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  1. Any information regarding this particular unit would be greatly appreciated. We've come across an old family photo with the unit designation scribbled on the back. The soldier's name is Robert Smith from Keighley. Much obliged! Blackhorse
  2. Apparently he was the Commandant of the Fortress New Breisach (Neubreisach?) when it was bombed on the night of 26-27 January? Any information on him or the event is appreciated greatly.
  3. I am looking for any information regarding OBERSTLEUTNANT Weller, not Oberleutnant. He was a Lieutenant Colonel who briefly commanded in the Landwehr Infanterie Regiment 40 some time late 1915.
  4. Formationsgeschichte 08.09.1916 [1]: Das Inf.-Rgt. 399 wurde durch die Garde-Ersatz-Division als zgs. Infanterie-Regiment A aufgestellt. Das I. Bataillon wurde aus dem I./Garde-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 6 gebildet, das II. Bataillon aus dem II./Garde-Infanterie-Regiment 7, und das III. Bataillon aus dem III./Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 357. 12.09.1916 [1]: Das Regiment wurde umbenannt in Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 399 25.09.1916 [1]: Das Regiment gibt die 9. Kompanie als 9. Kompanie an das neu aufgestellte Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 418 ab. ' 25.09.1918 [2] [1]: Das Regiment erhält eine eigene Minenwerfer-Kompanie, gebildet aus Teilen der Garde-Minenwerfer-Kompanie Nr. 7. ab Mitte Dez. 1918 [1]: Das Regiment wurde in Drossen und Berlin aufgelöst. Abwicklungsstelle war das 3. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß. Feldzüge, Gefechte usw. [4] 1916 21.02.1916 - 22.07.1916: Kämpfe zwischen Maas und Mosel 23.07.1916 - 21.08.1916: Schlacht bei Verdun 23.07.1916 - 21.08.1916: Kämpfe im Chapitre-Wald 26.08.1916 - 04.11.1916: Stellungskämpfe zwischen Maas und Mosel 01.09.1916 - 04.11.1916: Kämpfe bei Flirey 05.11.1916 - 15.12.1916: Reserve der O.H.L. 16.12.1916 - 14.01.1917: Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun von: http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/IR_399
  5. That is most certainly the man! Awesome work and thank you! Regarding IR 357, the III Btn which was rolled into the 399th did serve at Verdun. They went in, in late 1916, as part of the Gard Ersatz Division. Simon would have been Dauter's Battalion Commander, if that helps any with identifying him. Dauter commanded the 11th Company of the 399th (previously the 357th). Also, regarding Simon, he is said to have received a "Hohenzollern Order" at some point after Verdun.
  6. I am seeking any information on these individuals. Would have been at Verdun late 1916, in IR 399 or 375
  7. So would the rank be similar to an American First Sergeant?
  8. I cannot seem to find any definition of this particular term I have come across. I understand Stabs Feldwebel..but what exactly is an Etats Feldwebel? This concerns the Garde Jager in the Vosges, by the way.
  9. Andy, That is incredibly helpful. I found him thanks to you. http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/2781384
  10. He would have most likely been a lieutenant or Kadett. He was severely wounded on the Bärenstall, in the Vosges Mountains, sometime in mid 1915.
  11. Question Regarding Doughboy Walking Sticks

    Thanks Gunner. I contacted the World War one Museum and they deemed them nothing more than studio-props. "...the ones in the photograph were props used in the photographer’s studio. Soldiers did not make them they were made in cottage industries in European countries and sold as souvenirs." ~Museum Staff
  12. Greetings, I recently came across this photo and am wondering if anyone has any idea what the walking-sticks carried by these two Doughboys are?
  13. Thank you for the quick reply. I somewhat suspected that when I saw the hat.
  14. Greetings! I am looking to research a recently discovered photo. The only thing I know is the gentleman's name - Joachim Von Bargen. ANY assistance in this is, as always, appreciated greatly. Thank you, Chris