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  1. You sure you can't claim the WW1 medals? if you're the direct descendant... Might be worth an e-mail...
  2. Repos légionaire... Et couvres-toi la noix de coco au soleil!
  3. Say what? Your French is almost as good as mine... What gives? Did you break your reading glasses old man?
  4. Julière Louis (CI ?) 1942 Caporal au 1/23 (10.8 ?) en 1941 à la base aérienne de (Toulouse ?) (AJ97 ?) Tunisie 1942/43, Gr "Lafayette". Campagnes d'A.F. (Gi ?), Corse France Alsace. Libéré en août 1945 An airman and POW?
  5. President Putin and Defence Minister Shoigu have officialised the formation of the "young army", the equivalent of the cadet movement in Commonwealth countries. Youngsters from 11 to 18 in para-military units learning citizenship, patriotic history, military tradition, sports, same as our cadet movement. Instructor cadre for now will come from the military and reserve/retired list. Cadet instructors are recognizable by the breast insignia worn above the right breast pocket.
  6. Insignia for an air force base/unit commander (usually full colonel). Insignia of the Chief of the personnel office of the Defence Ministry.
  7. I thought this forum included all military collectibles?
  8. Chief of the personnel office of the Defence Ministry wearing his senior appointment badge over the right breast pocket. Insignia (cloth) for the commander of a railway troop brigade. It appears these were instituted by Order of the Minister of National Defence No 490 of 9 August 2016. From what I read in a Russian forum, this puppy is approximately 100 pages thick!
  9. The Defence Ministry has issued new insignia for senior appointments, from commander-in-chief of the army all the way down to individual unit commanders, akin the Russian navy's surface ship and sub commander's badge. Air force squadron commanders, division commanders, chiefs of military hospitals, regimental, brigade... Worn over the right breast pocket. I've seen them in both metal and cloth. I've seen some of them, there's probably a ton of different ones. Here's a sample below. As I find more info, I'll fill you in. These will most definitely become highly collectible! Here's one for a chief of a military hospital, clinic or sanatorium. Commander land forces wearing his senior appointment badge over the right breast pocket.
  10. Thanks Megs, this is one I wasn't even looking for due to the difficulty in finding them. I had resigned myself to the fact I wasn't going to get one ever... Then voilà! He seriously made my XMas card list for a loooong time!
  11. Luckily, only 1 in 7 parcels is checked for duty here... The only 2 times in more than 3 decades I was asked to pay duty, I was able to prove what I purchased wasn't available in Canada and thus got out of it.
  12. Upon further examination... Good luck reading the name.
  13. Yeah, just as I thought. The recipient is living... So I'll leave you with the original photo for now. Sorry. Just wouldn't feel right.
  14. Seriously, I don't know what the international postage union have agreed upon but for the past year or so international shipping has slowed to an exact science of 12 days once out of country. I used to mail items to France and they'd get it within 48 to 72 hours! Now, 12 days... I'd get parcels from anywhere inside continental Europe (except Belgium, a bit slower sorry ) within 2 to 5 days, now 12... Same for Russia, Australia... It takes EXACTLY 12 days for a parcel from anywhere on Earth to my front door once it leaves the country of origin. Mind boggling! Cannot be a coincidence!
  15. Won't happen... The more a package is expected during the holidays the slower it'll go... The very first day you have to go back to work, during the only 30 minute interval when nobody can answer the door, is when the postman will ring and leave a note saying you can pick it up at the post office the next day after 13h00... Unless it's a Friday, and it'll be a Friday, then you'll have to twiddle your thumbs until Monday. That'll be the one day you'll leave work late and get stuck in traffic... And then it get's worse! Just trying to make sure you don't get your hopes up too high...