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  1. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Is there no limit to your talent... Marvelous pieces!!
  2. Still nada... So many were made. And the way they were bestowed at first, there was no way to regain control.
  3. New MVD of Russia medal: Medal "For strengthening international police cooperation" Established on 20 April 2017 by ministerial order 220. Awarded to employees of law enforcement agencies, federal state civil servants, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and, in some cases other persons, for significant contribution to strengthening and developing cooperation with law enforcement agencies of foreign states and International organizations.
  4. Hey Francois!

    Regarding the thread "Federal Agency for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons", I guess you already have seen these two links: http://www.sammler.ru/index.php?showtopic=73669

    and here pages 100-103 : https://issuu.com/voinbrat/docs/vb5_45__2008_web

    Tell me if you need help with translation.

    BR / Igor

    1. TacHel


      I go on SAMMLER.RU almost daily.  But had missed the 2nd link.  Thanks!   

    2. Egorka


      Francois, check it out: I asked the guy in the thread and he confirmed the symbolism of the white-blue-red gems.

  5. And now... Jubilee Medal "25 Years of the Federal Agency for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons". Est. 2017-05-10 Order № 111. Not the most attractive thing I've seen...
  6. A new medal established by popular demand and approved by minister Shoigu in November 2016. Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" Est. 2016-11-24 order № 770. Awarded for many years of honest service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation if previously awarded state awards of the Russian Federation (or of the USSR), or awarded the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour or of Gratitude, or if awarded two or more Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation departmental decorations, and having served with no disciplinary problems for 25 years or more in calendar years at the time of retirement from the military. It is here with its Soviet predecessor and the Soviet medal for veteran of labour. I find it odd the ribbon chosen is more similar to the the Soviet civilian than the military medal.
  7. Recent 1/9 busts

  8. Recent 28mm projects

    Great precision work! Love Klink and Schultz!
  9. Nah... Today's copy of правда will do...
  10. Nice! This in your collection?
  11. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    I posted the order of precedence for medals earlier in another post, anything new, unless specifically mentioned in its establishment order, goes at the end of the line. As for these breast badges, they go below state awards worn in a similar fashion in the order of establishement as per medals. Since these are mostly bestowed to NCOs and junior officers, thet don't have to shuffle much out of the way unlike their generals...
  12. The Russian Defense Ministry continues to issue awards quite specific to branches and specialities. These are for Electronic Warfare Troops: Medal "For Service in Electronic Warfare Troops" Awarded to military personnel of all ranks of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the Russian Federation with at least 5 years of service, for valour, ingenuity and courage displayed during service, for excellent performance of duties. May also be awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation, whose actions helped in the development and establishment of the Electronic Warfare Troops of the Russian Federation. Decoration "For Merit" of Electronic Warfare Troops awarded to officers and warrant officers. Decoration "For Distinction" of Electronic Warfare Troops awarded to soldiers, sergeants and master sergeants.
  13. Unknown award with UN connectuion?

    Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM). Medal "Participant in emergency humanitarian operations". Established on 27 December 1995 by ministerial order 885. Awarded to individuals or organisations for their involvement in humanitarian relief operations and contributions to the organization of such future actions as well as for dedication and courage. The medal is also awarded with English text in lieu of Russian. This is the only medal of this ministry NOT on a pentagonal mount, probably because it is awarded to so many foreigners. No idea why they slapped "UN" on it... Not mentioned in any of the texts.
  14. "Honoured Fellow of the Federal Courier Service of the Russian Federation" («Почетный Сотрудник Государственной фельдъегерской службы Российской Федерации»). Awarded for special merit in the development and improvement of the State Courier Service of Russia over many years of conscientious work. It can be bestowed upon officers of the State Courier Service of Russia with seniority of twenty-five years or more with at least 15 of those years in the State Courier Service of Russia. The length of service includes service in bodies of internal affairs, military service, other service where there are special titles, as well as work in the State Courier Service of Russia in positions of employees or workers. To federal civil servants who occupy posts in the State Courier Service of Russia, employees of the State Courier Service of Russia in replacement positions not positions in the federal civil service system of the State Courier Service of Russia, as well as the workers and employees of territorial bodies of the State Courier Service of Russia and its subordinate organizations, who have twenty-five years seniority or more with at least 15 of those years in the State Courier Service of Russia. Type 1 at left, type 2 at right. The reverse has an area for a serial number.