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  1. oamotme

    Order of the Lion and the sun?

    Gentlemen, The reverse text appears to read from the bottom, 'Al Sultan Muzzafer Al Deen Shah Qajar". Regards, Owain
  2. Bob, From Gillingham's book, "Italian Order of Chivalry and Medals of Honour" in the American Numismatic Library. Regards, Owain. MEDAL FOR VETERANS GUARDING THE TOMB OF THE KINGS. This medal was authorized on July 14, 1879, and altered on January 1, 1880. It was established to honour the veterans of the war of 1848-1849 who guarded the tomb of Victor Emmanuel II. It is 30 mm. in diameter and of silver. The ribbon is blue with a white stripe in the centre, with one edge green and the other red. The first model has on the obverse a wreath of laurel with a superimposed, five-pointed star bearing at the centre the bust of the King and the words UMBERTO I° RE D'ITALIA; on the reverse, VETERANI 1848-49 / GUARDIA D'ONORE / ALLA TOMBA DEL RE / VITTORIO EMANUELE II After the death of Humbert I, Victor Emmanuel III altered the medal. The obverse bore his own bust and title, and the reverse read /AI/VETERANI 1848-1870 / GUARDIA D'ONORE / ALLE TOMBE DI RE / VITTORIO EMANUELE II / E UMBERTO I .
  3. Gentlemen, Further to the above correspondence my thanks to Mark. I detail below research to date on my great-aunt: May (Mary) was born at Gwernallt, Chwilog, Carnarvonshire, educated at the County School, Pwllheli and trained at West Derby Union Infirmary 1907-1911. Date of joining for service 27 January 1915 - posted to King George V Hospital Dublin and then to India 7 December 1916. War Office, 3rd June, 1916. The undermentioned Ladies are awarded the decoration of the Royal Red Cross, in recognition of their valuable services in connection with the War: Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, Reserve - Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class - Staff Nurse Miss M. Evans. Supplement to the London Gazette, 3 June, 1916, page 5601. (May's award appears to be for service at the King George V Hospital in Dublin.) Arrived Mesopotamia 22 August 1917 – initially based in Basra No.3 British General Hospital and posted to Officers Hospital Baghdad 24 November 1918, From 12 February 1919 to 2 February 1920 she was posted to 23 British Stationary Hospital Baghdad. Her Confidential Report noted, “Miss May Evans has worked in the hospital since February 1919. She is an excellent surgical and medical nurse, and a very good ward manager. She has had charge of the theatre for the last seven months and has given every satisfaction. Miss Evans is capable, punctual good tempered and energetic.”– on departure to U.K. work and conduct noted as, “Very Good”. Arrived in the U.K. from Mesopotamia 1 April 1920. Reported her arrival in person – is desirous of renewing her contract for a further period of service. “Sister M. Evans Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. arrived here for duty on 8.5.20 for the past five months her work has been most satisfactory. I can recommend her for further service in a Military Hospital.” Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich, 29 October, 1920. The Great War Medal rolls confirm that Staff Nurse M. Evans, was serving with the Territorial Force Nursing Service, and was entitled to and received the British War and Victory Medals, which were issued or sent to her on 15 July 1922 (ref WO 329/2298). St. James’s Palace S.W.1., 2nd January, 1933. The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire :- To be Members of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order - Miss May Evans, Senior Nursing Sister, Nursing Home, Baghdad, Iraq. Supplement to the London Gazette, 2 January, 1933, page 12. Whitehall, March 10, 1937. The King has been pleased to give and grant unto Miss May Evans, MBE, ARRC, His Majesty’s Royal Licence and authority to wear the insignia of the Fifth Class (Civil Division) of the Order of Al Rafidain, which Decoration has been conferred upon her by His Majesty the King of Iraq in recognition of valuable services rendered by her as Senior Nursing Sister in the Iraqi Health Service. The London Gazette, 12 March, 1937, page 1640. Married Major (Retired) Charles Rowland Chadwick, OBE, RAVC, at the British Consulate, Baghdad on 14 September 1939 - later CBE - entitled to War, Victory, TFWM, GSM clasp "Iraq" , Order of Rafidain, 4th Class Civil. War Office, 23rd September, 1943. The King has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of distinguished services in Persia-Iraq : - Mrs May Chadwick M.B.E. Supplement to the London Gazette, 23 September, 1943, page 4232. My query/next step is to try and ascertain whether there is a record or any detail concerning her MiD - as it is a stand alone entry in the LG, it gives me hope that there might be, but if so where do I look for such a record? Also would the receipt of such an honour automatically qualify her for the 1939-45 War Medal? She would have been 59 years of age (born 1884) when the award was gazetted. With thanks, Owain
  4. Gordon, Thanks - in addition to the Mejidie and the Crimea medal he was appointed Commander of the Order of St. Michael & St. George in 1866 and advanced to Knight Commander of the Order in 1875 (insignia returned upon his death in 1889). He was also appointed Grand Commander of the Greek Order of the Saviour, circa 1864 - date to be confirmed and whereabouts unknown. There is a Fenton Crimean War image of Captain Kirkwall - see attached, but to date, despite repeated internet searches, I have been unable to source a picture of him in later life. Owain
  5. Gentlemen, I have recently read Avsar Ibar's excellent book on the Ottoman Orders of the Mejidie and Osmanie. I have only one such piece - see images - a 5th Class privately engraved to Viscount Kirkwall, later the 6th Earl Orkney. I also have his named British Crimea medal with clasp, "Sebastapol". It would appear that at some stage it was slightly altered as there is a gold pin on the reverse and the gold suspension loop/hook allows the badge to lift free of this suspension. This may have been done to allow his widow to wear the badge as a brooch. This award is listed in the London Gazette and I have amassed much detail concerning the Earl and I hope in due course to submit an article for publication. Kind regards, Owain
  6. oamotme

    Is it Libya?

