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  1. Napoleonic images

    Hi all, just for those interested, I came upon this site which I found interesting, images of Napoleon vets in their original Uniforms. very interesting http://mashable.com/2014/10/27/napoleonic-wars-veterans/#3wawo94uOEqU
  2. Napoleonic images

    Glad you like them, a few more, around the Crimean war, a few French included http://mashable.com/2016/01/06/crimean-war/#Z52jowPW6uqw
  3. Bringing History to life...

    As a collector of awards decorations and medals I sit there looking at my little baubles for many hours. sometimes I stray to other forums, As it happens I visited the GWF (Great War Forum) and came across some very nice colourised B/W photo's which gave a degree of reality to the period, soooo, I thought I'd have a go, as it's a bit different, attached are two of my first attempts, Any comments appreciated. The first is Witzigheer, and the second is Molders. I have others but at this moment of time can't vouch for the ownership of the photo's so won't post. regards Alex K
  4. Bringing History to life...

    Hi Larry really fine work as usual, regards Alex Just to keep the ball rolling a while longer One that's a little bit different, I'm 99% sure I've got the decorations correct
  5. Bringing History to life...

    Hi Thanks for your comments ref. Immelmann, I do like to be as accurate as possible, I do make some mistakes, so based on your comments
  6. Bringing History to life...

    Hi, thanks, I did this for a member of someone's family member, I was told which service branch he was in. regards Yes I was aware of it being Prince Adalbert, attached a few more members of his immediate family, I've yet to add Prince Eitel and the Empress, (They are not real postcards!), Got their Grandad and a few Uncles somewhere I think
  7. Bringing History to life...

    Nice to see new postings in the thread, one I've dug out quite interesting for me, taken in Southern Austria WW1 Ice Tunnel regards Alex K
  8. Hi Simon, thanks for the extensive quantity of information, so it's one of the many in the Ashcroft collection, should have guessed he would have it regards and thanks Alex K
  9. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research into VC recipients and came across this image, does anyone know who he is and the actions that resulted in the award of the VC, as usual any help much appreciated regards Alex K
  10. Hi all, I wondered if someone could answer a seemingly simple question, attached are two images of the BMVO officer cross, one gilt, the other silver, I can't seem to locate any positive details of the full list of classes which list the officer cross in gilt and silver, did they exist in two finishes and if they did why the difference since they are both classed as "Officer"? thanks Alex K
  11. George VI's star

    Hi Yes it's genuine, these are my examples, the most difficult and expensive one to collect is the Aircrew Europe star, (Far right, top row), this is heavily faked, (some quite good), the latest addition is the Arctic star, bottom row, second left, this I suspect is a wearers copy, but possibly useful for display purposes regards Alex K
  12. Hi all, another request for identification, I came across this image, but can't identify who it is, looks fairly distinguished with an impressive medal array, any one got any ideas who he may be? secondly, the last medal on the bar, for some reason I've got it in my head that it's the Order of Henry the Lion, however reading other threads, the swords were only positioned at the bottom of the medal or later crossed through the centre, (Not the top), am I barking up the wrong tree? regards Alex K
  13. Yes great research, amazing how quickly information can be brought together, I will now note his name on my copy of the image. Thanks all
  14. Hi Andy interesting site, I'll have to give it some study regards Alex
  15. Hi Andy, no other info but it does seem fairly common to wear on the left side, some images from a colonial uniforms website, and a British Victorian uniform
  16. Hi Guys, thanks for the tips, Romanian order of the star actually begins to seem like a good possibility looking at it now, (I had my Imperial German state hat on) regards
  17. Thank you both for the response so the "Silver" version I posted is merely faded gilt then. regards
  18. Hi yet another award in my collection, I believe it to the the Order of Military Merit 6th class. Does this have the correct ribbon? and secondly, I have seen other pieces which have the Cypher on the obverse central medallion, My piece has a tricolour enamelled centre, as they only differ in the central medallion, would this identify any specific period that it would have been awarded? Thanks for any input regards Alex K
  19. Hi I'm thinking of adding this to my collection, to finish of my Hanseatic trio, does anyone see any alarm bells, all help appreciated regards Alex just a thought what sort of price now, my other two were bought over 20 years ago!
  20. Hi all, a bit of advice if possible, visited a local antique/bric-a-brace centre today just to pass the time and came across the attached at what was/is a really low price, so I examined it and to me seems to be totally authentic, so I took a punt. Looking on the EK DNA database, there are strong similarities to a Paul Meybauer, particularly the reverse hardware, any opinions? a good deal or a clunker?, Edit, Magnetic core btw and slightly vaulted regards Alex K
  21. wwII EK1

    Yes very nice example
  22. Hi all, a bit of advice if I may request, I have had the attached Commander class order of the white lion in my collection for a number of years. It appears completely authentic, but I've noticed on the few other examples I've seen that the Centre lion always appears silver or silvered, my copy does not have this, there is no sign that any silver finish has been lost or that there was any in the first place, the whole item appears a natural gilt, is this normal or do I have another clunker. There are no visible hallmarks that I can see. If genuine, any value?? attached images, my own and one borrowed from "Najafcoins" website just to show the differences, The first is from Najafcoins and the other two are my scans regards Alex K
  23. Order of the White Lion

    Hi very nice indeed!
  24. Hi all, I had the chance to purchase a Souval Grand Cross of the Iron Cross to add to my ek collection, so I did. Many collectors will poo-pooh Souval stuff as post-war junk, even though he was a legitimate war-time manufacturer (alas not the GK), given the fact that authentic GK's are as rare as hen's teeth and when the odd one surfaces, it's a mortgage job, many don't have that kind of spare cash lying around and if they did, may well decide to spend it on more useful things. As space fillers I think they fill a gap nicely, they are most probably the best alternative to the war-time piece, so am I deluded, are they trash or affordable treasure? Alex K