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  1. paul wood

    "F" service number prefix on Indian WW2 War Medal.

    F is follower i have ww2 medals to a dairyman bootmaker cleaner and barber all with F prefix. Paul
  2. paul wood

    Order of the Lion and the sun?

    1320 is 1901 in lunar hejira so it would be ok for muzaffar. I dont think the solar callender wad introduced until the pahlavi era. Paul
  3. paul wood

    Order of the Lion and the sun?

    It is sh1320 ad 1941an early Pahlavi issue. Paul
  4. I wonder what happenned to the Tostrup records after liquidisation as they would have the answer. I suspect it is an award for the Norwegian equivalent of a national eisteddfod. Paul
  5. paul wood

    Russia st. george 4 class

    Delta behind kokoshnik for Moscow. Paul
  6. paul wood

    Imperial Russian Order ?

    I suspect it is an orthodox decoration but i doubt if it is from the imperial period. A lot have emerged in the last 25 years. paul
  7. paul wood

    Korean Empire officials obtained order and medal

    What an amazing collection of images. paul
  8. paul wood

    Medal ID help!

    Nice group. paul
  9. paul wood

    Medal ID help!

    Megan why does it say Pentru Marina.which refers to Maritime rather than Military which I thought was another medal? Paul
  10. paul wood

    Medal ID help!

    With swords for Romanian Naval Personnel. One of the many plethora of decorations established by Carol II (1930-40) Paul
  11. The arms remind me of those of Ostfriesland. paul
  12. paul wood

    Unknown Imperial medals

    Claudius 1 General Belmont Avalov's medal 1919 2 Bicentenary of the Battle of Poltava 1909 5 Alexander III memorial 1894. Others spot on. Paul
  13. Fakes to deceive collectors originated in the late 80s (my God 30 years ago seems like yesterday) when top end soviet started making worthwhile money. Prior to that they were made for theatrical or museum display purposes. Paul
  14. Sorry it is a joke it means it is a copy. Copy if written with cyrillic script is pronounced Soru. At work when we see a Russian piece which is a wrong un we say it looks like Soru's handywork. The Nevsky illustrated looks very much as if it is a theatrical copy not made with the intent to deceive. As usual my joke has back-fired. Paul