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  1. When it is too cold outside to do anything I decided to redo my collection. Now every spange has its own label, instead of mutiples over one label. I will work on the rest of the collection later. EKI spanges second model. Thanks for looking and thanks to all my fellow collectors who helped me put this collection together. Jim
  2. Beautiful bar and I love the history behind the bar. Jim
  3. Yes Juncker first model and looks like the short vein style. Jim
  4. I bought a stack of documents for Dr Geis who served in WWI and II. Here are his WWI documents.
  5. Bigger pictures of the cross only front and back would help, very difficult to see details with small pictures. But it looks like an L/55 (W&L), has the characteristics (low pin and disc). There are only three makers who didn't mark all their crosses (Meybauer, S&L, and W&L) that I know of. Jim
  6. EKI cases should either marked 621KB or 2420DB under the insert. Jim
  7. I was lucky and picked this up from Militaria-Berlin. A matching set cross/case in outstanding condition. It has a Souval frame.
  8. On the ring is stamped "22" which is the code for Boerger & Co who made the cross. Jim
  9. Forgot to mention but most of the fakes are one piece. Jim
  10. I have gone through my EKI SBs and I think maybe a Meybauer but not sure. The disc is trying to say it is a Wiedmann but I have never seen this disc before (maybe fake). Here is a picture of my Meybauer for comparison. There are new fakes out there that make it hard to be certain (I don't know the fakes).
  11. Nice selection of crosses. Jim
  12. Juncker L/12 full vein tombak
  13. Juncker full vein tombac.
  14. Hi Chris

    Can you make a change to my EKII spange post

    ?  The one titled Juncker full vein post 16, this should be titled Juncker full vein zinc.




  15. Juncker zinc F. Orth rare spange