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    Royal Dublin Fusiliers - awards, documents, insignia. If you have anything, please let me know. Also I can help out regards basic research of soldiers who fought with the Dubs.

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  1. Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    Thanks Eric. Yes, looks like the medals to boarder guard regiments are not so comkon. Also poor guy looks like lost his leg and medal for that..... a small price in this sence. I didn' realised that they used this kind of double ring suspension system? Now, whole collection that is up on emedals has same ring systems so I recon it's done by collection owner. I have few imperial Russian "kolodas" left so I used this one instead. Should I put the rings back?
  2. Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    Thank you so much! I got thumbs up from another forum as well. Also just received this.... ГМ 4 ст. №975948 3-й пограничный Рижский полк, ряд. Костровский Кузьма Список увечным нижним воинским чинам, снабженным от Мариинского Приюта для ампутированных и увечных воинов протезами, коим 9 января 1917 г. вручены с Высочайшего соизволения пожалованные им Георгиевские медали 4 степени Почетным Попечителем Мариинского Приюта Генерал-Алъютантом Бароном Мейендорфом. Когда и где ранен - 18 августа 1915 г. под Вильной. Род увечья - укорочение правой ноги. РГВИА ф.970 / Списки ВПК / Список №233
  3. Hi all, I obtained thus medal from emedals auction in the beginning of the month and I would like to be sure that it is original. Does any expert, who has handled these more then I, can confirm it please. Thanking you in advance, Noor
  4. Thanks Bill I actually checked BWM roll again and like others on the same page, there is a note on the Remarks column - Will be claimed by S.A.Inf.b'de. It could be the case then!
  5. sorry about the typos - it was done late night using phone with predictive text.
  6. Hi all, I just purchsed a Victory Medal that post to be named to (I haven't received the medal) pte. R.W.Holmes SAI. I have second thoughts about about that SAI part: I swap thinking can it be 1352 Robert Wilson Holmes, 2nd Rhodesia Regiment KIA 11 March 1916 in Kenya age 50 (!!!). Born in Ireland. Can some of you please confirm that his medal was probably named to SAI. In thus case also what that unit did and where they engaged the enemy on the 11th of March where Robert lost his life? Thanking you in advance, Timo
  7. Hi all, Here is one I hope interesting German soldier letter that was posted from Estonia in August 1941, straight after German troops pushed back Red Army from Estonia. Red Army and local communists militia troops carried out many horrific attacks against civilians that time. Therefore locals were pretty positive seeing Germans. I am just wondering does this letter mention something about local atmosphere from Estonians prospective as well or maybe some German speaker can help me to do a quick translation of it. Interesting to see that the writer also added good wishes line in Estonian language to the end. Any help and info would be great.
  8. As member Noor might be familiar with Belgian awards, please have a look at this one...


  9. Bingo! Belgium it is but much earlier - from Franco Prussian war era. http://www.jkmilitaria.com/Frameset.html (check under Red Cross section if this link don' work).
  10. This kind of ball type ring connection indicates usually for me Belgium-Dutch maker style. Now, saying that - they could produce for any countries. I am thinking more WW2 period and something short lived award during German occupation perhaps? It' just a random guess. Other way I would say Latvia-Lithuania or even Poland perhaps?
  11. Doctor's badge

    Hi all, just wanted to show one of my last finds that I received today:
  12. Hi all, I have here one Finnish War of Independence medal that is made from iron and lacking any hallmarks under the sabre. Does some of you can advise who made these and what period? I have had Swedish made silver medals before with the hallmarks but this one is a mystery to me. Here is one another iron example but it is also hallmarked by Sweden maker as well: https://www.medals-orders.com/finland/finland-ww1-commemorative-medal-war-liberation-1918-finnish-independence-silver-military-decoration-wwi-sporrong.html Also, I do not have intending to keep it, so if any of you can advise in respect of fair value then that would be great. Thanks, Timo
  13. Three or four of them were previously in my collection. I know in fact I have a name for Austrian medical doctor who two plastic ribbon bars you have. I need to dig out my old files.