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  1. RRA227

    Patch ID please

    Found it on line. Rich A. in Pa.
  2. RRA227

    Patch ID please

    French troops training in America. Rich A. in Pa.
  3. 1st aid pouch. Rich A. in Pa.
  4. RRA227

    C.C.N.N medals

    Thanks. Here is a a better pic. My friend said that he sees the 10 year medals for sale on e-bay.Rich A. in Pa.
  5. My 10 Service medal,15th. Btg. C.C.N.N addis Abeba medal,2nd. Div. C.C.N.N. 28 October Libica medal. Rich A. in Pa.
  6. RRA227

    The Circle and The Cross

    Nice. The cuff title seems a bit R.S.I.. Rich A. in Pa.
  7. Thanks. Those are cap eagles. There are also collar size ones. Rich A. in Pa.
  8. Sotnds like the site that belongs to Dennis. He does Italian SS and Italian Social Republic.I showed him my R.S.I. Gruppo Faggioni badge and was asked if I wanted to sell it. Rich A on Pa.
  9. Here are the ones for the regular Italian troops in the colonies and the ones for the local troops. Rich A. in Pa.
  10. medalman90,Thanks. My Italian SS eagle is different from yours. I had this over 30 years. Rich A. in Pa.
  11. rocketscientist,Thanks. Ammo for the Vetterli and P.A.I. cap eagles for local troops. Rich A. in Pa.
  12. My Para collar tabs. Rich A. in Pa.
  13. Nice display. Are the enamel Para collar tabs W.W.2? Rich A. in Pa.
  14. Thanks.Got the flag at the flea market for $40. Rich A. in Pa.
  15. Those are nice. You are fortunate. Yours has 4 year bars. Mine has 2. Rich A. in Pa.