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    British Colonial Campaigns, particularly the East African theatre in the Great War.

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  1. Hello Harry,
    My name is Rishi and i am working on 1961 Goa conflict as a side project.
    If ever someday i am able to put up some decent work, i woud like to put it up as pdf for readers or maybe publish some copies. I wish to be neutral and put in more of Portuguese side of the stories which are lacking in all the books published in india or by indian authors.
    Is it OK if i save the pictures shared by you on forum and use them in the book?

    Pics shared on sagongs forum

    Do i have your kind permission for the same?
    I will be greatly thankful to you for the same.


    1. Harry Fecitt

      Harry Fecitt


      Greetings - feel free to use my work as and when you wish without further discussion.

      Good Luck     Harry