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  1. For disembarkations up to 31 December 1915 These codes generally apply to men who won the 1914 or 1914-15 Star, but not those who only won the British War Medal/Victory Medal pair. [My thanks to Jonathan Saunders for helping complete this list]. 1 Western Europe 2 Balkan Theatre a) Greek Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria b ) Gallipoli and Aegean Islands 3 Egyptian Theatre 4 African Theatre a) British East Africa, German East Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Uganda b) German South West Africa c) Kamerun (Cameroon) d) Togoland e) Caprivi Zipfel Rhodesia 5 Asiatic Theatre a) Mesopotamia and Bushire b ) South West Arabia c) Aden d) Muscat (Musquat) e) Seistan f) Tochi Valley g) Hafiz h) Katlang, Rastam and Swati i) Landekai Ridge j) Perim k) Kalat l) Katchin Hills m) Tsing-Tau (note: this has been observed as 5h on medal index cards for some men of the 2nd South Wales Borderers) 6 Australasian Theatre a) German New Guinea including b) Nauru c) German Samoa For disembarkations from 1 January 1916 1A France and Belgium 1B Italy 2A Greek Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria or European Turkey 2B Gallipoli 3 Russia (up to 1/2 July 1920) 4A Egypt (up to 18/19 March 1916) 4B Egypt (from 18/19 March 1916) 5A East Africa, Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia 5B South West Africa 5C Cameroon 5D Nigeria 5E Togoland 6A Hejaz 6B Mesopotamia 6C Persia 6D Trans-Caspia 6E South West Arabia 6F Aden 6G Frontier regions of India 6H Tsing-tau 7A New Britain 7B New Ireland 7C Kaiser Wilhelmland 7D Admiralty Islands 7E Nauru 7F German Samoa
  2. 2B was Gallipoli at that time. Arthur was in famous D Company. Born in Belfast. Son of late Major E.T.Meredith, RE. Mercantile Marine. One of the reserves disembarked from Mudros.
  3. He was Gallipoli man in 7th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
  4. Send me your email and I send copies of Medal rolls and MIC.
  5. First name(s) Harry Seton Last name Broadbent Birth year 1891 Birth date ? ? 1891 Birth parish St Pancras Birth town London Birth county Middlesex Occupation Pianoforte Maker Attestation year 1916 Attestation date 20 Jun 1916 Attestation age 25 Service number 33290 Marriage year 1914 Marriage date 27 Jun 1914 Spouse's first name(s) Rosa Child's first name(s) Edith Winifred Leton Child's birth date 08 Apr 1915 Archive reference AIR 79/326 Next of kin first name(s) Rosa,Edith Winifred Leton Next of kin last name Broadbent Record set British Royal Air Force, Airmen's Service Records 1912-1939 RAF service files are now accessible in Findmypast. Interesting craft in civil life - a valued skill probably in RAF. There was another Broadbent F.S. with one digit different service number - pretty sure they were related.
  6. Hi all, Among with other items I received these and I am struggling to figure out what are they. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Timo
  7. Noor

    Are these US patches?

    Thanks Megan. I just were able to find out the same info. Now, looks like airborne patch is missing top scroll. Ranch hand is also an interesting one https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Ranch_Hand http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/foru...ch-hand-patch/
  8. Hi, Here is one of my ribbon bars, what I have had almost 2 years now. Today Daniel confirmed owner of this set! Please meet Hauptmann Achill von Oertzen, born 1872. Served in Life Grenadier Regiment "King Frederick William III" (1st Brandenburgian) No. 8. End of WW1 retired as a Oberstleutnant. Last assignment IR 157. Peactime awards RAO4, KO4, Joh, RA3, MMV2 from Schwerin and here is the bar Any information, entries, etc about him would be great! Thank you to Daniel! Regards, Timo aka Noor
  9. Oh wow. Thank you for your quick reply. Someone must be valued that medallion and got the repair done, thats what I thought and why I picked it up. It was random find from antique junk box in Estonia few days back. Not my collecting interest but happy to learn something new, so I am pleased. There must be different variations out if it - an eagle is different size on mine then on the links above. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, Found this rather weird piece of metal and just wondering what it is? Looks like some patriotic piece from the revolution period? I can see similar design medallion from 1917 (famous French Liberté, égalité, maternité - liberty, equality, fathernity). Any thoughts?
  11. Hi, I picked up this photo and would like to confirm country from where its made. I think its Czhechoslovakia but can't be totally sure. Also maybe someone can help with the text behind, what period this kind a uniform was in use, etc? Thanks, Timo
  12. Hi there, Could someone please help me with the start of the research of IGS 1895 named to " Assistant Surgeon E.De Roche Indian Staff Medical Department". I tried FMP and Ancestry but no joy to locate anything of him. Where/how it would be possible to find out his full Name??? Thanking you in advance!
  13. Hi all, I obtained thus medal from emedals auction in the beginning of the month and I would like to be sure that it is original. Does any expert, who has handled these more then I, can confirm it please. Thanking you in advance, Noor
  14. Noor

    Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    Thanks Eric. Yes, looks like the medals to boarder guard regiments are not so comkon. Also poor guy looks like lost his leg and medal for that..... a small price in this sence. I didn' realised that they used this kind of double ring suspension system? Now, whole collection that is up on emedals has same ring systems so I recon it's done by collection owner. I have few imperial Russian "kolodas" left so I used this one instead. Should I put the rings back?
  15. Noor

    Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    Thank you so much! I got thumbs up from another forum as well. Also just received this.... ГМ 4 ст. №975948 3-й пограничный Рижский полк, ряд. Костровский Кузьма Список увечным нижним воинским чинам, снабженным от Мариинского Приюта для ампутированных и увечных воинов протезами, коим 9 января 1917 г. вручены с Высочайшего соизволения пожалованные им Георгиевские медали 4 степени Почетным Попечителем Мариинского Приюта Генерал-Алъютантом Бароном Мейендорфом. Когда и где ранен - 18 августа 1915 г. под Вильной. Род увечья - укорочение правой ноги. РГВИА ф.970 / Списки ВПК / Список №233
  16. Thanks Bill I actually checked BWM roll again and like others on the same page, there is a note on the Remarks column - Will be claimed by S.A.Inf.b'de. It could be the case then!
  17. Hi all, I just purchsed a Victory Medal that post to be named to (I haven't received the medal) pte. R.W.Holmes SAI. I have second thoughts about about that SAI part: I swap thinking can it be 1352 Robert Wilson Holmes, 2nd Rhodesia Regiment KIA 11 March 1916 in Kenya age 50 (!!!). Born in Ireland. Can some of you please confirm that his medal was probably named to SAI. In thus case also what that unit did and where they engaged the enemy on the 11th of March where Robert lost his life? Thanking you in advance, Timo
  18. sorry about the typos - it was done late night using phone with predictive text.
  19. Hi all, Here is one I hope interesting German soldier letter that was posted from Estonia in August 1941, straight after German troops pushed back Red Army from Estonia. Red Army and local communists militia troops carried out many horrific attacks against civilians that time. Therefore locals were pretty positive seeing Germans. I am just wondering does this letter mention something about local atmosphere from Estonians prospective as well or maybe some German speaker can help me to do a quick translation of it. Interesting to see that the writer also added good wishes line in Estonian language to the end. Any help and info would be great.
  20. Bingo! Belgium it is but much earlier - from Franco Prussian war era. http://www.jkmilitaria.com/Frameset.html (check under Red Cross section if this link don' work).
  21. This kind of ball type ring connection indicates usually for me Belgium-Dutch maker style. Now, saying that - they could produce for any countries. I am thinking more WW2 period and something short lived award during German occupation perhaps? It' just a random guess. Other way I would say Latvia-Lithuania or even Poland perhaps?
  22. Noor

    Doctor's badge

    Hi all, just wanted to show one of my last finds that I received today:
  23. Hi all, I obtained a British War Medal that is named to Captain T.C.DEVLIN . Unfortunately I am not able to locate him on the Medal Index Cards patch or in the medal rolls. I have a feeling that he may be from South Africa or Canada forces. I am not sure how Australia and New Zealand named their officer's medals. However, with help from The Great War Forum members, they found out that there was one Captain T.C.Devlin in the British Army Lists, October 1912 - page 1362. Also Ancestry confirms that and shows his unit "Normal Coll CC". No idea what it is - Cadet College or something? Does any forum member here would be able to help me on the track in respect of this officer? Also I am missing fold3 access at the moment. If some of you who have an access would be so kind to download this page below and post it to here then that would be a great help. Thanking you in advance, Noor https://www.fold3.com/search/#query=Devlin&dr_year=m,1912-1920&offset=36&w=h3fd0oVxF
  24. Hi, I got yesterday this Austrian Military Merit Cross (Militärverdienstkreuz) and would like to know who was maker "E"? Like I understand second award clasp on the ribbon is pretty common thing?
  25. Hi guys, Here is my today's arrivals - all nice U.S. ribbon bars. But because I don't know much about that area, can you please have a look, confirm that I got ribbons right, help to ID some and if you don't mind, please feel free to add some extra information about them. Ok, lets start.... Bar No. 1 Nice 13 award ribbons/5 row bar on the felt. I presume this owner was officer, am I correct? Awards; 1. Legion of Merit (??????) 2. Silver Star 3. Bronze Star 4. Army Commendation Medal 5. Army Good Conduct Medal 6. American Defence Service Medal 7. American Campaign Medal 8. European - Africa - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (Star on it means battles?) 9. World War II Victory Medal 10. Army of Occupation Medal 11. National Defence Service Medal (what this leave indicate?) 12. Korean Service Medal with two stars (Stars again?) 13. United Nations Service Medal (for Korea?)