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  1. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Peter, Subsequent to the 1948 war six pointed stars, which had also been a feature of Arabic design, were no longer deemed acceptable. Owain
  2. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Further this order I attach and image of the bronze piece I obtained from the American Numismatic Society auction at Morton & Eden in 2007. This is, I believe, a very early piece, but as to whether it is a specimen or not, I do not know, however as can be seen from the image there is no space for any name to be engraved. Regards, Owain
  3. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Hi - what you mention is interesting. I have never seen such an example of the Order of Merit with a space for a name to be engraved - do you have any images? All, of the six pointed stars that I have or have seen have the common reverse. Regards, Owain
  4. Gentlemen, A small group just landed - nothing out of the ordinary, but a pleasing set with a wound badge device. Regards, Owain
  5. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    922F, Good post - yes two types of the Order of Merit. Many years ago I met with Bichay in his retirement in Canada and he specifically mentioned this award noting that he had advised or had been advised that post 1948 a 6 pointed star regardless of historical precedent could/would no longer be acceptable and thus the design was amended to 5 pointed star. I attach below some more examples Regards, Owain
  6. Gentlemen, Some more miniatures. These were one of the many lots offered at the Spink auction in December 2017- with an estimate of between some GBP100-200. I bid GBP500 thinking I would be in with a serious chance - they were knocked down at 800 or so - plus hammer almost GBP1,000 for nine minatures - surreal. They consist of 1st Row:- Military Star of Sultan or King Foud (no image of the reverse to ascertain which version); 2 x Military Stars of the Republic (the first has the correct suspension as a bar/clasp on the ribbon and the second is missing its suspension); Medal Commemorating the Eradication of the Gambiae Mosquito 1945. 2nd Row:- Military Medal of the Republic 2nd Class; Medal of Duty 2nd Class; Medal for Meritorious Acts 2nd Class; Medal Commemorating the Cholera Epidemic 1947" ; Khedive Abbas Hilmi's Bravery Medal 1913. .....and I only wanted the Fouad Military Star & Medal for Meritorious Acts.......next time, deo volente. Owain
  7. Good morning from Riyadh, Yes, a nice pair but my own bid was unsuccessful. Ah well, never mind. Presumably the pair was bestowed upon some manner of civilian administrator in the 1920's or thereabouts. I am assuming the Nile miniature was made in the UK as the Arabic, although recognisable as 'Al Nil' (The Nile), is not correct. I took the picture of the above gold and silver Mohammed Ali Medals from the display at the Abdine Palace in Cairo. Kind regards, Owain
  8. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Dear GM1, Hi, Very nice chain. If it is a Syrian award, it, along with the miniature of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia both have the wrong ribbons. Whilst the design of the miniature is similar to the Syrian Order of Merit I have not seen this type before. Is there any evidence confirming it as Syrian? If so it may well be a locally made (Spain) piece. Regards, Owain. P.S. I note the Nazi award - if this is indicative of the period and politics of the recipient the Syrian piece could date from the Vichy controlled Syria era.
  9. With regard to the medal of the Order of Mohammed Ali I detail below some of my notes: This Order was instituted on 14 April 1915 by Sultan Hussein Kamil and was the senior order of the Kingdom of Egypt. It is named after Mohammed Ali (1769-1849) who was regarded as the founder of modern Egypt and its royal house. The Regulations state, “Article 1. An Order is instituted which bears the name Order of Mohamed Ali, in memory of our illustrious ancestor the founder of our dynasty.” Classes The Order, subject to various amendments, consisted in brief of: v Collar. v First Class or Grand Cordon - breast star worn left side, sash and sash badge. v Second Class or Grand Officer - breast star worn right side and neck badge. v Gold Medal. v Silver Medal. The medals were the senior decorations for bravery for both army and navy. A circular style medal with a rim of sixteen alternating convex and pointed. The obverse centre the Arabic inscription, “Bravery is from self honour”. Below this is the Hegira date 1333, which corresponds with 1915. The reverse consists of a sword uppermost, a space, for the name of the recipient to be engraved and at the bottom the Arabic word “Egypt”. Suspension is from a straight bar suspender. The ribbon is as for the neck badge of the order. I have not seen any miniatures of this award my self but attach the only image I have of a miniature of the silver medal. Kind regards, Owain
  10. ARAB MEDALS -- Oman

    Looking at my records I paid GBP10 to Spink back in October 1992! Tempus fugit......Owain
  11. ARAB MEDALS -- Oman

    Gerry, I have one, but they only appear very occasionally - later rather than sooner! Owain
  12. ARAB MEDALS -- Oman

    Dear Gerald, From my exhibit at the OMRS 2013 Convention. Regards, Owain In 1970 Spink & Son Ltd. manufactured 500 “Good or Faithful Service Medal”. The obverse is similar to the reverse of the TOS medal and reads, “عمان ساحل ” (Coast of Oman). The reverse reads “ الولاء ” (Loyalty) although the artwork reads “Devotion”. This medal referred to by a “Committee to Consider Awards” proposal of circa 1970 as, “The Good Service in The Arabian Gulf Medal” was to be awarded, “to Arabs of any rank serving in the Trucial Oman Scouts and the Abu Dhabi Defence Force. British seconded and contract Officers are also eligible”. Qualification for this medal was to be, “8 years in either the TOS or the ADDF or an accumulation of 8 years in both forces”. Bars for a further 8 or 16 years’ service were to be issued inscribed, “For 16 (or 24) Years Service”. It not known if the medal was awarded as it is not referred to in the UAE Military Awards Ordinances of 1989.
  13. And some more Republic of Egypt miniatures. Ah, cinema in Saudi - a lot of money involved with the various franchises so someone will benefit......... Owain
  14. I attach an image of the reverse of the Egyptian Monarchical miniatures. Owain .....and now for some Republic of Egypt miniatures, Owain
  15. A nice selection - Iran, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt x 2, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria again. I detail below some Egyptian Monarchy miniatures. Owain