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  1. Leading Aircraftman Corke. The number is his service number. The rank is non commissioned therefore more difficult to research. May find something on ancestry. Paul
  2. paul wood

    Ottoman Order of Osmanieh

    Looks fine not ridiculously expensive. Many were awarded to British persnnel serving in Egypt and the Sudan up to 1914. Cant connect to Jeffs site for the Sacred Treasure, although they were given out in larger quantities than cornflakes in lower grades especially in the 30s and 40s. Paul
  3. They are all correct. There are 2 bust types for Oscar II the bust right is the first 1872 to circa 1900 the other is the circa 1900-05. I suspect there is a second variety of the older bust 1906-07 without Norwegian title. They are medals of the Swedish patriotic society which give awards for various meritorious services and have various ribbons depending on the issue. They are officially . The first reverse is for long and faithful service, the second for loyalty and fidelity. There are many varieties of these medals dating back to the 18th century. They are an inexpensive collecting theme for tbe silver medals, the rarer gold medals are more expensive but rarely more than gold value Paul
  4. Looks a French piece with french made bars Genuine as the French received the British Crimea as well as the Baltic. Paul
  5. A few nice bits and bobs look forward to more details. Paul
  6. Could he have emigrated to New Zealand. London Gazette 1/1/70. Nelson, for services to the community, especially visits to mental hospials. Would have been in his 70s then. Paul
  7. paul wood

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    Possibly a private issue of the time. Many campaign medals had privately made examples as well as the official mint issues, whether these were replacements or duplicates made for spare uniforms i have no idea. Paul
  8. paul wood

    On Writing With Clarity

    Not just pudding but bread pudding. Yum yum. Paul
  9. paul wood

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    Another Nicholas Ii Small silver Zeal medal. 4th class bravery medal, civil war period in white metal, coronation 1896. All in all a nice bunch of medals the , 1812, Warsaw 1831 and Transylvania 1849 being by far the best and comprising the majority of the value. Paul
  10. paul wood

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    Taking of warsaw 1831, Russo-Turkish War 1877-78, Transylvania campaign 1849. Paul
  11. paul wood

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    Alexander III memorial, 1894. Patriotic War of 1812 bronze, Nicholas II small silver Zeal. Paul
  12. paul wood

    I NEED HELP small collection of imperial medals

    Please pm images of both sides I will certainly be able to id them positively ( i can id many from the present photo). Paul
  13. paul wood

    Why Collect? - The Best Answer.

    My reason for collecting was accidental. As many of you will know I worked for Sotheby's and for the last 18 years Morton and Eden auctioneers cataloguing and valuing coins and ODM. I gained great pleasure in being the temporary custodian of some of the most fantastic medals and groups available including many VCs, Sir John Franklin's NGS, the Younghusband group and Oates polar medal. I decided that as I would never have the funds to afford anything of quality and would avoid mixing business wth pleasure. In early 2005 this all chanģed. I was cataloguing a nice collection which had quite a bit of Indian interest, amongst which was an Indian General Service 1908, 1 clasp Waziristan to an employee of the North Western Railway. I made it a weak single lot estimate £30-40. I was criticized for lotting it thus and I then made the fateful statement "If nobody else wants it I will buy it." I ended up with the medal as well as a 4 clasp IGS 1908 to a mountain battery which cost £95. The India theme suited me as my father had served in India with the RAF and RIAF from 1943-47 and in the process had "gone native". As a child I remember him talking to Indian bus conductors in fluent Urdu which resulted in us avoiding paying any fare. Unfortunately buying medals was like taking heroin, a serious addiction from which I was unable to kick. 700 odd medals later, almost all British campaign medals to Indian recipients, the addiction is stll as strong as ever. The marvellous thing about medals to Indian recipients is they are not researched to death like many medals to British recipients where in some cases we even know the make of underpants they wore into battle as a result I have been able to secure some real gems for next to nothing including a WW1 Afghan pair to a captain Mehta who was medical officer and later CO at the prison where Gandhi staged his famous hunger strike and is mentioned several times in Gandhi's diary as MO he knew Gandhi literaly intimately and a Malabar 1921-22 named to the Nizam of Hyderabad. I hope this gives a glimpse into why I collect. Paul
  14. Thanks. I was tempted by the Tito's visit to India but it seemed quite cheap if genuine and therefore as with the Swinton Insurance commercial nagging doubt crept in. I would be interested in other opinions on it. As a serious collector of Indian medals I would eventually like to own one, preferably cased Paul
  15. Most unusual. Privately made fittings for Tamar are considerably rarer than the order itself. A wonderful acquisition. Certainly miniatures are as rare as rocking horse manure. Paul