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  1. The arms remind me of those of Ostfriesland. paul
  2. paul wood

    Unknown Imperial medals

    Claudius 1 General Belmont Avalov's medal 1919 2 Bicentenary of the Battle of Poltava 1909 5 Alexander III memorial 1894. Others spot on. Paul
  3. Fakes to deceive collectors originated in the late 80s (my God 30 years ago seems like yesterday) when top end soviet started making worthwhile money. Prior to that they were made for theatrical or museum display purposes. Paul
  4. Sorry it is a joke it means it is a copy. Copy if written with cyrillic script is pronounced Soru. At work when we see a Russian piece which is a wrong un we say it looks like Soru's handywork. The Nevsky illustrated looks very much as if it is a theatrical copy not made with the intent to deceive. As usual my joke has back-fired. Paul
  5. It is by the famous Russian maker "Soru" (in Cyrilic Copy). Paul
  6. I suspect it wil remain with e-medals for the foreseeable future paul
  7. Also no Tamar in the 1998 in the forgotten king Ferdinand Sotheby's sale which i catalogued and none with the pieces which remained with the family. PAUL
  8. It is best to stick with the urkundes they tend to be less of a problem p
  9. paul wood

    Identification help

    50th Anniversary of Campaigns in the Caucasus 1906. paul
  10. Difficult to be certain as all recipients of the order of Queen Tamar only received the award document. The stars were made privately at the recipient's expense which is why there are miriads of variants ranging from awful to superb quality. Paul
  11. The royal victorian order was unnumbered prior to 1902 so this is a nice very early piece paul
  12. Having read this book I can say I am very impressed. This is a comprehensive work dealing with the history and evolution of both orders. Various makers and marks of both Turkish and European madeeeer pieces. From the detailed images it is possible to establish the period of manufacture. There is an in depth study of the jewelled pieces and given the quality of the forger's handy work there is a detaled study and listings of copies of each order. This is a work that Avsar has spent several years producing and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you have an interest in Orders buy this book, it is worth its weight in gold and probably the finest phaleristic studies to have appeared for several years. Paul
  13. It is possible that the group was made up post 1971 when the Edward medal was exchangable for the George medal as was the Albert medal. The recipient could have been in his 70's and an interwar Edward Medal recipient such as the Bentley colliery disaster. Could have had the set made up for a Buckingham palace garden party or a VC/GC association beano. all the best, Paul
  14. Interesting set of Hashemite royalist propoganda. Lovely. Paul
  15. Lars, Unofficial loosely based on Tunisian Nichan Iftikhar. Paul