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  1. Tesekurler Demir. You mean the one with the ...beautiful wife....lol...?
  2. Merhaba Demir Here it is.
  3. I just checked. The back of the photo has a note written in the old Turkish script. This was translated (by Demir I believe) as " when I was on board Yavuz" (other name for the Goeben.
  4. This one I have marked as linked to the Goeben....cannot recall why or how...maybe Demir can assist?
  5. Hi all. A few of my photos:
  6. TerryG

    Miniature Chain

    Very nice!
  7. TerryG


    Hahahahaha....They obviously did not ask my EX-wife.... Nice cross!!!!
  8. Up. A Gold Party Badge also....
  9. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    As you can see there is some doubt about the spelling of the man's name as I believe the original would have used a phonetic spelling in the Ottoman version. This is the box the cert came with. Obviously addressed to the man's wife or daughter. Name is Schampp I think.
  10. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    and here is a translation done by a Turkish friend a few years ago. I assume the wording remains the same on all....
  11. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    Here's one of mine