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  1. oamotme

    ARAB MEDALS -- United Arab Emirates

    Good morning from London. This is the Medal for Overseas Service. Part of the recent series of UAE awards. Owain
  2. Gentlemen, Another unknown from Yemen. This time an Order of Cooperation from the Yemen Arab Republic. The order appears to be a locally manufactured piece. The dimensions are as follows - badge 6.4cm diameter; suspension brooch 6.3cm x 3.8cm; ribbon 4.8cm. The colours of the ribbon - black, white and red, are those of the YAR flag. The badge of the order bears the inscription, "Order of Cooperation". The brooch which is possibly a high quality cap badge bears the inscription, "Yemen Arab Republic". The symbolism of the badge - a white dove, three interlocking rings and an olive branch on a light and dark blue background, may indicate some form of association with a peace keeping or United Nations force - but this suggestion is wholly speculative. The design of this award is distinctly different to the 'usual' YAR Order of Cooperation as detailed in the 1981 Regulations and manufactured by Skinner & Co. of London. As ever any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Kind regards, Owain
  3. Gentlemen, I have recently obtained this massive award - it is some 12.5 cm in diameter and of a brass/bronzed base metal. Sadly it is missing its reverse plate - probably a plain circular disc, and much of its supporting chain or collar is also missing. Nonetheless it is quite a piece and as far as I am aware to date undocumented. The inscription reads: Top - "Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen" Bottom - "State Order for Excellent Labour" The motifs on the obverse symbolize the various PDRY means of labour: Smoking stack / lightening - Electricity generation Building - Construction Lobster & Fish - Fishing Ear of Wheat - Agriculture Flaring derrick (?) - Oil Four labourers/workmen bearing on high cogs encircling a star - Socialism and Industry The links of the chain are made up of base metal 'hawks' being the heraldic 'bird' of the PDRY. The style of the Arabic script (font) is similar to some other Hungarian manufactured PDRY pieces and thus the order may be of Hungarian manufacture. I do not believe it is of Soviet manufacture as it does not have the quality of the PDRY Soviet mint made awards. As ever and thought or suggestions are welcome. Kind regards, Owain
  4. Gentlemen, I have recently obtained the Air Rescue Badge illustrated below. Would this have been worn on uniform as a pair of wings or is this a beret badge? The badge appears to be of some age possibly 1950's or 1960's. It was accompanied by a small lapel bin back badge “86 GRUPPO ANTISOM”. Any Italian Air Force experts out there? Thanks, Owain
  5. Chris, Thanks - I put the Arabic through Google translate and below is the result. the two "blue" words need a more accurate translation. Owain The official page of the military spokesman of the armed forces May 6, 7:16 AM The armed forces announce a competition to design a commemorative medal to commemorate the counter-terrorism tournaments In recognition of the heroism of the armed forces and the police from the championships and sacrifices to eliminate terrorism and secure the state borders on all strategic directions, the Department of Moral Affairs organizes a competition to design a bronze commemorative medal to commemorate the heroes of the military operations being carried out to combat terrorism and extremism The designs are required to be presented in two forms (linear - three-dimensional), but diameter should not exceed 5 cm. It explains all the details used in the design, and allows the inclusion of words such as Egypt fighting terrorism, The work is done on a CD containing a design from all sides (front and back), accompanied by an explanation of all the symbols and elements used. The applicant must attach the CV and previous works, if any, and the participating works shall be received no later than (15) days from The date of the announcement of the competition and not paying attention to the works submitted after this date, the winning and distinguished works shall receive the financial prizes and certificates of appreciation. The work shall be delivered by hand to the Department of Moral Affairs. 11- Al Oroba Street, Heliopolis, Cairo. Competitions costume Rh "Ministry of Defense official site" on the web www.mod.gov.eg
  6. I think it is a brooch/jewellery - upside down, but I cannot read the inscription - possible "and Allah"?? Owain
  7. Yes, definitely the Saudi Order of Abdulaziz which was instituted in March 1971, Regards, Owain
  8. The word is Al-istahqaq on both (the merit) and the calligraphy would suggest the design of the order and the medal (3 classes) came from the same 'stable'. There are two types of medal - suspension eagle/hawk - see below. We are drifting away from miniatures.... Owain
  9. The reverse plate, upside down, has been engraved as follows: Outer circle - 'Republic of Egypt' Inner circle - 'Asad Hal....?' ( name of the recipient) I have a pair of such engraved pieces - 1st Class Order of the Republic - 'Mohammed Abdulkareem Al Distawy' & the Order of Merit - 'Mohammed Ali Hamed Rashid'. Owain
  10. Gentlemen, The Order of Independence, in five classes, demonstrates the change in designs from the monarchy series of awards to those of the republic. It is infuriating that to date I have been unable to locate any decree concerning the institution and the terms of award. To date I note at least two manufacturers: Bichay (see below) and Fuchs -- the Fuchs mark illustrated above has been reversed - I seem to recall also seeing unmarked issues. There are two obvious variations - a bright red issue and a dark red issue. Kind regards, Owain
  11. oamotme

    United Arab Republic-Order of Merit

    Nick, Chris is correct and the top line reads "Faith Science Work" - I attach a scan of the example I have - perhaps Academy is better than College?? A similar award was issued by the War Academy with the suspension bar reading, "Duty Honour Nation" Regards, Owain
  12. Mark, Again thank you for your invaluable assitance which is much appreciated. Further to concluding research I hope to recreate her group and if indeed she did get a WW1 War & Victory I will have to keep my eyes open for some unnamed issues. As ever, Owain
  13. oamotme

    ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    Antonio, New to me too. The multicoloured centre ribbon is for the Order of Magnanimity and apparrently awarded to Bahraini and Gulf Cooperation military personnel for standing with Bahrain in attending to the Bahraini 'version' of the Arab Spring. Owain PS The photo is good example of the Arab habit of wearing as many parachute course wings as possible - in the UK only one is permissible.
  14. Antonio, Thanks - I'll search the Arabic Internet when back in Riyadh, however I suspect that whilst ribbons have been awarded the medals have not and remain images on certificates. Owain PS 'tamreen' is the Arabic for exercise so third from right is 'Exercise Decoration'.
  15. Antonio, Bottom row right to left: Hajj Decoration - only certificate issued no medal produced. Centenary Decoration. Tamreen Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Tabuk 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Friendship 1 Exercise Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. Jazirah Force Shield Decoration - no evidence that it has been manufactured. I am in UK at the moment but will follow up on my return to Riyadh next week. Regards, Owain