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  1. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research into VC recipients and came across this image, does anyone know who he is and the actions that resulted in the award of the VC, as usual any help much appreciated regards Alex K
  2. George VI's star

    Hi Yes it's genuine, these are my examples, the most difficult and expensive one to collect is the Aircrew Europe star, (Far right, top row), this is heavily faked, (some quite good), the latest addition is the Arctic star, bottom row, second left, this I suspect is a wearers copy, but possibly useful for display purposes regards Alex K
  3. Yes great research, amazing how quickly information can be brought together, I will now note his name on my copy of the image. Thanks all
  4. Hi Andy interesting site, I'll have to give it some study regards Alex
  5. Hi Andy, no other info but it does seem fairly common to wear on the left side, some images from a colonial uniforms website, and a British Victorian uniform
  6. Hi Guys, thanks for the tips, Romanian order of the star actually begins to seem like a good possibility looking at it now, (I had my Imperial German state hat on) regards
  7. Hi all, another request for identification, I came across this image, but can't identify who it is, looks fairly distinguished with an impressive medal array, any one got any ideas who he may be? secondly, the last medal on the bar, for some reason I've got it in my head that it's the Order of Henry the Lion, however reading other threads, the swords were only positioned at the bottom of the medal or later crossed through the centre, (Not the top), am I barking up the wrong tree? regards Alex K
  8. Thank you both for the response so the "Silver" version I posted is merely faded gilt then. regards
  9. Hi all, I wondered if someone could answer a seemingly simple question, attached are two images of the BMVO officer cross, one gilt, the other silver, I can't seem to locate any positive details of the full list of classes which list the officer cross in gilt and silver, did they exist in two finishes and if they did why the difference since they are both classed as "Officer"? thanks Alex K
  10. wwII EK1

    Yes very nice example
  11. Order of the White Lion

    Hi very nice indeed!
  12. Grand Cross Souval

    Got a chance to add to my Grosskreuz, an example of a nice Souval with OLS, so I thought I'd do it, the case is quite hard to find, It's an early "De-luxe" version of his RK cases, the other type he offered was more basic. the EK1 is a war-time version. Now looking for a minty set of very early RK and EK2. regards
  13. Hi Andreas Once again, thanks for the assistance regards Alex
  14. Hi all, bit of help again with medal ident. attached a picture of George of Saxony, plus his medal bar, looking at it I'm a bit stuck on two of them, any help appreciated as usual. regards Alex K