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  1. ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    Antonio, New to me too. The multicoloured centre ribbon is for the Order of Magnanimity and apparrently awarded to Bahraini and Gulf Cooperation military personnel for standing with Bahrain in attending to the Bahraini 'version' of the Arab Spring. Owain PS The photo is good example of the Arab habit of wearing as many parachute course wings as possible - in the UK only one is permissible.
  2. Antonio, Thanks - I'll search the Arabic Internet when back in Riyadh, however I suspect that whilst ribbons have been awarded the medals have not and remain images on certificates. Owain PS 'tamreen' is the Arabic for exercise so third from right is 'Exercise Decoration'.
  3. Antonio, Bottom row right to left: Hajj Decoration - only certificate issued no medal produced. Centenary Decoration. Tamreen Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Tabuk 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Friendship 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Jazirah Force Shield Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. I am in UK at the moment but will follow up on my return to Riyadh next week. Regards, Owain
  4. ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    Antonio, Yes a recent new award - the order of the wall - an award to recognise service in securing the state of Kuwait. Initially a British company was involved but I think production went elsewhere and the finished product is not of good quality . Regards, Owain
  5. Mark, Many thanks indeed. I will try and track down the post WW1 awards and if she is not there then I suspect she is the 3 June 1916 award and see if I can track down a medal card - this would also men that she is entitled to a War & Victory too. I'll keep everyone posted. Again thank you. Owain
  6. Gentlemen, I am currently researching the awards of my great great aunt May Evans (1884-1980) but am having difficulty in locating her ARRC (Associate Royal Red Cross) award notification. To date I have the following: MBE LG 2 January 1933 - Miss May Evans, Senior Nursing Sister, Nursing Home, Baghdad, Iraq (no mention of ARRC). Iraq Order of Rafidain 5th Class Civil LG 12 March 1937 - Miss May Evans MBE ARRC 'valuable services rendered by her as Senior Nursing Sister in the Iraqi Health Service'. MiD LG 23 September 1943 Mrs May Chadwick MBE 'in recognition of distinguished services in Persia-Iraq' (no mention of ARRC). May married in Baghdad in 1939 Major Charles Rowlad Chadwick, sometime Inspector General of the Iraqi Veterinary Services, also OBE later CBE and Rafidain 4th Class. I do not believe she held any military rank in Iraq during WW2 and thus her MiD if worn would not have been on a medal ribbon. Thank you for any assitance provided. owain
  7. Gentlemen, I have been meaning to add these images for a while - I took them when I was last back in UK. They are of my Order of Ismail, 3rd Class, by Bichay. The case outside notes, 'Farouk The First', and inside the manufacturer is stated as Tewfiq Bichay, but the name on the reverse of the badge is Fahmy Tewfiq Bichay - the son of Tewfiq Bichay. Owain
  8. Merci beaucoup. In addition to being worn on miniatures, the 'galon' (new word to me) is also worn in undress uniform when only the ribbons are worn. With regard to the Order of the Nile, from my experience the badge of the 4th and the 5th class is the same with the class being differentiated by the rosette on the ribbon and the designation on the case of the award. I attach another miniature group which I displayed in a Romanian thread on GMIC last year - there is also a Nile here - from the 'galon' it is a 2nd Class award. Regards, Owain
  9. In essence the wings and rosettes designate the class or degree of an order when worn in miniature: Gold & rosette - 1st Class Half gold / half silver - 2nd Class Silver - 3rd Class Rosette only - 4th Class Ribbon only - 5th class As to what their technical term is, upon reflection I have no idea - there is probably a French word for them. Owain
  10. Bahawalpur - 1904 Birth of Heir Apparent Medal

    Thanks for the Saleroom link - this example - see below (copyright Baldwins), and indeed the 'royalark' example - see below (copyright royalark), are like my suspensionless example. A visible difference is the tail on the Q of Sadiq on the reverse upper inscription - it extends both ways on the 'original' and the lower inscription Sadiq Q has a longer tail on the 'original'. Yes, the pair on offer would be nice as fillers but the price of $100 and $600 respectively does not make them a sensible purchase. Owain
  11. Bahawalpur - 1904 Birth of Heir Apparent Medal

    Paul, Great to see you back on line. What do you think? Are the one with suspension original? They look different to my 'without' suspension piece - mine has higher definition - e.g. moustache and epaulettes. I think they are copies??? Owain
  12. Gentlemen, Salaams from a sand storm ridden Riyadh, My contact in Sana'a has just come up with another goodie for me - missing its back plate and most of its neck chain, but another first: Upper inscription - "Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen" Lower inscription - "Order of State of/for Labour Excellence" (State Order of Excellent Work) I suspect a senior labour award - possibly like a hero of work? Regards, Owain
  13. Gentlemen, I have had for some years one of these medals in bronze/copper but missing its suspension - see below. Recently I have been offered 'as is' a silver and bronze/copper examples of the medals complete with suspension. I am well aware that over the years a number of the Bahawalpur series of medals have been copied or reproduced. To be fair to vendor, with whom I have excellent dealings over many years, he has stated the pair are 'as is' and he makes no claim as to their status. Perhaps one of you may have a view? My 'gut feel' is that the pair have a more recent past. Kind regards, Owain
  14. Gentlemen, Are the reverse letters "RMBI" - Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution? Regards, Owain
  15. Chris, Thanks for the update - I tried the Arabic internet with various translations but so far no success - I'll persevere! Owain