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  1. Nick, The obverse has Gamal Abdulnasser of Egypt and I suspect it is one of the many souvenir or memento medals issued during the 1950s and 1960s. I can't read the obverse script other than the last word which is 'the nation'. Kind regards, Owain
  2. Tomasz, Superb quality, Owain
  3. Nothing specific at all in all three museums. I'll next be in Cairo in October and will again visit both the Abdeen Palace and the Military Museum - the latter I believe was set up many years ago with the assistance of all people the North Koreans hence there is a somewhat propaganda driven feel to the whole place. The Abdeen Palce is nice but 'could be better' but all in all both are well worth a visit. Regards, Owain P.S. On another matter I note your post on HM Yacht Maroussa - do you have any information on its predecessor HMS Noor al Bahr?
  4. Chris , I visited the BA in February and whilst I can confirm that it is well worth a visit if you are in Alexandria, there is no medal display or exhibit. There are a few medals on display at the National Museum and also at the Jewellery Museum but the displays of themselves would not justify a visit to Alexandria. Kind regards, Owain
  5. Gentlemen , Another Rising Sun miniature - this time in an Ethiopian led group of miniatures to Ato Mesfin Abebe. Regards, Owain
  6. Dear Nubirus, This is the post-1969 DRS issue - the 1956-69 RS issue has a rhino badge on the obverse - see attached. The medal comes in three classes. Regards, Owain
  7. As the centre is a Moroccan it may be that an original Bertrand of Paris manufactured centre has been 'married' to the cross. The rim of the centerpiece is different from the rim of the cross. Is there a reverse image? Regards, Owain
  8. Jeff, As Chris notes there are two versions - pre and post the proclamation of the Jamahariayah. Regards, Owain
  9. Carol, Thanks - I appear to have mis-graded the Italian, Tunisian and Romanian badges. Your suggestion as to why a Type 1 badge is with a Type 2 ribbon is feasible. Sadly with no way of identifying the recipient the chain remains but an example, albeit to my mind a superb one, of the miniature jewelers art. Kind regards, Owain
  10. Gentlemen, I attach images of the obverse and reverse of the set of miniatures. France - Order of the Legion of Honour, Commander, 3rd Class. France - Order of Public Instruction, Officer of the Academy, 2nd Class. Spain – Order of Isabella the Catholic, Grand Cordon, 1st Class. Egypt – Order of the Nile, Grand Officer, 2nd Class. Yugoslavia - Order of St. Sava, Grand Cordon, 1st Class. Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Pro Merito Melitensi, Grand Cordon, 1st Class. Italy – Order of the Crown, Grand Officer, 2nd Class. Tunisia – Order of Glory, Commander, 3rd Class. Rumania – Order of the Star of Rumania, Commander, 3rd Class. Belgium – Order of Leopold, Knight, 5th Class. Rumania –Order of Cultural Merit, Knight 2nd Class. With kind regards, Owain
  11. Kimj, Good suggestion - Many thanks, Owain
  12. Gentlemen, I have been tasked by a friend to locate a miniature for a lady in order that it can be worn at a wedding later in the summer. Any ideas of a source in Stockholm? Kind regards, Owain P.S. Images thanks to www.medal.nu
  13. John, Welcome to the forum. Arab awards are nigh impossible to research, but Tinson's book is beacon of light in the darkness and one of the very few books on Arabic awards. This forum represents the other great source of information. Kind regards, Owain
  14. Stuka, Will do once I have completed my research. Regards, Owain
  15. Thanks - research done thanks to the collective knowledge of fellow GMIC members. Regards, Owain