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  1. " In the same way, it would be nice to read the three spange on the DSWA ribbon. One is almost common. Finding two is nice, but three is a real treat. " But notice the other (perhaps officer) next to him has four clasps on his!!!!
  2. Hello all, Here's a photo of two DSWA veterans taken in Wien late 1930s. Can anyone tell me the Herero Veteran on the left's second medal with single Spange? I see he has DSWA medal with several clasps and WII centernary after it. Any help appreciated. Cheers Chris
  3. I stumbled across the New Zealand Archives last night where they have digitised many of the German documents they captured on Samoa in 1914. There's an awful lot there to go through including service files on individuals, a file on military matters, loads of trading forms- https://www.archway.archives.govt.nz/ViewRelatedEntities.do?code=6051&relatedEntity=Item But perhaps most interesting for us, a file on Medals and Orders. I'm midway through reading handwritten lists of all the overseas engagements that qualified for a Colonial Service Medal- https://www.archway.archives.govt.nz/ViewFullItem.do?code=24050353&digital=yes Cheers Chris
  4. Chris Dale

    Italian Campaign 1859 Medal

    A friend of mine is selling a French 1859 Italian Campaign medal on ebay. Thought it might be of interest to some of you- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRENCH-FRANCE-Napoleon-III-Military-silver-medal-of-the-1859-Italian-Campaign/332123456992 Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks for rekindling this thread Fross, nice addition! Cheers Chris
  6. In old B&W photos the yellow of a the Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary medal ribbon usually appears very dark. The medal itself is also noticably large. I think these guys are wearing the China medal and that its stripes cannot be seen in this slightly blurred picture. Here's a photo from the P Klein collection of an East Asian Bugler with the Centenary medal. Cheers Chris
  7. This bayonet is very interesting as it has previous Saxon army markings. Note the spine marked King Albert of Saxony rather than Wilhelm II of Prussia as is usually seen on colonial bayonets... Cheers Chris
  8. The identifying factor is that they are all E&F Hörster 1913 wooden gripped kS98 bayonets. I think this batch were all for colonial issue. Has anyone seen one for home army use? Cheers Chris
  9. It may be that some of the Hoerster 1913 unmarked bayonets went to DOA but the Imperial War Museum had one on display with an old handwritten tag saying that it was captured in DSWA. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Claudio, Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it. Of course the medals section of the site owes a great debt to the members here! Cheers Chris
  11. Thanks for posting those photos Claudio. You've reminded me that I need to go back again! Here's some of my photos from the museum- http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/germancolonialuniforms/militaria/ingolstadt.htm Cheers Chris