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  1. Excellent work - many thanks, Owain
  2. Good afternoon gentlemen, I attach images of the full size example I have in my collection - enjoy. Kind regards, Owain
  3. Chris, Great research work - well done. Just back from UK leave, and upon reviewing my collection I discovered that my badge of this order is: First type Order of the Republic - light blue enamel and arabesque suspension. The ribbon suspension loop is for a neck ribbon not a sash ribbon. Accordingly this piece, by Bichay (superb quality workmanship), predates your earliest date of 1964 and raises the possibility that it was briefly also awarded to individuals. Of course the suspension loop may be erroneous. Kind regards, Owain
  4. Hi, In summary Republic of Lebanon, National Order of the Cedar, From the President of the Lebanese Republic, In accordance with Decree No. 720 dated 20/3/1970, Mr. Miroslav Laznovski, The National Order of the Cedar, Fifth Class...........dated 23/3 1970. Kind regards, Owain
  5. Jonas, Yes having the UN badge on both sides seems strange so I am inclined to believe this to be a workshop piece which should not have escaped! Owain
  6. Jonas, As it came directly from Bichay I am 99% certain it is from the 1950's /1960's and thus not a UNEF II period piece. Of course it may be a trial piece combining the obverse and reverse from two different medals - neither of which was ever formally commissioned. Regards, Owain P.S. Can the moderator for this forum amend the title to read "Finland /Sweden - UNEF Medal"?
  7. Jonas, Thanks - I had assumed it was Swedish because of the obverse inscription. If it is 'wives' is it a souvenir to be sent home? I am assuming such tours of UN duty were unaccompanied. I note that Finland was present 1956-57 and on this basis the shooting medal is not related. Is "Swed. Bn." also a Finnish abbreviation? Perhaps is was a prize medal? Regards, Owain
  8. Gentlemen, Some years ago I obtained direct from Bichay, late of Cairo, various medals and these included a UNEF medal - the reverse has the inscription "YK-VAIMOT KAIRO". What does "YK-VAIMOT" mean? Would this be an official Swedish medal for wear or a only a souvenir piece? Also included was Shooting Medal, also by Bichay, with the inscription "UNEF SEP. 65 RIFLE". Sweden supplied troops for the UNEF mission for the whole period of 1956-1967 - see below. Regards, Owain https://archives.un.org/sites/archives.un.org/files/files/Finding Aids/Missions/ag-034 UNEF 1.pdf The first Untied Nations peacekeeping force – was established by the first emergency special session of the General Assembly which was held from 1 to 10 November 1956. The mandate of the Force was to secure and supervise the cessation of hostilities, including the withdrawal of the armed forces of France, Israel and the United Kingdom from Egyptian territory and, after the withdrawal, to serve as a buffer between the Egyptian and Israeli forces and to provide impartial supervision of the ceasefire. UNEF was withdrawn in May-June 1967, at Egypt's request. Participating Countries: Brazil (1957-67), Canada (1956-67), Colombia (1956-58), Denmark (1956-67), Finland (1956-57), India (1956-67), Indonesia (1957), Norway (1956-67), Sweden (1956-67), Yugoslavia (1956-67), UNTSO Military Observers (1956-67).
  9. Many thanks Gelerija - useful translation. Regards, Owain
  10. Ilja, Great links - thank you for sharing. As to when and if any of these will ever appear on the market I have no idea. Regards, Owain
  11. Dear Ulsterman, The lower award is the Victory Decoration (Neshan Fateh) which comes in three classes, and is awarded to personnel who have had a role in the 'victories' of the Islamic Republic. The medal's design incorporates a date palm and a mosque. The three date palms are symbolic of the Third Anniversary of the Liberation of Khorramshar during the Iran Iraq war, and are also symbolic of bayonets or swords. The mosque is in green - symbolic of Islam. The red is symbolic of the blood of martyrs, and white is for purity. These are also the three colours of the Iranian flag. The award was initially awarded to those liberating Khorramshahr or subsequently in other victories. The liberation of Khorramshar was on 24 May 1982, thus the institution of this award would appear to date from this period. Kind regards, Owain Ulsterman, The second image is of, I believe, a Bravery Medal or Order of Courage - but no other details. Regards, Owain Dear Ulsterman, The ribbons in the first image are, provisionally: 1st Row - Order of Merit (see attached image) & Order of Sacrifice. 2nd Row- Order of Sport, Order (Ribbon) of Strategic Science & Order (Ribbon) of General Staff College. 3rd Row - Ribbons of Post Graduate, Preliminary Studies & Officer College. I am unsure as to whether the ribbons representing academic advancement are representative of actual medals. Kind regards, Owain
  12. Dear Ulsterman, I have a sneaking feeling this is a French award - Order of Art and Letters. Regards, Owain
  13. Tin Hat, The top two shoulder titles read - left, "Union Guard" (Possibly UAE) & right, "Arab Army" (Jordan) and the bottom left reads, "General Security" (Jordan) Kind regards, Owain
  14. Andreas, Many thanks indeed for your assistance - much appreciated. I attach an image of the two Long Service badges. Kind regards, Owain
  15. Beau, Many thanks for this clarification. Was this a purely military award which he would have received possibly as a Landwehr NCO or as a civilian not necessarily a government employee? Owain