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  1. Hmmm....whats Himmler holding?
  2. According to Himmlers orders laid down in RdErl. d. RFSSuChdDtPol. im RMdI. v. 1.7.36, all employees not employed on police duties were to be issued with a Hausausweis. This pass allowed the employee the authority to gain access to secured buildings/areas where they were employed, but did not afford them any police powers. The basic design of this Hausausweis remained almost unchanged from its inception until the end of the war, apart from a few minor changes to wording and font used. The Hausausweis was made of white card and was validated in the same way as the SiPo Dienstausweis in that it was valid for 6 months from date of issue, being allowed a further 6 months extension. The pass was not valid after this extension and was renewed after 1 year. On 12.10.36, Himmler further decreed that all employees of the Ordnungspolizei not employed in police duties were also to be issued with a Hausausweis. However, this had a completely different design to those issued by the SiPo. The Orpo. Hausausweis was also white in colour but was bi-fold instead of single sided and was made from oilcloth or schreibleinen, similar to the Polizei Dienstausweis. This very rare example is of the Orpo. Hausausweis style but as one can see, it is has been issued by the Kriminalpolizei in Prag. I have only ever seen one other of this style of Hausausweis being used by the SiPo and that was to the same duty station. The reason for this is unknown to me at this time, but it is possibly due to availability.
  3. Another very rare matched set of Dienstausweis and Fahrtberechtigungsausweis to a Kriminal Angestellte. This example should have the word "Leit" crossed out to reflect that Karlsruhe was actually a KPSt.
  4. It has now been established that some female members of the Kriminalpolizei were also issued Dienstausweis. Here is an exceptionally rare 1944 Kripo Dienstausweis Type C, issued to a female member of the Kripo in Wien.
  5. As we can see from this example, the Kripo Außendienstelle designation was also applied to 1944 issued cards. I have yet to see a 1944 KPAuP issued card but I presume there was one.
  6. KPAuP - Small branch office A KPAuP usually had a complement of less than 10 detectives. Blankenstein had a population of approximately 1,780. Krim.Sek. Barthel was their only detective.
  7. KPAuDSt - Large branch office A KPAuDSt usually had a complement of 10 or more detectives. München-Gladbach had a population of 128,000 thereby allowing them approximately 25 detectives.
  8. KPSt - Sub Regional HQ There were approximately 80 - 120 detectives allocated to each of the 44 KPSt. Note the similarity with the KPLSt Dienstausweis. This example of a KPSt Dienstausweis clearly shows the word "Leit" crossed out.
  9. On seeing Gordons super Polizei group with Kripo connection, I thought I'd share a little info regarding Kripo ID credentials. There were four different types of Kriminalpolizei headquarters throughout Nazi Germany and the size of these was determined by their area population and local requirements. The ratio was approximately one Kripo detective per 5,000 inhabitants. Kriminalpolizei Leitstellen - KPLSt - Regional Headquarters Kriminalpolizei Stellen - KPSt - Sub-Regional Headquarters Kriminalpolizei Außendienststellen - KPAuDSt - Large branch office Kriminalpolizei Außenposten - KPAuP - Small branch office It is now known that each of these HQ's had there own associated dienstausweis. KPLSt and KPSt both shared the same wording on the dienstausweis but in the case of the KPSt, the word "Leit" was crossed out. However, I have seen several examples were this was not practised. The dienstausweis of the KPAuDSt and KPAuP both had different titles printed on them. KPLSt - Regional HQ There were approximately 150 - 250 detectives allocated to each of the 22 KPLSt.
  10. Hi Gordon, Many thanks for the extra scans. Well, what an absolutely fantastic entry to have in a Polizei Deinstpass, just wonderful! Please do not think I am being picky or anything like that as I have no intention of taking anything away from this wonderful group but unfortunately, I still do not believe this is a Kripo Dienstausweis/Ausweis. I do see an identification to a police official but that is all I see, Dienstpass entries or not. As far as I am aware, the České Kriminální policie were a state organisation and who had responsiblity for criminal investigations with the help of local uniformed police in certain circumstances. On this ID we can quite clearly see that the "staatliche" term is clearly crossed out, something which I would not expect to see if he was a state Kripo official. Also, there are plenty of references on the ausweis as to him being a policeman but there is no reference on the ausweis as to the "Kriminální policie," again something I would expect to see on a Kripo officials Dienstausweis/Ausweis . I am also not aware of any Kriminalpolizei organizations with the rank of "Wachmann," although we do see this rank used in other ordinary police organisations at that time. Most, if not all wartime Kripo organizations in Europe set their Kripo officials apart from other police officers in terms of rank, titles and identification credentials and I very much doubt that the České Kriminální policie would be any different. Hopefully, any Czech members will be able to shed more light. This is a superb and rare group which any police ID collector would love to have in their collection, me included. Many thanks for showing.
  11. Gordon, fantastic group. Love the Fahrtberechtigungsausweis. These not so easy to find little passes are completely underated and undervalued IMO. However, I personally cannot see the Kripo connection with the Ausweis?
  12. G Hanson

    Marineküstenpolizei / Feldgendarmerie

    It's a great piece Gordon, one which I very nearly bought myself.
  13. G Hanson

    Marineküstenpolizei / Feldgendarmerie

    Gestapo issued soldbuch