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  1. The stars are from former socialist federative republic of yugoslavia, worn by police men and in the army. their value 1-2 eur/piece. the medal on the left is hungarian, the one on the right is from slovakia - I think.
  2. When I got theese stars (1st and 2nd class) I got a guarantee from a well known serbian publicist and yugoslav militaria collectors, that both stars are genuine and original IKOM products. I never doubt his opinions.
  3. Translation could sound something like this : "Federal comitee for celebration of 25th anniversary of 2nd session of Antifascist council of national liberation of Yugoslavia, decided that every member of the council as well as families of dead and killed members of council, are awarded with silver memorial plaque, as memory on the days when the foundations of brotherly community between nations and nationalities of Socialist federative republic of Yugoslavia, were established".
  4. Congratulation on your new addition. Please post some pictures when possible - including your other part of yugoslav collection.
  5. The Vis medal was instituted on 20th anniversary of Tito's in his headquarters stay on island of Vis. Unfortunately don't know how many of them was made. Exploler, I dont think that you will get another under 100 EUR - to me it seems a good price, since I've seen the in range 100-150 EUR.
  6. I would trust Orden Master on his testimony about so called "probes", since I've seen a few in my collecting days. On account of my financial status, I will probably never be able to buy the original order of national liberation (but hope stays), so I bougth this probe that you discused about. Must say at a reasonable price - at least for me (80 EUR).
  7. very nice order, one of my favourite among yugoslav orders. the wreath look kind of dark for a gold one. here is mine 1st clas, early type with 5 torches, ser. number 1160. not sure about the markings.
  8. Just picked up at the post office - my newest addition to my collection. Yugoslav flag V. class. Stamps for silver, but no ser. number.
  9. value of the korean order would be about 20-45 $US.
  10. That kind of pin is pretty common in yugoslav militaria (partisan spomenica, order of labor,....). Order in lower left corner is north korean order of the flag-my guess its 3 class.
  11. Sorry about those few photos (my daughter, car,....). Marshall sign of course not mine.
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