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  1. I would like to see clear pictures straight-on and not blurred. The reverse hardware is found on Meybauer zinc. The spange looks like a Mayer (head), but without good pictures hard to tell. Sorry I am late on this as I generally look at the Iron Cross forum. Jim
  2. Jim R

    2 x EKI, genuine?

    They both look good to me, but I am no expert on EKIs, but I use this site http://www.ek1-dna.de/eisernes-kreuz-1.-klasse---iron-cross-1st-class.html to help me determine if the EK might be authentic. Jim
  3. Hi Tony, it is a Slavic name and probably from Czechoslovakia. Jim
  4. A good close-up of the disc would help, but from what I can see it is not German. The word appears to be "Technicka" which make it either Russian or Slovic. Jim
  5. Fake as stated, before you buy look at the spange database and see if the spange is there, if not don't buy but take pictures and post. We are here to help provide expertise. Jim
  6. Jim R

    Strange "iron cross" - 1788 1913

    In order to get a definitive answer you will need to post individual pictures front and back close-up and straight on. I would like to see the combo set-up (spange and cross) along with the other two spanges. Jim
  7. Fake. First there is no Juncker spange stamped with their name, second the date box is wrong, last it is a one piece construction which is an immediate give away. Jim
  8. It is about right.
  9. Appears to be a good Meybauer cross. See this link http://www.ek1-dna.de/7-paul-meybauer,-berlin.html
  10. I have no problem with the cross. Here is a picture of mine to compare against. Jim
  11. It is good, if you can always remove the cover from the swastika so we can see the center. Jim
  12. I have put together a .pdf file of all the EKI spanges that are not listed in The Iron Cross 1st Class book, pictures only. If you would like a copy please send me an email jdrabourn@yahoo.com and will send you a copy. Jim
  13. Just received this rare (hard to find) Juncker EKI spange, without veins on the inner feathers. It also has a nice L/12 stamped on the back. It is one of the rarest Junckers and the rarest EKI spange. Jim
  14. Jim R

    L/53 SB EK I 1939

    A hard to come by cross, nice find. Jim