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  1. Hello, for a pretty simple reason: The original Bulgarian award certificate has been writen in cyrilic letters. Nearly no German could read it. And one has to show a readable "Besitzzeugnis" to proof that one is wearing this order on a legal basis... For this reason a simple translation of the certificate has been issued by the German authorities for e.g. Bulgarian or Turkish awards. Regards jaeger7-de
  2. I would say that it is a "Garde-Tag" badge. Machinewoven silk in an oval metall frame. Slightly unusaul place to wear it, but... Regards jaeger7-de
  3. Hi ! They look very narrow for M07 boards - they should be 5.5 cm. Could you give us the dimensions of your boards ? Regards jaeger-de
  4. Hi Roman, I guess WIC means "verwundet" - wounded in combat - so he must not have died. He could have recovered to earn his Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer in 1934. Regards Torsten
  5. Hello, I do have one more name for your list: Leutnant d. Res. Hans Karl von Winterfeld, Jäger-Bataillon 14 Libertycross III. class, 21 November 18, (No. 368) Commemorative medal 3 July 1919 regards jaeger7-de
  6. Hi Chris, Due to the very dark green uniforms of the Saxon Jäger units, they had sometimes been called "Die schwarze Brigade" (The black Brigade) - but there was no "Königlich Sächsisches Jäger-Korps" after 1813. Regards jaeger7-de
  7. Hello Graf, you did not upset me - I would like to learn more about Bulgarian orders... This piece does clearly show a lower quality than some other 1941 4th classes - therefor my question about the maker. I got this piece really cheap - the dealer had no idea what it was and it came from the estate of a former German officer, unfortunatly without any papers. If it has been made up from two pieces - than it has not been done to fool the collector - maybe it was a replacment for the damaged awarded cross made on behalf of the owner ... ? Lots of maybes, maybe... Regards jaeger7
  8. Hi everybody ! Just to keep the topic going - here is a 4th class 1 st grade which I got a few days ago. It is not in perfect condition, but I like it. Is it possible to name a manufactorer ? Is it of Bulgarian origine or made by a foreign company ? Regards jaeger7
  9. And one more new book on the early years of the Bundeswehr - just fresh off the printers... ES BEGANN IN ANDERNACH 1955-1958 Eine Bilderreise in die frühen Jahre der Bundeswehr A Pictorial Journey into the Early Years of the Bundeswehr The case-bound books has 208 pictures on 136 pages. All pics are taken by a professional press-photographer. It has beautiful shots of uniforms, weapons, vehicules and everyday-life of the German soldier... The text is German and English and the retail price in Germany is € 29,80 (ISBN 978-3-932077-38-8) Gordon will know it - he has had an eye on the English translation. I am not the author (just the publisher). Regards jaeger7-de
  10. Perfect - Thank you for your help ! It is Colonel Desmond Deane-Freeman A Canadian... ...and I was looking for an English officer. Regards jaeger7
  11. Gents, does anyone know who this Brigdier might be ? Picture was taken in Germany about 1956/57 Thank you for your help jaeger7
  12. Of course ! "Dienst- und Rangabzeichen der Offiziere und Beamten der Königlich Bayerischen Armee 1806-1918" by Walter Seibold and Gerd M. Schulz ISBN 3-00-017435-4 published 2005 but the publishing house (Bayerischer Militärverlag Gerd M. Schulz) is no longer existing. The remaining stock was sold of 3 or 4 years ago. The book is still available in Germany by some shops... I guess it costs about 49 Euro - 174 pages, hundreds of illustrations, most in colour ! Regards jaeger7-de