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  1. Oh well 4 out of 5 isn't bad. Thanks Andreas. Paul
  2. From what I can see 1 either An der Hallue or An der Lisaine, 2 Beaumont, 3 Sedan, 4 Villiers. 5 Paris. Paul
  3. Thank god they are still pretty horrible. Paul
  4. Order of Smile

    Yes lemon juice is nice, especially with a generous dash of Zubrowka ( I would certainly be able to retain a smile after that). Paul
  5. Order of Smile

    Now that is an order I would love to receive. Paul
  6. Ho Chi Minh Order

    The box is quite nice though Paul
  7. J is the prefix for Seamen and Communications ratings. Paul
  8. Able Bodied Seaman, Royal Navy Paul
  9. I am researching a Star of the Order of the 25th February 1948, IE the first class, I can't seem to find any appearing in Czech auctions/dealers lists, does anyone know roughly how many were issued and has anyone ever seen one come up for sale. All the best, Paul
  10. Thank you so much, pleased at last to have the answer. Paul
  11. Whoops forget to filter Edinburgh Gazette out. It will have to have an Independence referendum. Brian well done a nice purchase. Paul
  12. Brian London Gazette 16 April 1912 page 391 "Payne Edward, Shipwright, Portsmouth Dockyard" Nice one, somewhat better than the usual postman. Paul
  13. indian rank on medals

    Only time I have come across the trade of Platelayer was on a Mesopotamian Railways Victory Medal, which unfortunately I failed to secure. Paul
  14. indian rank on medals

    Michael, I would go along with that or supply officer. Paul
  15. My nose is full of the strong stench of bullshit. Paul
  16. Russia? Long Service bagde? Firefighters?

    10 years faithful service in the fire brigade, however the hallmark looks quite odd. Paul
  17. Looks more like Hindenburg to me, an unofficial contemporary patriotic souvenir. Paul

    Is there a makers name on the inside of the lid? Paul

    Looks like Knight's badge of SS Maurice and Lazarus. Paul
  20. Lars I must confess I assumed the post 1905 type highly unlikely as he would have been pretty well in his dotage. Paul
  21. Jonas It is Oscar I, the guy with the dinky goatee, who founded the Order in 1847. Paul
  22. Based on the link I still don't like the numbers. It is possible that the engraver could have been on mega strength tractor fuel the night before but overall I think the badge poses more questions than answers. My feeling is there are genuine elements but some "enhancement". Personally I would wait for a better example to turn up. Paul
  23. Egyptian Army Bravery Medal

    Ahmed, welcome to GMIC It is the Hussein al Kamil issue 1917-22, no clasp, which means that he did not participate in any of the campaigns in as a combatant. Is the piece unnamed or does it have Arabic numerals on the edge? Paul
  24. The Order he is wearing is slightly different from the illustration above. It is a Civil Division, Pre 1905 Second class set, with Oscar I monogram. Now to find British recipients of the Order probably 1880s or 90's who participated in the Indian Mutiny, although with a no clasp medal it is always possible he was a civilian. Paul
  25. I don't like the number on it, looks unofficial to me. Paul