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  1. Hi The officer helmets do not wear two identical Kokarden The officer helmets do have stars insteed of nuts and screws at the base of the spike The rosette, fixing the chinscale are for officer. It should be steel screws and nuts. For me, this helmet is mixing pieces which should not be mixed. And no explanation to be found with any war stories. Furthermore, I do not see a Dragoon helmet, which has square leather visor. All in all, if you happy with your helmet, everything goes well.
  2. Hi Chinscales are OFF type. I can't say more about the helmet.
  3. Hi For me, the Kokarden (officer type,) and the chinscales should not be mounted on this helmet. The KB picture shows a genuine OR's M67. Yours is quite different.
  4. Hi Are you sure that 2 officer "Kokarden" are the best regulation for this helmet????
  5. monfort1

    Legion of honor. French

    Hi indeed, it is a good thir republic LH, with the 2 flags on the reverse depending on the manufacturer and the types of raws used, there is sometimes maker's mark They are all privately purchased.
  6. monfort1

    Legion of honor. French

    Hi Picture of the reverse would help
  7. monfort1

    Two French Medals (authentic?)

    hi Nice and genuine medals Croix de guerre 1914-1916 (and not 1918) Médaille militaire ("Military medal") Very common 7/10€ each
  8. Hi A Blues and Royals Off N°1 dress hat, just arrived from London Any comment appreciate Regards Eric
  9. Hi Looks like ... and sometimes sold (from Canada...) as
  10. Hi Thank but.... Canadian Black Watch? Which headdress ?
  11. Hi I have this 17/21 Lancers Off Dress cap. Generally speaking, it looks good to me: all cloth parts are well made and coherent, side brass buttons are present and well fitted. The chin strap is a plastic one But what about the cap badge? It looks silver plate and burnished It is attached by two horizontal lugs/loops of white metal Would you tell me if it is a good genuine cap or...a wrong one ? Thank you in advance, Eric
  12. Hi I have this red feather hackle, that I belive to be British / Scotish. Size all together: 16 cm - 6.3' feather: 12cm - 4.75' Which unit? Which headdress? Thank you in advance !
  13. monfort1


    Hi Thank you Franck for this very interesting topic