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  1. Alex K

    Polish Militari Virtuti

    Thanks, I've looked everywhere so far but without success, maybe one day!
  2. Alex K

    Polish Militari Virtuti

    A further belated update, Major Tarkowski was killed by sniper fire on the 22nd May whilst leading an attack on Piedemonte. By chance I came across these images from the imperial War Museum (Image Credits), showing the moment that the groupr of snipers responsible for, amongst others the death of Major Tarkowski, Paul Minich the man in charge f the sniper party is shown surrendering and being searched, the caption reads "He was just pulled out of a bunker manned by three German paratroopers (commanded by Minich), responsible for death (amongst others) of Major Ludomir Tarkowski, the Deputy CO of the 5th Battalion, 2nd Brigade (3rd Carpathian Rifles Division, 2nd Polish Corps), shot dead on 22 May. Major Tarkowski was leading an assault on Piedimonte. The pillbox was discovered when AFPU cameramen, Sergeants Johnson and Barnes wanted Lesiak to stage a prisoner taking operation. At the same precise time the Germans decided to surrender" Interesting, All this time and I still havn't found an image of Major Tarkowski
  3. Hi thanks for the additional information, true, special classes are seen so infrequently seen, images are difficult or impossible find, the ones you posted are amazing. regards Alex
  4. Hi Laurentius, wow, thanks for the quick reply and images, very nice item, I wondered if it was a special class, as all my efforts to find information on it drew a blank, much appreciated. regards Alex
  5. Hi all, I don't mean to hijack the thread but I've found an image similar to the one posted, which seems to show Leopold wearing the Grand cross sash and badge of the house order, however the badge shows what could be described as Laurel devices between the arms, I can't seem to find any reference to it, the badge itself is reversed, apologies but anyone know anything about it. regards Alex k
  6. Hi Guys, thanks for the input, my personal thinking is the Carl Eduard medal for Arts and Science, what do you think? regards Alex K
  7. Hi all, another identification request, Carl Eduard, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha medal bar, any of our VERY clued up members recognise the one indicated, I think, think it is coinage head with possibly some device suspension partially hidden by the ribbon, (Could be wrong), I've got all the rest. any help appreciated regards Alex K
  8. Old age, I know the feeling
  9. Hi Larry thanks for the additional info, very interesting link regards Alex
  10. Whilst looking, I came across this interesting image, both the VC AND Iron Cross, no name unfortunately, image credit indicated
  11. Hi Peter thanks for the response, I'll try your suggestions for some google searches, might come up with some other named images, regards Alex Update, found him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_William_Pitcher
  12. Hi all, just a quick question, does anyone recognise who this rather distinguished VC winner is, any help appreciated regards Alex K
  13. Alex K

    Alexei Evert unknown decoration.

    Hi as an update, I knew I had a similar image on file, it's a TIFF image (Whopping 39.5mb), I was able to zoom right in to capture a higher quality image, just for interest Now that I look, they're everywhere! this guys wearing one too
  14. Alex K

    Alexei Evert unknown decoration.

    Hi yes I've seen that image before but never spotted the star on his right breast, nice decoration though, I believe that it had a red sash and possibly a sash badge