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    Royal Dublin Fusiliers - awards, documents, insignia. If you have anything, please let me know. Also I can help out regards basic research of soldiers who fought with the Dubs.

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  1. No worries! Thank you very much for checking!
  2. Only Medal Index Card was pulled out and that's it. Now, on MIC only his initial were present and not a full name. It took some time to establish his full name to start the research. I used ancestry officers POW list > red cross POW cards and then Findmypast newspaper clippings. After his entity was established it was easy and I also ordered his personal file from the National Archive via researcher. Great help was GWF forum members who helped to confirm MID LG inputs.
  3. One more piece that I found - a program of the escape where Lieutenant Walter Butler has been mentioned as well. Here is the link to the YouTube video (in English): https://youtu.be/q-qhMAWaoBI
  4. He ended up in the infamous officers Holzminden prison camp in Lower Saxony. It opened in September 1917. The camp held between 500-600 officer prisoner's and approximately 100-160 other ranks, used as officers ordered. Holzminden is known as the location of the largest POW escape of the war in July 1918, when 29 officers escaped through a tunnel, of whom 10 managed to make their way back to Britain. Based on the book "the Tunnelers of Holzminden" Lieutenant Butler was one of the leaders of that escape. He was the first officer who break through to the surface and managed to escape but unfortunately he was captured in nearby village, after he stole a bike. For his courage during escape he was Mentioned In Despatched on 30 January 1920. His captivity continued until the end of the war in Europe. He was released January 1919. Lieutenant Butler continued his service in North Russia, as an officer in Syren Army. Once again he was Mentioned In Despatches on the 3rd of February 1920. He resigned his commission on the 25th April 1922 and retained the rank of Lieutenant (he was promoted to Lieutenant 1915 but this was only Gazette 1920).
  5. Hi all, Havent been active in the forum a long time, I decided to post here something as well. I spotted a single British War Medal named to "2 LIEUT. W.E.BUTLER" on the dealers site with a note that this officer served in the Manchester Regiment and was entitled to 14 Star trio. I started to wonder why a pre-war officer wasn't never promoted. I did some digging and here is the answer... Walter Edward Butler (30 November 1892-1964) Walter was born as a son of Rev Hercules Scott Butler (Vicer of Preston). He had brother Gerald Villiers Butler (Tank Corps, Major), Hubert Desramauy Butler (RAF, pilot). Walter graduated from Oxford University Contingent Officers Training Corps 1913 and commissioned into 6th Battalion, Manchester Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant. When the Great War broke out he landed in France 14 August 1914. Here is his personal account how he was captured by Germans...
  6. Medal roll conforms entitlment - E.H.Andrews. sent to England for discharge. So, he must be end of his actibe service period with the colours. Could have been entitled IGS or LSGC as well. Also checked Findmypast and sadly no service file up in there.
  7. Noor

    What medallion is this?

    Hi all, Here are some close-ups of the jeton. Just amazing quality!
  8. Noor

    What medallion is this?

    Thank you. A forum member advised me that it is a an orphan's benevolent society benefactor's jeton. Quality is just amazing! I just realised that the ring is hallmarked. I will make some better close up photos of it later on. what kind of ribbon it should have, does anybody know?
  9. Noor

    What medallion is this?

    Thanks! I think it's from the Great War period. Also looks like I found information of her as well with connection to Russia:
  10. Hi all, Could some of you please tell me what medallion is this?
  11. For disembarkations up to 31 December 1915 These codes generally apply to men who won the 1914 or 1914-15 Star, but not those who only won the British War Medal/Victory Medal pair. [My thanks to Jonathan Saunders for helping complete this list]. 1 Western Europe 2 Balkan Theatre a) Greek Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria b ) Gallipoli and Aegean Islands 3 Egyptian Theatre 4 African Theatre a) British East Africa, German East Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Uganda b) German South West Africa c) Kamerun (Cameroon) d) Togoland e) Caprivi Zipfel Rhodesia 5 Asiatic Theatre a) Mesopotamia and Bushire b ) South West Arabia c) Aden d) Muscat (Musquat) e) Seistan f) Tochi Valley g) Hafiz h) Katlang, Rastam and Swati i) Landekai Ridge j) Perim k) Kalat l) Katchin Hills m) Tsing-Tau (note: this has been observed as 5h on medal index cards for some men of the 2nd South Wales Borderers) 6 Australasian Theatre a) German New Guinea including b) Nauru c) German Samoa For disembarkations from 1 January 1916 1A France and Belgium 1B Italy 2A Greek Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria or European Turkey 2B Gallipoli 3 Russia (up to 1/2 July 1920) 4A Egypt (up to 18/19 March 1916) 4B Egypt (from 18/19 March 1916) 5A East Africa, Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia 5B South West Africa 5C Cameroon 5D Nigeria 5E Togoland 6A Hejaz 6B Mesopotamia 6C Persia 6D Trans-Caspia 6E South West Arabia 6F Aden 6G Frontier regions of India 6H Tsing-tau 7A New Britain 7B New Ireland 7C Kaiser Wilhelmland 7D Admiralty Islands 7E Nauru 7F German Samoa
  12. 2B was Gallipoli at that time. Arthur was in famous D Company. Born in Belfast. Son of late Major E.T.Meredith, RE. Mercantile Marine. One of the reserves disembarked from Mudros.
  13. He was Gallipoli man in 7th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
  14. Send me your email and I send copies of Medal rolls and MIC.