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  1. Hi Looks like ... and sometimes sold (from Canada...) as
  2. Hi Thank but.... Canadian Black Watch? Which headdress ?
  3. Hi I have this 17/21 Lancers Off Dress cap. Generally speaking, it looks good to me: all cloth parts are well made and coherent, side brass buttons are present and well fitted. The chin strap is a plastic one But what about the cap badge? It looks silver plate and burnished It is attached by two horizontal lugs/loops of white metal Would you tell me if it is a good genuine cap or...a wrong one ? Thank you in advance, Eric
  4. Hi I have this red feather hackle, that I belive to be British / Scotish. Size all together: 16 cm - 6.3' feather: 12cm - 4.75' Which unit? Which headdress? Thank you in advance !
  5. monfort1


    Hi Thank you Franck for this very interesting topic
  6. monfort1

    Austrian uniforms

    Hi Yes, 6 and originally sewed. Still working to re compose the medal bar !
  7. monfort1

    Austrian uniforms

    Hi Gordon Very nice Do you have pictures of the inside of the coats ?
  8. Hi It comes from an old collection made in the 60's I bougt past year. What would be a price for ?
  9. monfort1

    Austrian uniforms

    Hi Here is my Officer hussar tunic