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    Royal Dublin Fusiliers - awards, documents, insignia. If you have anything, please let me know. Also I can help out regards basic research of soldiers who fought with the Dubs.

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  1. Hi all, I have here one Finnish War of Independence medal that is made from iron and lacking any hallmarks under the sabre. Does some of you can advise who made these and what period? I have had Swedish made silver medals before with the hallmarks but this one is a mystery to me. Here is one another iron example but it is also hallmarked by Sweden maker as well: https://www.medals-orders.com/finland/finland-ww1-commemorative-medal-war-liberation-1918-finnish-independence-silver-military-decoration-wwi-sporrong.html Also, I do not have intending to keep it, so if any of you can advise in respect of fair value then that would be great. Thanks, Timo
  2. Three or four of them were previously in my collection. I know in fact I have a name for Austrian medical doctor who two plastic ribbon bars you have. I need to dig out my old files.
  3. Thank you so much guys! Now, I actually bought the medal from the medals dealer in UK so surely this one has been around!
  4. Hi all, Here is one of my last pick-ups - a single British War Medal to a 32091 Sergeant William Joseph Byrne, Royal Artillery. But checking him out turned this medal something very special... William lost his mother in young age. 1901 census shows him living with his widower father and older sister in Cork, Ireland. Originally from Kings County (County Offaly now). He must been born around 1887. 1911 census don't show him so he must be serving by then. He entered into France in August 1914 as a sergeant. 1 January 1916 he was Mentioned in Despatched.... 16 May 1916 he received DCM for bravery on the field A year later he received another DCM (A bar on the first DCM)!!! There were only 492 double DCMs for British forces in the Great War. So, a rare entitlement ndeed! William was promoted to the rank Battery Sergeant Major. Sadly he died in service 7th April 1920 in India. He is burried in Rawalpindi War Cemetery. Sadly I wasn' able to find out cause of his death. Also local Irish newspapers do not mention that brave soldier at all. Pictures of his medal
  5. Thank you so much guys! Mystery remains - from where was Captain T C Devlin from?
  6. Thanks Peter! That looks like is prefect match for Normal Coll CC!!! So, because no trace of him on this side of water then I think he may be from Canada!
  7. Hi all, I obtained a British War Medal that is named to Captain T.C.DEVLIN . Unfortunately I am not able to locate him on the Medal Index Cards patch or in the medal rolls. I have a feeling that he may be from South Africa or Canada forces. I am not sure how Australia and New Zealand named their officer's medals. However, with help from The Great War Forum members, they found out that there was one Captain T.C.Devlin in the British Army Lists, October 1912 - page 1362. Also Ancestry confirms that and shows his unit "Normal Coll CC". No idea what it is - Cadet College or something? Does any forum member here would be able to help me on the track in respect of this officer? Also I am missing fold3 access at the moment. If some of you who have an access would be so kind to download this page below and post it to here then that would be a great help. Thanking you in advance, Noor https://www.fold3.com/search/#query=Devlin&dr_year=m,1912-1920&offset=36&w=h3fd0oVxF
  8. Hi all, Is there any way to trace a soldier from the South African forces as well? I am trying to find out anything about Gunner R.A.SIMPSON who served in South African Field Artillery (S.A.F.A.). Any advice would be great, Thanks, Timo
  9. Hi all, Over the trade I picked up some random medals including two South African WW1 awards (BWM and VM) named to PTE.G.H.HAWKINS KALAHARI HRS. Sad part is that I can see his trio was on sale some years ago on eBay with the 1915 Star. Now its only a pair (at least star must be out there somewhere). I am just wondering how rare unit it is and is there any information where they were and what they did during the WW1. Not my cup of tea so most likely I will move them on some moment soon. Just wanted to use them as a learning pieces first. Thanking you in advance, Timo
  10. Thanks Brett. Hopefully more will be found about him! Sadly I am stuck with the research at the moment. Timo