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  1. Help to name the award

    I would like to know the name and criteria for this Taiwanese award.
  2. Bringing History to life...

    Thanks, as you know there is a lot of work before the colourization. I did that photo just as an illustration. Here's another Hungarian private made into colour. Cheers! Péter.
  3. Bringing History to life...

    Here's one of my resent colourization.
  4. Thank You very much! I try to post something as often as I can on my web-blog www.tuzkereszt.com Cheers! Péter
  5. Alexander Rodimtsev (1905–1977)
  6. My top-piece in the Hungarian Order of Merit family.. The grand star.
  7. 1914 War Decoration

    Now this i REALLY like!! I usually don't get so easily exited, but this really put a great smile on my face! A real Hungarian captains uniform in wear, just like my grandfathers! WOW! Congratulations to the really nice pieces! Check out the one i have... http://gmic.co.uk/in...rian-militaria/ Cheers! Péter Orincsay
  8. New in the collection, a Kriegskreuz für Zivildienste (II Class) it's original box.
  9. My favourite corner.... :cheers:
  10. The back of the cross, 1942 - the year of the foundation of the order.
  11. A new piece in the collection. The Hungarian Order of The Holy Crown of Saint Stephen, Officers Cross. The cross on top of the crown is sadly missing. Maybe someone tried to straighten it out and it broke off?
  12. Hello Sasa! Yes, of course it's mortars and nothing else! I wasn't sure of the correct English word. Here's a close-up of the photo! Cheers! Péter
  13. The photographers comments: "After the entire inspection, the Soviet visitors and colonel Grassy returned to the regiment for dinner at the officers mess hall." The last photo of this series. :cheers: