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  1. Well... Not only have I found the establishment order... I actually received some decorations... See photo below. The 2 lower ones (also in my previous post) are Decorations "For Merit in the Destruction of Chemical Weapons", bronze and silver grades. Established on 24 July 2004 by order 131 of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. I have still to find the integral order. The coloured beads seem weird for an official military award but heh... I wonder if the colours have any significance to chemical weapons' disposal? White-blue-red... Any ideas out there?
  2. They have very few Army Generals (4 star US equivalent)... Even defense minister Shoigu is only an Army General... The service commanders are only colonel-generals (Lt-Gen)... For a few years the commander of the air force was only a major-general.
  3. Very nice work!
  4. OMON to the National Guard? How incredibly odd! It's the equivalent to SWAT...
  5. I'd even go as far as to say it was a wartime confection. Post war, the commemorative medal(s) would've appeared in between these two.
  6. Wow! How on Earth did I miss that? No more VV MVD... Dang... Is OMON going into the Ministry of Justice or the FSB? OMG I hadn't thought of that... They'll produce new awards... Megan'll l-o-v-e that!
  7. Egorka (Igor) just sent me the research for my Order of the Red Banner. Excellent and incredibly fast work! I highly recommend the gentleman's services! I was half expecting an award for long service, imagine my surprise at reading this.... AWARD CITATION GUSCHA VASILY ANISIMOVICH, Guards rifleman, Machine gunner, 1st MG company, 151th Guards Rifle Regiment, 52nd Guards Rifle "Order of Lenin" and "Order of Suvorov" Rigskaya Division. Recommended for "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION" Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merit "As a member of an assault team he exhibited bravery during the crossing of the Oder river on 26 March 1945. After reaching the dam, comrade GUSCHA, using his machine gun, took out the German machine gunner who was preventing our landing crafts from disembarking at the dam. The engagement turned into close combat and comrade GUSCHA exhibiting audacity and bravery annihilated eight enemy soldiers with grenades and machine gun fire. This bridgehead on the left bank of the river was held by a small assault group of 7-8 people until the arrival of reinforcements. The successful capture of the bridgehead ensured the achievement of all the unit's objectives. For his exemplary execution of orders of the command and for exhibiting heroism in a fight with a superior enemy comrade GUSCHA is worthy of the title "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION". I. YDICH, Guards Colonel, Commander 151th Guards Rifle Regiment, 29 March 1945. Conclusion of the superiors Worthy of "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION" KOZIN, Guards Major-General, Commander 52nd Guards Rifle "Order of Lenin" and "Order of Suvorov" Rigskaya Division, 29 March 1945. Worthy of "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION" KAZANKIN, Guards Lieutenant-General, Commander 12th Guards Rifle Corps, 29 March 1945. Conclusion of the Army Council Worthy of "HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION" KUZNETSOV, Colonel-General, Commander 3rd Shock Army LITVINOV, Major-General, Member of 3rd Shock Army military council Awarded Order "RED BANNER" Decree of 3rd Shock Army # 051-H dated 11 April 1945 Other awards: Medal for Bravery 16.12.1944 Order of the Red Star 15.08.1944 Order of the Red Star 27.10.1944 Medal for the capture of Berlin Medal for Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War
  8. I don't see anything that might suggest this isn't authentic...
  9. No, we have quite restrictive regulations on the wear of foreign awards. If a Canadian award is given for the same reason, then any connected foreign one will NOT be allowed to be worn. You cannot wear 2 medals awarded for the same reason such as a tour of operations, or two decorations for bravery... Should one do an act of valour in a foreign country and be awarded a foreign decoration, the recipient would either receive the foreign decoration or the Canadian equivalent should that foreign country recommend it. For example, the 1990-91 Gulf War, Canada produced and awarded a campaign medal. All participants also received a Saudi and a Kuwaiti campaign medal but were NOT allowed to wear them contrary to EVERY OTHER allied nation there...
  10. And RCAF personnel will not get permission to wear them if issued the medal... *SIGH*
  11. Gents... A Russian collector has asked me to confirm if his recent purchases are indeed real. Personally, I've never seen these horrors before, they don't even conform to the description in the establishment decree. The reverse is all wrong, the face looks like a blow up doll, the wreath is completely wrong and at the wrong place, but still... So many different makers of French awards, and Belgian makers making the cheapest ugliest ones (out of spite?) . I asked Marc Champenois of France Phaléristique and he's never seen these before but still, I have to ask. Can anybody confirm horrible copies/unadopted prototypes/actually legal for wear.
  12. O-M-G... Each badge has a dozen variations in the shape of the central medallion! The establishment order is looooong... Still sorting it out.
  13. I agree 100%