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  1. Looks like a ribbon bar of the Order of St john or the Order of malta. The Tito mourning ribbon has the most powerful stench of bull to have come out of e-bay for many a year and enough comes out of there to fertilise half of the USA. Paul
  2. Trouble with those Claudius is the light decides to pack up when you need it most. Paul
  3. In my opinion for portable use x8-10 is best good enough for hallmarks and naming. Paul
  4. Local Canadian unit which the vast majority were. They were issued from 1899 long after the event. Paul
  5. Many years ago Eugene Mollo published a monograph on the cross of distiction of the Military Order of St George much of which is reproduced ib Werlichs book on Russian Orders and Decorations. It gave the years/number tally amongst other info and is still a useful basic bit of info. The Ww1 white metal crosses are fenerally problem free and inexpensive. Always buy from a reputable dealer or auction house as you do have a comeback if there are any problems. Beware of certain on line sites who are often the fakers friend (you know who i mean). The civil war issues provide a legion of varieties both Russian and European manufacture which can keep one amused for years. Thats my puloushkas worth. Paul
  6. Some civil war issues,are. Paul
  7. I am afraid these would not fool a man with a white stick and a labrador. Paul
  8. As an official Russian Order 1917 during the Provisional Government. It may have been awarded by the White forces at a later date and of course the Soviets established the Order in WW2 . Paul
  9. Many czech-slovak military horseman were excepional amateur jockeys and participated in the Czech jump race that made the grand national seem like a klddies outing. Paul
  10. No nobody has ever won both. While there have been 3 bars to the VC. Martin leake, Chevasse, whose brother was my local vicar and ardent pig farmer who on several occasions officiated at services with pig manure bedaubed wellies and Upham. 2 bars WW1, other WW2, there is yet to be a second award of the GC. Paul
  11. The VC and GC come before any Order or Decoration. They are awarded for equal valour. The first for supreme bravery in military action. The Second is for supreme bravery in all other fields. The VC takes precedent over the GC due to the earlier date of foundation. Prior to the establishment of the GC the Albert Medal in gold took second precedent. Paul Ps The GC is awarded to both military and civilian personnel. Military awards are for non combattative bravery such as bomb disposal or life saving
  12. I remember may years,ago Pajari's with 2nd award and all the stuff that went with it. The Finnish government soon put a stop to that. Paul
  13. Scout's Bravery Cross 1st class, bronze 1st, silver 2nd, gold 3rd. Quite rare Paul
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