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  1. This is my latest spange document acquisition; Document to war merit cross second class with swords, signed on 30th. January 1944 in Krakau, with the official seal and with the original-signature from commanding General and supreme commander in Luftgau VIII, General der Flieger Walter Sommé, Document to bar to the iron cross second class from 1939, signed on 20th. August 1944, with the official seal and with the facsimile-signature from commanding General and supreme commander in Luftgau XXVII, General der Flieger Veit Fischer, (german cross in silver awarded at 21st. December 1942, the knightscross of the war merit cross with swords awarded at 15th. July 1944),
  2. I have a few WW2 EK spange documents and a few are sets (one has 32 documents). Jim
  3. Nice display Chris and I like the bits and pieces that you have included. Jim
  4. Dealers will only pay at the most 50 percent of the value. If you have the time and do not need the money sell them individually as you will get more for your money. A great site for selling is on Facebook "Military Collectibles for Sale/Trade". If they have been shown on military sites and members have said they are good post that link in your sale. Good Luck. Jim
  5. One of the hardest crosses to find as there was so few manufactured. Nice find Ben.
  6. I would like to see clear pictures straight-on and not blurred. The reverse hardware is found on Meybauer zinc. The spange looks like a Mayer (head), but without good pictures hard to tell. Sorry I am late on this as I generally look at the Iron Cross forum. Jim
  7. They both look good to me, but I am no expert on EKIs, but I use this site http://www.ek1-dna.de/eisernes-kreuz-1.-klasse---iron-cross-1st-class.html to help me determine if the EK might be authentic. Jim
  8. Hi Tony, it is a Slavic name and probably from Czechoslovakia. Jim
  9. A good close-up of the disc would help, but from what I can see it is not German. The word appears to be "Technicka" which make it either Russian or Slovic. Jim
  10. Fake as stated, before you buy look at the spange database and see if the spange is there, if not don't buy but take pictures and post. We are here to help provide expertise. Jim
  11. In order to get a definitive answer you will need to post individual pictures front and back close-up and straight on. I would like to see the combo set-up (spange and cross) along with the other two spanges. Jim
  12. Fake. First there is no Juncker spange stamped with their name, second the date box is wrong, last it is a one piece construction which is an immediate give away. Jim
  13. Appears to be a good Meybauer cross. See this link http://www.ek1-dna.de/7-paul-meybauer,-berlin.html
  14. I have no problem with the cross. Here is a picture of mine to compare against. Jim
  15. It is good, if you can always remove the cover from the swastika so we can see the center. Jim
  16. I have put together a .pdf file of all the EKI spanges that are not listed in The Iron Cross 1st Class book, pictures only. If you would like a copy please send me an email jdrabourn@yahoo.com and will send you a copy. Jim
  17. Just received this rare (hard to find) Juncker EKI spange, without veins on the inner feathers. It also has a nice L/12 stamped on the back. It is one of the rarest Junckers and the rarest EKI spange. Jim
  18. A hard to come by cross, nice find. Jim
  19. I sold two crosses to Alexander Povo, 115573, Russia, Moscow, Shipilovskaya st. 50, korpus 3, str.1. I did this before I seen Jamie Cross site were he warned against dealing with this person. Yesterday the same thing happened to me and fortunately the other four he wanted the credit card would not accept the charge. I believe he is using stolen cards to buy with and then the owner cancels the order later. So stay away from him. I am not done with him yet as I will contact some friends in Moscow and see if I can´t make his life a little more challenging. I will also file a claim with Paypal to get my money back. email address: hlee71037@gmail.com Name: Alexander Popov Jim
  20. Made a mistake, the general was the last person to be awards Oak Leaves to his KC. Also, the unit was NSKK - Speer before it was merged with the Wehrmacht, he still maintained his NSKK rank.
  21. I just received this spange document that was issued on 2 May 45 and signed by the last person awarded the Knights Cross Generalleutnant Joseph von Radowitz. Jim
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