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  1. As the DCM was only awarded to other ranks miniatues are scarcer. mainly worn by those later commissioned. Paul
  2. Imperial Russian medal, 4th class

    Timo, Can't see anything obviously wrong with it. All the best Paul
  3. Bahawalpur - 1904 Birth of Heir Apparent Medal

    I am guilty of the sin of envy Paul
  4. Frank. It is very similar to the order of Aviz, including the ribbon. Given Aviz is a military award could it be awarde to military explorers? Paul
  5. What medal is this?

    Zetland lodge 1005 founded 1864 based in gloucester. Paul
  6. What medal is this?

    It is french it says essayez which means try. I suspect the medal is probably masonic related. Paul
  7. Peter. Occam's razor brings back memories of my philosophy course all those years ago. I think you are right the group has more questions than answers. Paul
  8. True Chris a WW1 DCM and bar with previous Boet war service. Paul
  9. Centres often tone like that,seems to have honest wear and the reverse appears fine. Obviously with someting of that value it is worth getting quality enlargements as there are exceptionally good copes around. It would be well worth investing in a copy of Mc Daniel. Paul
  10. Ìf the dcm was GV then there would be ww1 medals entitlement. Paul
  11. Surely if it were a DCM and bar the DCM would be Victoria or EVII. Paul
  12. Can't see any obvioùs problems Paul
  13. Alas david could be one of quite a large number of SA officers and little chance of getting further Paul
  14. Avatar Names; Why?

    I hope fat tony eventually forgave you (cats can hold long term grudges) As to avatars i use my real name but most of the people withassumed names on this forum i know their real identity and they make no effort to hide it. My picture is not me but the great afghan leader mohammed nadir shah. The hero of the 3rd Afghan war ad far as the afghans are concerned also a carachter i admire All the best Paul
  15. Saint Stanislaus Breast Star unknown origin

    Very nice looks 3rd quarter of the 19th century to me Paul