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  1. Unless he was involved in the Naval planning of an anti-partisan offensive, that could explain the award. Paul
  2. Looks more like the partisan insignia but how would he get it. Paul
  3. I had a well known forger of early Portuguese awards challenge me to a duel after I cast doubts on the authenticity of his handiwork. Paul
  4. paul wood

    Unknown Italian neck award

    I would expect that were Donitz to have been awarded a Mo and Laz it would have been a GC. The Savoy was awarded much more sparingly Paul
  5. What appeared to be fault from my crappy phone is actually a shadow line on the reverse. Not sure what to think. Paul
  6. paul wood

    Unknown Italian neck award

    I am 99.99% certain. Paul
  7. EB would also acquire damaged or incomplete original orders in which parts would be added to his creations in order to give them a veneer of respecability a bit like antique furniture forgers. Paul
  8. paul wood

    Unknown Italian neck award

    It's not Mo and Laz the points of the cross are the wrong shape definitely Savoy. Paul
  9. There is a thin shadow on one of the limbs of the cross which suggests a thin split. The original crosses were made from Cumberland iron which was quite brittle and prone to splits. Most of the fakes the iron is too regular Paul
  10. I have managed to "unzip" the files. The fault in the iron is a good sign but the quality of the images are not sufficient to be absolutely certain. Paul
  11. I agree, when one has the genuine article next to an EB offering one can see the difference and why the EB piece is not genuine, although many dealers and auction houses who should know better still offer them as the real McCOy. If one were ever to produce a definitive catalogue of the works of the late master it would be even more useful to have good illustrations of the original pieces along side. Many years ago EB tried to marry one of the Rothe daughters,without success however, had he succeeded imagine the beautiful "babies" created from the union. Paul
  12. paul wood

    Question about the Collar of Hanedan

    Ibelieve there was one in the other properties section of the King of Bulgaria auction. Sotheby's 1998 (as well as some nice Ottoman in the king'S collection. Paul
  13. paul wood

    Where are all the Indian medal dealers on Ebay?

    Thanks Tony Most of my interesting odds and sods have come via Pakistan. Paul
  14. I suspect the Black Eagle is also EB, He had a great fondness for resurrecting the work of Godet. Paul
  15. Do any of our French specialists know if there is a roll of the 1st Infantry at Mentana, would be nice to put a name to the cross. Paul
  16. I suspect two of the letters mean de Infantrie. Very nice. Paul Or infantrie de ligne
  17. Could it be a Chilean citizen who saw service in belgium during ww1 maybe in the intelligence sector. Paul
  18. A large number turned up at DNW about 10-15 years ago. Luckily they were spotted and withdrawn prior to the auction. If it's worth faking someone will fake it. Paul
  19. Beware there have been quite a lot of fake Chinese Labour Corps bronze BWMs on the market. From the image it is impossible to be sure. Paul
  20. paul wood

    Maarif Nişanı (Order of Education)1328 (1910)

    Very nice never seen one before Paul
  21. paul wood

    Double Dragon

    Gavin is correct about the enamelled centre. I have never encountered a marked Rothe specimen. They are nice for those who can never afford the real thing. Paul
  22. Uncle Ernst certainly manufactured a few with the aid of his skilled South Asian workforce. Around 25 years ago Spinj sold the Alexander Patterson collection of German orders. All of which, barring a couple of pieces were the handiwork of Ernst Blass. I spent two whole days viewing it. If only Spink had done detailed photos of the collection. I for one would have paid a princely sum for such a publication. Ifit was worth faking then Blass would make it. 99.99% of all German orders with Garter surround were of his handiwork. He started his artistic works in the 70s and succeeded in infiltrating many dealers, auction houses, some with connivance others through ignorance and into a large number of collections to the point where it almost destroyed the German market. If someone could produce a catalogue raisonee of his handiwork it would be worth its weight in gold. Paul
  23. paul wood

    Norwegian Plaquette

    Modern crap of this sort started in the mid 60s Churchill snd JFK commemoratives were amongst the earliest Nowadays ths Royal Mint is one of the worst offenders. I see moden commemorative gold or silver sets, appearing in auction. Thd buyer removes all the packaging and throws in the bin and then departs for the melting house. Paul
  24. paul wood

    Polish badge

    Does any one know of any sites which list the fake Polish badges, preferably comparing them with the originals. Doesn't matter if the site"s in Polish. Paul