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  1. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Gard, I attach images of the two variations of the YAR wound badge which I purchased in Sana'a in the 1990's. Peter, As Moderator can I ask that you transfer to a new topic the last three posts as 'Yemeni Wound Awards'? Many thanks, Owain
  2. Ramin7, Many thanks for this correction - almost 2 out of 4 words is good for me! Owain
  3. Markus, A beautiful star. Perhaps I am stretching my reading of the script, but it would appear to read (as far as I can interpret the slightly mangled script), "Nishan Qajr Fateh ??" ( Qajr Order of Victory ??). Or perhaps just wishful interpretation on my part! Regards, Owain
  4. Egypt Khedivate Judge's Badge question

    I believe that awards of the Medjide were suspended after the deposition of Khedive Abbas Hilmi in 1914. Sultan Hussein Kamel instituted the Order of the Nile in 1915. On this basis we have a 'not after' and a 'not before' date for both of McBarnet's orders. It may well be that his Order of the Nile is also in the London Gazette. Regards, Owain
  5. Egypt Khedivate Judge's Badge question

    Great lot, but as medal collector what would one do with all the clothing.....? Owain
  6. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Gentlemen, See my notes in the unknown post. Owain P.S. The Federation of South Arabia (FSA) 1964-7 preceded the Peoples Republic of South Yemen (PRSY) 1967-8, which then became the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) 1968-1990. Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) 1962-1990 joined with PDRY in 1990 to become the Republic of Yemen (RoY). Just to many Yemens.....................
  7. unknown arab medal

    Rod, See below my notes on the YAR badge. Owain Y.A.R. War Wounded Badge Obverse A dark red (blood red) enameled/painted circle representing a bullet wound with a gilded rim surmounted by the gilded arms of the Yemen Arab Republic. Reverse Blank Size a) 25 mm x 28 mm - large eagle, small circle. b) 21 mm x 30 mm - small eagle, large circle. Metal a) Brass. b) Base metal. Ribbon Not applicable. Suspension a) A safety pin affixed to the rear of the eagle. b) A safety pin affixed to the rear of the circle. Manufacturer a) Overseas. b) Local. Instituted Republican Resolution # 65, of 08/12/1402 corr. to 25/09/1982. This badge was awarded to all those who were wounded during the Revolution which led to the formation of the Yemen Arab Republic. The badge has been subsequently awarded to all ranks wounded as a result of any civil or military operation. The official entitlement is to “those wounded in defence of the Revolution, the Republic and the independence of the nation.” ....and my notes on the PDRY award. Owain PDRY Order of War Wounded Obverse A circular hollow wreath with a white enamel scroll at the base with the Arabic inscription, “Order of War Wounded” Across the wreath two crossed rifles and superimposed in the centre an enamel shield of the P.D.R.Y. colours. Reverse Plain. Size 38mm diameter bronze–gilt of Hungarian manufacture. Ribbon 30mm - green with a central 2mm blue stripe with 1mm borders. At either side 1mm white, 1mm red, 1mm white and 2mm black borders. The number of ribbon lengths supplied was noted as 3,000. Suspension A triangular frame affixed by a link to a loop at the top of the wreath. Finally it would appear the RoY, according to the law of 1991 concerning the awards of the RoY, carried over the PDRY Order into its system of awards. Regards, Owain
  8. Peter, Many thanks - I would concur. I believe the Medal Rolls are for both the Medal and Star are at the British Library - a task when I am next on leave from Saudi.. Again thank you. Regards, Owain
  9. Gentlemen, I have recently obtained a worn Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 , claps Kabul to "PTE Khyroodeen, 28th Bombay Infantry". He may have also been entitled to a Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880, however British Battles & Medals make no reference to the unit, but other sources make reference to the unit being at Kandahar. Of course if he was present he would have been entitled to the Kandahar clasp to the medal as well. Perhaps if there is no clasp then he was not there and thus not entitled to the Kabul to Kandahar Star. My field of expertise is Arab world so this is all somewhat new to me. Any thoughts / suggestions? Owain
  10. Dear Mark, Further to studying the photo of your grandfather I am almost certain that he is also wearing the Order of the Star of Ethiopia - instituted by Emperor Menelik II in the late 1880's. Do you have any idea as when the photograph was taken? The neck badge is of an early type and I would suggest he received it in the 1890's. Was he on a Mission to Addis Ababa. Kind regards, Owain P.S. I suspect the big star in the centre is Ottoman.
  11. Gieth, OK - I am sorry I do not have one - they are scarce pieces to find either military or civil issues. I have been collecting for over 25 years and I am still looking for one. Good luck, Owain
  12. Geith, Are you trying to sell one or are you wanting to buy one? Owain
  13. Please Help To identify Medal

    Nick, The is a commemorative medallion marking in 1978 the 10th Anniversary of the 1968 Ba'ath Revolution which brought the Ba'ath party to power and ultimately to the rule of Saddam Hussein. The case bears the inscription "Central Bank of Iraq". It is not an order or medal to be worn. No uniform (wearable) medal was issued to mark this anniversary. Kind regards, Owain
  14. buying medals in Kuwait

    Caz, Not been there for a while but from my previous visits no success at all. Try you hotel for suggestions as to junk shops although much which passes for antiques in Bahrain, Saudi , Oman or UAE comes from India or Pakistan and should viewed with a degree of cynicism. Regards, Owain
  15. Gentlemen, Just to reiterate, as far as the Kuwaitis are concerned it is an 'Order' and Spink did not make it nor did they subcontract it to anyone else. Kind regards, Owain