    Nick, Yes - the "Decoration of the Great Fateh (Victory)", 2nd Class. Owain
  7. oamotme

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    Dave, No need to apologise - research is all. The 'small' size remains a mystery. I attach a selection of images of the pieces I have and which were used in my JOMSA article. Owain
  8. oamotme

    Ethopian Victory Medal, 1941

    Dave, Do you have any evidence of a formal attribution of the smaller cross to 'auxiliary and medical personnel? I detail below the decree and no mention is made is such an entitlement? Kind regards, Owain “Decree No.14 of 1952 Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah Haile Selassie I Elect of God, Emperor of Ethiopia In accordance to Article 15 of Our Constitution We decree as follows:- Article 6 of Decree No.10, 19th February, 1952 regarding Regulations Governing Medals is repealed and replaced as follows: 6. The Medal of Dil-Kokeb is made of white metal in the shape of a cross pate. The cross is 46mm in length and 44 mm across. On the obverse side at the centre there is a star. At each end of the star the words “Dil-Kokeb1933, for Unforgettable Service” are inscribed. On the reverse side of the medal shall be inscribed the words “Star of Victory, 1941”. Above the inscription shall be a crown. The riband shall be green, yellow and red to be lined vertically in six linings. This medal is instituted by H.I. Majesty Haile Selassie I in 1941. This medal is awardable to combatants who have rendered distinguished military service to the Emperor during the War of 1941. Done at Addis Ababa, this 28th day of June, 1952.
  9. Balazs, I think it reads, in abbreviation, 'Arthus Bertrande et Cie' ( and Company). The lower mark is probably some manner of French regulatory or silver mark. Kind regards, Owain
  10. oamotme

    ARAB MEDALS -- United Arab Emirates

    Good morning from London. This is the Medal for Overseas Service. Part of the recent series of UAE awards. Owain
  11. Gentlemen, Another unknown from Yemen. This time an Order of Cooperation from the Yemen Arab Republic. The order appears to be a locally manufactured piece. The dimensions are as follows - badge 6.4cm diameter; suspension brooch 6.3cm x 3.8cm; ribbon 4.8cm. The colours of the ribbon - black, white and red, are those of the YAR flag. The badge of the order bears the inscription, "Order of Cooperation". The brooch which is possibly a high quality cap badge bears the inscription, "Yemen Arab Republic". The symbolism of the badge - a white dove, three interlocking rings and an olive branch on a light and dark blue background, may indicate some form of association with a peace keeping or United Nations force - but this suggestion is wholly speculative. The design of this award is distinctly different to the 'usual' YAR Order of Cooperation as detailed in the 1981 Regulations and manufactured by Skinner & Co. of London. As ever any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Kind regards, Owain
  12. Gentlemen, I have recently obtained this massive award - it is some 12.5 cm in diameter and of a brass/bronzed base metal. Sadly it is missing its reverse plate - probably a plain circular disc, and much of its supporting chain or collar is also missing. Nonetheless it is quite a piece and as far as I am aware to date undocumented. The inscription reads: Top - "Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen" Bottom - "State Order for Excellent Labour" The motifs on the obverse symbolize the various PDRY means of labour: Smoking stack / lightening - Electricity generation Building - Construction Lobster & Fish - Fishing Ear of Wheat - Agriculture Flaring derrick (?) - Oil Four labourers/workmen bearing on high cogs encircling a star - Socialism and Industry The links of the chain are made up of base metal 'hawks' being the heraldic 'bird' of the PDRY. The style of the Arabic script (font) is similar to some other Hungarian manufactured PDRY pieces and thus the order may be of Hungarian manufacture. I do not believe it is of Soviet manufacture as it does not have the quality of the PDRY Soviet mint made awards. As ever and thought or suggestions are welcome. Kind regards, Owain
  13. Gentlemen, I have recently obtained the Air Rescue Badge illustrated below. Would this have been worn on uniform as a pair of wings or is this a beret badge? The badge appears to be of some age possibly 1950's or 1960's. It was accompanied by a small lapel bin back badge “86 GRUPPO ANTISOM”. Any Italian Air Force experts out there? Thanks, Owain
  14. Chris, Thanks - I put the Arabic through Google translate and below is the result. the two "blue" words need a more accurate translation. Owain The official page of the military spokesman of the armed forces May 6, 7:16 AM The armed forces announce a competition to design a commemorative medal to commemorate the counter-terrorism tournaments In recognition of the heroism of the armed forces and the police from the championships and sacrifices to eliminate terrorism and secure the state borders on all strategic directions, the Department of Moral Affairs organizes a competition to design a bronze commemorative medal to commemorate the heroes of the military operations being carried out to combat terrorism and extremism The designs are required to be presented in two forms (linear - three-dimensional), but diameter should not exceed 5 cm. It explains all the details used in the design, and allows the inclusion of words such as Egypt fighting terrorism, The work is done on a CD containing a design from all sides (front and back), accompanied by an explanation of all the symbols and elements used. The applicant must attach the CV and previous works, if any, and the participating works shall be received no later than (15) days from The date of the announcement of the competition and not paying attention to the works submitted after this date, the winning and distinguished works shall receive the financial prizes and certificates of appreciation. The work shall be delivered by hand to the Department of Moral Affairs. 11- Al Oroba Street, Heliopolis, Cairo. Competitions costume Rh "Ministry of Defense official site" on the web www.mod.gov.eg
  15. I think it is a brooch/jewellery - upside down, but I cannot read the inscription - possible "and Allah"?? Owain