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  1. Hi all, I've been studying Von Koesters award list, a seemingly comprehensive list is here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_von_Koester looking at the attached images, there is one which I can't identify from this list, any ideas as to what it, (they) may be? is it one medal with embellishments between the arms, or a more plain cross, possibly with a crown suspension, sitting over another unknown decoration, any help, as usual much appreciated The star is an example of the Order of the Black Eagle with Brilliants regards Alex K
  2. H thanks for confirming my thoughts that his was an enamelled version regards Alex K
  3. Hi Thanks for the additional information, looks correct based on these regards Alex
  4. Some interesting images of his decorations here http://bulgariandecorations.com/more/royal_collection any ideas, thanks
  5. Interesting, I've located a picture which I think is the award, one question, the attached is un-enamelled, the above picture looks like his version is enamelled, is that likely or is it a trick of the light on the picture of him?
  6. Hi Thanks for the additional info on the last three, always useful to know so I can add them to my database, regards edit, amazing, well done, different ribbon though? (credit Vicmart)
  7. This mage posted earlier, yet another medal bar, is the medal indicated a reasonable assumption, many European Royalty received one, I've not seen it mentioned anywhere, good thread btw Alex K
  8. Hi Thanks a bunch, GMIC comes up trumps again regards Alex K
  9. Hi all, another request for medal Identification, Kriegsmarine Admiral Schmidt, The last medal on the bar, it is suspended from a crown and cypher, not unlike the Danish Order of Dannebrog, but a medal not cross, the obverse seems to show 1 or 2 people facing right, could be wrong on that however. any help appreciated regards Alex K
  10. Bringing History to life...

    Hi Larry another very nice one With regards to background colour I tend to agree, many of my "Portraits" I choose a blue/grey/green-ish background, it's neutral but can be "tweeked" a little to add interest at times
  11. Napoleonic images

    Glad you like them, a few more, around the Crimean war, a few French included http://mashable.com/2016/01/06/crimean-war/#Z52jowPW6uqw
  12. Napoleonic images

    Hi all, just for those interested, I came upon this site which I found interesting, images of Napoleon vets in their original Uniforms. very interesting http://mashable.com/2014/10/27/napoleonic-wars-veterans/#3wawo94uOEqU
  13. Bringing History to life...

    Hi Larry really fine work as usual, regards Alex Just to keep the ball rolling a while longer One that's a little bit different, I'm 99% sure I've got the decorations correct