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  1. Hi all, I am chasing any information that pertains to I./Flak Regiment 14, so I can add a bit more history to my Schellenbaum banner, I have this from a 'Google' search:- I./Flak-Regiment 14 (gem. mot.): Formed 1.10.36 in Lüdenscheid with 1. - 5. Batterien. Service:10.35 - 2.38 under Höh.Kdr.d.Flakart. in Luftkreis III 2.38 - 7.38 under Luftgaukommando VI 7.38 - 8.39 under Luftverteidigungskommando 4 1939/40 in Luftgau III and Luftgau IV 5.40 in France, supporting XI. Armeekorps 4.41 in the Balkans (Stab/Flak-Regiment 201) 6.41 Koluft 11th Armee (Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 6.41 - 9.42 in Southern Russia (7.42 at Sevastopol) 9.42 in Northern Russia (Duderholf) under 6. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 3.43(?) to France 6.43 in Le Creusot 1.11.43 in Toulon under 13. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 1.1.44 under 12. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 1.2.44 under 12. Flak-Brigade ( Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 1.3.44 in Tarascon under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.4.44 under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.5.44 under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.6.44 under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.7.44 under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.8.44 under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 8.44 withdrawal from Southern France, under Stab/Flak-Regiment 18 1.9.44 in Luftgau V under 5. Flak-Brigade (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) 1.10.44 under 13. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment 18) 1.11.44 under 13. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment FAS I (mot.)) 1.12.44 under 13. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment FAS I (mot.)) 1944/45 Oberrhein under 13. Flak-Division (Stab/Flak-Regiment 85) Thanks, some photos of the banner to follow... Bob
  2. Nice shots, wish they were in colour, I would guess possibly red for Gordon's photo, and John's man has seen Spanish service, maybe flight, but possibly Flak too...... Bob
  3. Another great addition Gordon , and wonderful shot of your dad Norman ! Bob
  4. Gordon, as always, really appreciate your comments mate, greatly appreciated and thanks ! Best wishes Bob
  5. I believe this one is an original period piece, any body got some info on the unit, types of vessels used etc, and where they were based, actions etc ??? Thanks Bob
  6. My small corner of KM collecting. (sorry about the glare from the camera flash). Bob
  7. The cap also came with it's removeable blue cover, also named to the same man. The interior cap stiffener is celluloid. Bob
  8. And this was another local acquisition, named to a sailor in the technical branches of the KM. Bob
  9. Well, after a long time, I have picked up a couple of fairly nice KM officer caps again, as I did have a fairly small collection some time way back when, and then tried to get out of collecting, and sold off the examples that I had then, but this one turned up locally, and I couldn't help myself.... (I will post the other two caps seperately). Bob
  10. Yeah, a US based dealer, he has had that one up for sale for quite a while... Bob
  11. No Paul, just seen a bit of wear, both are standard blue-grey issue types. Best wishes, and seasons greetings Bob
  12. I also meant to add in my initial post, the soldier (airman) was probably captured in North Africa, as that is where the majority of the POW's were from, apart from the survivors of the Kormoran. (and a handful from Greece and Crete). Bob
  13. and another photo, showing some of the old barracks foundations. I can post up some more photos if there is any interest, but sure would love to find out some more info on the dogtag if anyone can assist..... Best wishes Bob
  14. The cell block is now just used to dump rubbish, here is a shot from a few years back on one of my visits....
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