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  1. I'm reading, with some delay, this and other interesting discussions. I would like to hear your opinion about this one, recently popped up on ebay. I'm puzzled by more than just the screw nuts. Cheers, Drugo
  2. It's a good point. It might have to do with the years of production of the standard silver and the golden ones? Considering that the latter were produced only in late 1980's, production quality in those years was fastly declining, we know it from all other orders and decorations produced at that time. It would be nice to know when was actually the production of silver badges interrupted? It would be very interesting if we find out that it was before they started producing the gold ones! Could it be the case?
  3. Emanuel I am sorry but I really don't understand your long comment, nor what I am supposedly "kicking back". I made one single point and one comment. The point: IMHO, I am not sure if the badge offered on ebay is a fake or not. I said my uncertainty could be naive, meaning this is a fake and I am too much of a believer, I don't know. I don't care if it is original or fake but for the sake of knowledge, because a) it is not mine, and b) in any case I'm definitely not going to bid at such a crazy price, no matter the rarity (sorry achern ). The comment: I didn't realise you were ironic talking about Singapore, and frankly I still don't get it (sorry, I haven't been probably trained for 2500 years in it ). The only way I understand it now is that you meant that even the first one posted by achern in post #1, back in 2012, is a fake? In that case, you'd be the first one here to state that and I am truly interested in hearing your opinion about why is that, because I am a yugo collector but I am more than ignorant when it comes to these specific badges, especially the golden ones, and I have much to learn! Thank you. If on the contrary the first one is solid and the eBay one is not (BTW, it is indeed extraordinary that the same person has two of these rare birds in his hands, no matter the country of origin), I would still not get your ironic point. And yes, fakes are ruining the fun of this hobby, as much as prima donnas the pleasure of a constructive exchange of minds and knowledge. And I know you all have to share and teach me a lot, here. Thank you, Filip
  4. Maybe I'm too naive, but I would like to see this ebay badge in a different light (literally), before judging... The spots on the enamel concern me the most, and would make me cautious, but again, better pictures would be good. As for Singapore, Emanuel you should check the first post in this topic... Cheers! Drugo
  5. This just appeared on ebay, it's always the same Spanish seller. Spanish medals, in all different versions, are among the most faked Yugoslavian medals. By the way, these are VERY rare, but this seller appears to have enough of them to picture two of them in the same picture, obverse and reverse, and they are both so identical and in pristine condition that he doesn't need to tell you which one you will receive.
  6. Hello Paja. About the screwplates: I did say they look strange, but I am not so sure they are fakes, I just wanted to express the idea that they are not one part with the order, and they can be switched. Anyway, I sent a couple of pictures to a friend of mine, who is an expert in soviet orders and screwplates in particular, and in his opinion these screwplates are ok, he says they might have been covered in silver but they are original. As for the 5xxx serial curse, this is indeed the range of Partisan stars that were being discussed as fakes/originals on the domestic forum. I remember I collected all the suspicious stars at the time in one single picture (therefore I am sorry if some users might perhaps recognize one of their owns, I did this only with a "scientific" purpose). It is interesting, because at the time the main topic of discussion was the quality and details of the wreath, while now you are talking about the reverse, but in both cases the range is mostly the 5000-5999 one. I repeat: these stars were discussed as copies because of single oddities in each of them, but in the end the conclusion was that it is probably just a slightly different stock and that they are original, because the enamel, which is the most difficult part to forge (even if you have the original tools, enamel is more about the specific quality of the material used, and it is very hard and expensive to copy the Soviet enamel from WWII, compare for example the much thinner and lighter Yugoslav enamel on post-war home-made partisan stars). Of course, I don't have the ultimate answer to your doubts, but I don't feel too much uncomfortable with these stars that you pointed out - at least yet. All the best Drugo
  7. Hy Paja, I read your comments about the II class Partisan Stars... I remember there was a period in Slovenia when collectors were thinking that a certain number of these fakes were starting being produced, but after a long discussion they came to the conclusion that this sort of deep, red soviet enamel could not be faked so easily, and especially not at a low enough cost. The stars you show have that type of enamel that would not ring an alarm bell in my head (for example, compare it to the one of the fake I class Partisan Stars on the previous page here, with those ugly red dots beneath the surface...). The screw nuts, they do appear "cheap" in my opinion, but you know, screwplates can be changed, and even if they are fake it doesn't prove much about the star itself. Right now, I would not be afraid of fake partisan stars, and the fact that the prices have started dropping would only discourage further from their imitation, at least for a good quality copy. But this is just my opinion, and I do agree that one has always to be extra-careful: fakes make the most damage at the begining, when it is known that there are NO fakes, so one doesn't pay too much attention. On the other hand, if you start being paranoid, you start... seeing things.
  8. Paja, good of you collecting all the fakes under one roof, thank you. Unfortunatelly, the list is not over yet... I also noticed in the past 12/24 months a sensible increase of several higher orders that were earlier considered to be at least rare if not very rare, being offered continuously over the internet. For example, beside the Order for National Liberation (btw, yes, I had your exact impression, and I wouldn't say they are fakes!), Order of Brotherhood and Unity I Class, Order of Labour with Red Flag, Partisan Star II class, Order of Bravery russian type, just to mention those who now appear to be permanently on sale! Where do they come from???
  9. If they actually sold them... they might as well have been the same person trying to push the price high until he/they managed so.
  10. Yes, I noticed the fake popping up on ebay, too... I didn't realise it went sold, but I think the seller had to offer it several times before finding the right fool. If I'm not wrong, the seller was listed as from Spain...
  11. You're right about the belt, it could be. And I can't understand if the cap is DDR... and why is Lenin holding a cross?
  12. Hahaha! Nice catch, paja. The whole uniform is disgusting, btw...
  13. Here's my new little friend: 5th class, numbered 263, with first type silver miniature. Best regards, Filip
  14. Badge October Revolution 1917

    In English: COMMEMORATIVE BADGE OF OCTOBER REVOLUTION, Ikom-Zagreb, one of the rarest badges of the 1945-1990 period, awarded in 1947 only and after the 1948-events withdrawn and forbidden. Only a few examples survived. RRRR wlod, thanks for reviving this topic, I remember I've seen the Barac&Parvan auction, but I completely forgot this discussion... Nonetheless, I think 1000€ is really waaaaay too much, no matter how rare this badge is... By the way, I heard bad things about this particular auction house, do you know anything about it? Is it trustworthy? Thanks. Cheers, Filip
  15. Dear sir,please send more pictures of your Yugoslav Orders and Decorations items,thank you!
    My email address: