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  1. paul wood

    Another unknown Chinese medal

    I am afraid there is a cottage industry of fakers in China admirably helped by Ebay who are not bothered about fakes being pedalled on their site (one only has to see the British medals to see the fraudulent abominations offered on the site). The Chinese fakers have already destroyed the native coin market I am waiting for their present pathetic efforts in medals to get really good and kill the market in Chine ODM. Pity more extreme methods of mediaeval tortures couldn't be imposed on the fakers by the Chinese regime. Paul
  2. As a star only it should be 2nd class. However if he has omitted the sash badge it would be Grand Cordon the stats are identical in both classes. Going stir crazy in St Thomas' hospitai. Paul
  3. There are several contemporary weddigen commemoratives which are available on the market at reasonably affordable prices. He was a superstar in Germany at the time. This piece is utter durchfall created by a faker of little ability. Paul
  4. paul wood

    Photo or picture about Afghan Order of the Supreme Sun

    Morton and Eden catalogue june 2017 (my last magnus opus prior to my near fatal illness) contained many Afghan awards similar in quantity to Tammans offerings and included several rarities and a few unrecorded items www.mortonandeden.com follow the links. Well worth a look Paul
  5. paul wood

    Question about Afghan Order of Leader?

    Looking forward to the book Alexander Paul
  6. paul wood

    Italian Medal - Roma 1933

    It is for the Overseas Fascist Colonies festival 1933. Typical Italian fascist imagery Paul
  7. paul wood

    Liberia: Order of African Redemption to Dutch persons

    i am sure that consular staff of all nations based in Liberia would have received the Order as well as visiting foreign dignataries. The order turns up in various flunky's groups paul
  8. It could be any navy not nenecessarily british Paul
  9. paul wood

    Unknown Imperial medal

    Thanks Nick being in hospital my reference works are absent
  10. paul wood

    Unknown Imperial medal

    Great war air force charity jeton great war period by Eduard the imperial court jeweller. Paul
  11. paul wood

    'PR' abbreviation on Pakistan Independence Medal.

    Punjab regiment Paul
  12. paul wood

    "F" service number prefix on Indian WW2 War Medal.

    My favourites are Irrigation Darogha, Mahout and Motor Roller Driver as well as a Sikh barber all residing in my collection. Paul
  13. Well done Bill. Certainly Paulo is the oracle on Portuguese ODM Paul
  14. paul wood

    British Waterloo Medal

    Would need to see the naming butdoes not look promising at best private contemporary renaming