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  1. Troy Tempest

    1914 EK1 Maker Mark help

    Thanks Don
  2. Good evening gents! This arrived today, and while I was checking the makers mark, I couldn't find a maker '2' for 1914 EK1s, only 1939. Does this mean this one is a dud? Thanks as always in advance!
  3. Good afternoon gents! Did any MVK2's come with a makers mark on one of the arms of the cross? I'm not sure if this makes it genuine or suspicious? Thanks as always!
  4. Thanks Jock! I'll see if I can get some better photos.
  5. Hello again gents! Does anyone have any opinions on this buckle please? I apologise for the photos, they are the only two available for me. Thanks in advance as always!
  6. Thanks fellers! Do you think this is good value at $165US?
  7. Hello again gents! Could someone please let me know what the last medal on this bar is please? The third medal is a Prussian 15 year service medal I think? However, I have not been able to identify the fourth medal on the bar. Danke!
  8. Troy Tempest

    French Medal Help Please!

    Thanks Hugh!
  9. Guten morgan mein herr! I recently had this four piece medal bar arrive, is the last medal a Prussian 9 year service medal? If so, why would there be a Mecklenburg MVK II on the bar? Can anyone help me bitte! Danke!