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  1. Not so many people nowadays, but this is the database for KdF tinnies, not a valuation area and none of these are KdF. That being said, possibly, £20, £20, £15 (repaired pin), £30 (rough backing material) Pete
  2. Finnish? Estonian?.......Amerind?? Pete
  3. Excellent, I still need 3 pieces to finish my Mondwagon parade. Pete
  4. Gau München-Oberbayern Sonnenwagen.
  5. I don't know a great deal about these . Wehrfahig means able bodied or, more likely, fit for service. There are several types of these. As to the badges with the attached plate, I have never seen a RAD one before, but have always thought that the attached plaque it indicates the service into which the person will be going. Perhaps they were even worn by reservists when in mufti?? Regards, Pete
  6. No, a new one on me. and another one I haven't seen before Joe. Regards, Pete