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  1. Alas only a few were included in the sothebys t&t sale. The bruiser illustrated in the earlier post was included in a sothebys geneva jewellery sale. Paul
  2. Nice selection who are they awarded to. Any Indian army to get me exited? Paul
  3. Kris the photos are basically nitrogeneous waste, given that there is nothing i can see that screams fake, however a better photo might make me alter my opinion. Paul
  4. IRemember the t&t fleeces. There was:a gorgeous emerald set jewel i could not see a fault in the emerald under ×8 magnification. There were also some glorious 18th century neck badges with dragon suspensions. The palace was something else. I was there with the wine, book and coach specialists hence a few thick morning heads It was an educational experience i will never forget. Paul
  5. Laelian was a usurper of the Germanic Roman empire. While a rare find in England they turn up in Western Germany and eastern France. They appear in auction fairly frequently and while scarce they tend to make a couple of hundrec pounds typically Paul
  6. Rob, Mahindra Dal Paltan (paltan =regiment). One of the two regiments who saw Waziri service. Nice do you have the accompanying BWM Paul
  7. Any quarter decent lawyer would have got him off on entrapment although he deserved a lengthy sentence for gross stupidity. Paul
  8. Mainly Abassid cut to the standard European denier weight Most interesting Paul
  9. I think orange would would add to your already distinguished persona Paul
  10. I believe under the Stolen Valor act it is illegal to buy or sell an officially made unnamed specimen within the US Paul
  11. Always highly amusing at OMSA public days are obvious feds (they ought to have flashing neon hats) furtively asking all members of the trade if they have MOHs as they are fervent collecors. As far as I am aware noone has been stupid enough to fall for it. Paul
  12. Documents can be faked without an ultra violet light it is impossible to tell whether or not an alteration has been made.
  13. Need much better photos to give a sensible opinion. From what I can see no obvious alarm bells but the fakes are of very good quality. These days, especially with upper end Soviet it is assumed to be fake unless proved otherwise Paul
  14. petfectly nice Knight's badge in silver and gilt. The earlier badges (19th cent) tend to be gold and are some of the finest quality orders ever made. PAUL
  15. Two Nepalese regiments received tbe Victory medal for services in Waziristan. All the other regiments received just the BWM. Nepalese units also served in the 3rd Afghan war. I have a sizeable section of Nepalese contingent medals. Paul
  16. No book on abbreviations. I have collected medals to Indians during British rule for 15 years. I have,around 1000 medals. One of my main interests is unusual units trades and ranks. Paul
  17. P.P. Pasupati Prasad Regiment, Nepalese Army. Served in India during the Great War enabling Indian forces to be freed for overseas service. TC TFC Transport? Control Traffic Tfc is definitely traffic. Paul
  18. KOYLI could you give me thd units of the queeies it is very relevant . With the P Jemedar as he is Meso Rly it could conceivably be Points Jemedar. The others I am sure I am right. Mate is normally marine but can also be Railways and Military establishments such as arsenals and fortresses. Paul 50 SC Cps is 50th Sillidar Camel Corps. Sillidars provided their own camels Dont know why that jumped to tbe bottom
  19. Alas the halfpenny got lost about 40 years ago during one of my many moves. Paul
  20. It was believed that a bent coin offered protection against witchcraft. Re coins in buildings a coin of the date was often placed within the building. Our shed/garage was originally a small Georgian labourers cottage, a 1740's halfpenny was found in the brickwork when my father was doing some alterations. Paul
  21. RP Clerk=Recruit Processing Clerk P Jemedar=Probationary Jemedar Paul Mate SK= Mate Storekeeper (Indian Marine rank)
  22. Probably a lead impression of a seal. Yes could well be post 1922 Egyptian. Paul
  23. Witch coins are not pierced but bent so the tradition goes. However silver coins were often bent to prove they were silver Paul
  24. Very nice, the case is rarer than the medal. I would have thought £60-80 for the ensemble. A good acquisition. Medals of the order were often given to royal servants during official visits. Paul
  25. They were issued for many years. I have seen them with award letters from the 60s and 70s and i would not be surprised if they are still being awarded by the titular head of the Romanovs. Paul
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