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  1. And Fl. U.V. means Flieger Unterkunft Verwaltung, or Flight Barracks Administration. Bob
  2. I am with you Jock, I think it is cut from a vehicle pennant, and the eagles from these pennants always have their heads facing to the front of the pennant, so one side will have the eagle looking the other way from the one on the opposite side of the pennant. Hope that makes sense ! Cheers Bob
  3. Looks like both contacts that John passed on are not going to reply, so at the moment, I guess I am dead in the water for any further info on him. Best wishes Bob
  4. Great group Jock, and a gold wound badge doco, Wow ! Bob
  5. Luftwaffe Cup And saucer 002

    Thanks Chuck Best wishes Bob
  6. In The barracks 004

    Hi Paul, No, standard Luftwaffe blue-grey. Cheers Bob
  7. Thanks Bernhard, I have actually just finished reading a book about von der Heydte's exploits in the Ardennes, a very interesting read, and thanks for the info, really appreciated. Thanks too John, you are a wealth of knowldege, and also greatly appreciated. Best wishes Bob (I will let you know how I go).
  8. Thanks guys, John I don't suppose you would have the contact details for the Veterans organization, or the Bundesarchiv Military Records department by chance ?? Thanks Bob
  9. The IV Battalion of Luftlande Sturm-Regiment 1 was formed in the winter of 1940/41. The battalions never saw action together, except at Crete. The Kommandeur of IV./St.Rgt 1 was Hauptmann Walther Gericke, and the OC 15 Kompanie was Oberleutnant Dobke, killed in action attacking Maleme airstrip on the 20th of May 1941. Bob
  10. The group came with several very nice photos of the soldier too.... Bob
  11. Hi all, I thought I would show a recent document group, to a Fallschirmjaeger from the Luftlande Sturm-Regiment 1, 15 Kompanie. The soldier obviously survived Crete, and went on to serve in Russia and by the looks of one of his wound documents, he also did time in Normandy w ith the 6th FJD. If anyone has any further info on the man, I would love to hear it. Many thanks, Bob
  12. Barque Endeavour

    Sailing on Port Phillip Bay
  13. Melbourne sunrise

    The start of a new day in Melbourne city
  14. Queen Mary 2

    Queen Mary 2 visits Melbourne, 5th of March, 2011.
  15. Luftwaffe bits & pieces 009

    Combat corner....