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  1. Thanks for your reply cool story yeh mabbe the bullets hit something?? and have read most of the ammo box screws found are bent as frantic attemps to open ammo boxes bent them !! think will get re displayed with photos thanks again for your reply cheers Matt
  2. Hi Have been told it probably is ammo screw as it is bent like a few others I have seen in books due to frantic attempts to open them !! good idea about photo will get them better displayed thanks Matt
  3. Given to me by my dad who in the 1970,s lived in SA and was given these items as a present by a zulu guide who had found these items over many years of walking the battlefields,its now against the law to search any SA Battlefield for relics. found them in the loft recently and have had them displayed. think there are martini cartridges,bullets,musket ball,looks like bottle top,ammo box screw,and button. they are probebly quite rare and very intresting.
  4. could be a vet repo have seen a few like this before have 2 originals one milled and one hand made (see photo of hand embroidered one and latvian ss volunteer patch) cheers Matt
  5. found in german bunker not far from saldus,Latvia with no remains in front line trench could be luftwaffe ?? any one got any ideas thanks matt