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  1. Very nice! I haven't seen the whole boxed sets before. Have you ever lit them up?
  2. Actually, the toilet is a most deadly place. I've heard that billions have been wiped out in them. :rolleyes:
  3. Since you mentioned Transport Korps Speer (TKS), here's a couple more photos.
  4. The sawback versions are less common, but I haven't seen them sell for more than the straight back version. They are both scarce. Frogs are extremely difficult to obtain -- good luck!
  5. Thank you very much, Fran?ois.
  6. My god, I just realized that the pilot in gear looks like Bill Clinton! :speechless1:
  7. Here's a photo I like. Pilot in flight gear w/flare strap on leg. Also 3 RK awards in the picture. I'm afraid I don't recognize them. --Kevin
  8. You guys are GOOD. Rick, I'm sorry but the back only says "Agfa." I doubt that's his name. BTW, does anybody have a photo of this sports badge? Thanks and regards, Kevin
  9. I'm afraid I don't recognize the badge beneath the pilot badge in this photo that I have. Any ideas?
  10. BTW, there's a guy selling a CD of WWII photos. Here's the pic he uses for his ebay ad. I'm beginning to think that maybe this guy was triplets or something! --Kevin