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  1. Hi Thanks for the additional information regards
  2. Hi all, another EKII I've had for ages, but can't quite identify the maker, I've looked at it from all angles but still not certain, the best I can come up with is CD? any ideas thanks, regards Alex
  3. Alex K

    Rising Sun

    Hi, thanks for the info, thought it was a modern version. regards Alex
  4. Alex K

    Rising Sun

    Hi all, just a quick question, is the attached a "Current" version? described as IV class but I think it's V class, if so any idea of value? regards Alex K
  5. Apparently (From another forum) they were used primarily on medal bars as the reduced size fitted in with the size of other medals better, they were private purchase items regards
  6. Don't know to be fair, perhaps others may know, it certainly looks the part and was advertised as a Prinzen, maybe they came in a "Reduced size" regards
  7. Oh!, Silly me, glad you like them, regards
  8. Hi, thanks for the comments, which one is the "Orange" one? weights are Wilhelm I full size 34g, no ribbon Wilhelm I Prinzen with ribbon 23g Shaumburg 10g regards
  9. Hi all, I'd like to show a few pick-ups, nothing spectacular, but nice and simple (To me) Kaiser I Centenary medal, full size, difficult to show but heavily gilt, a Prinzen, a miniature and what I assume to be a ribbon device secondly Shaumburg-lippe military service cross and a Friedlander EKII regards Alex K
  10. Nope! sorry Alex K
  11. Hi Tomasz, thanks for the additional information Alex K
  12. Interestingly, maybe I should check my own comments, thread here My "We" and another "We" both different, did Werner make them or just distribute them?
  13. Hi Tomasz, it does look more like "We" now that I've managed a closer look. regards Alex
  14. Hi Thanks for the comment, I'll try to have a closer look, you could be right regards edit, this any clearer?
  15. Agreed, they certainly were worn that way during the war, normally by those that had received their preliminary notification, but not their actual award, or those that chose not to have their award damaged in combat, normally there would be some evidence of wear either on the medal itself, or on the ribbon, press studs, ribbon ties etc, the one originally posted doesn't seem to show any of such examples, so it's anyone guess when it became a Pseudo RK in my opinion regards Alex