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  1. EKI Wiederholungsspangen

    Gentlemen, fantastic examples! Thank you for sharing. Though I don't currently own an EK1 Spange, it is good to know that I have these to compare if I stumble across one. Regards, Joel
  2. My newest acquisition M1874 McKeever Ammo Pouch

    One last question... Is there any significance with the stamps?
  3. Gentlemen, I recently ventured a little bit out of my collecting interests to obtain this piece. It is a Model 1874 Ammo Pouch for the McKeever 45-70 round. These ammo pouches were issued most likely for the Indian Wars. (A rather dark period in American History) This item has a Watervliet Arsenal mark as well as being stamped with a "16" and letter "D" on the enclosure flap. I'm thinking this was issued to the 16th Infantry Co. D? For those in the know, please feel free to chime in. What is interesting though the primers have been fired, all of the ammunition is period and has power in them. (Scratching head) Thank you so much for any additional information you can provide. Regards, Joel
  4. My newest acquisition M1874 McKeever Ammo Pouch

    Stormrider, Thank you so much for your insight. This is the first piece of its kind in my collection. I'm more in tune with Imperial German collecting but will welcome all other historical artifacts. Thank you again! Regards, Joel
  5. My newest acquisition M1874 McKeever Ammo Pouch

    Peter, I have not pulled the bullets from their cases. Most likely, your explaination is most plausible.
  6. Gentlemen, Thank you so much! I agree the cypher does look as though it is for Ernst Ludwig! The mystery is solved, I believe?
  7. Gents, It has indeed been a while and I hope is well with everyone. I happened upon this item and most likely a family time and not military, However was curious if anyone could shed some light on this piece? Thank you so much and seeing that it is most likely Scottish, I wanted to give it a whirl. Kind Regards, Joel
  8. Time Left: 1 day and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE

    For Sale: Original WWII EKI made by the firm: Ferdinand Hoffstaetter. This is an elusive piece to find and here is your opportunity to own an original. Holiday Special! 200.00


  9. Gents, One of my passions is collecting German Trench Photos. I look at their facial expressions and contemplate what they must have been thinking. Trying to put their minds in a better place of being home with their friends and family or are they trying to forget the horror and carnage of a War thought to end all Wars.... Cheers, Joel
  10. Farkas, I thank you for your help. Interesting piece none the less, and the mystery continues.
  11. Great Pictures Gents! I'm way behind on my contributions. Search is on. Regards, Joel
  12. I see why these can become addictive. Very nice collection of interesting items.
  13. Peter, I agree! It will definitely will adorn one of my shelves. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Joel
  14. Peter, I thank you so much for the information you provided. Though there are no marker's marks, I'm in agreement that the craftsmanship is exceptional. Here is another picture from a different angle. Thank you again! Regards, Joel
  15. Gents, I'm way behind the times. I have to go on the hunt to obtain some more additions. I've been on the sidelines lately and certainly appreciate all of your contributions. Regards, Joel
  16. Heiko, Great addition. These guys certainly look battle hardened.
  17. Great Pictures Guys! Happy this thread is still going!
  18. Grey, I thank you so much for the addition! All are welcome and lets please keep this thread going!
  19. Gents, I hope all is well and I'll see about finding more pictures to keep this thread going. Regards, Joel