  15. A few of my pictures

    Thank you Spasm. The portrait painted before 41 years.The portrait found in the attic of the old house.