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  1. Farkas, I thank you for your help. Interesting piece none the less, and the mystery continues.
  2. Gents, It has indeed been a while and I hope is well with everyone. I happened upon this item and most likely a family time and not military, However was curious if anyone could shed some light on this piece? Thank you so much and seeing that it is most likely Scottish, I wanted to give it a whirl. Kind Regards, Joel
  3. Great Pictures Gents! I'm way behind on my contributions. Search is on. Regards, Joel
  4. Gents, One of my passions is collecting German Trench Photos. I look at their facial expressions and contemplate what they must have been thinking. Trying to put their minds in a better place of being home with their friends and family or are they trying to forget the horror and carnage of a War thought to end all Wars.... Cheers, Joel
  5. I see why these can become addictive. Very nice collection of interesting items.
  6. Peter, I agree! It will definitely will adorn one of my shelves. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Joel
  7. Peter, I thank you so much for the information you provided. Though there are no marker's marks, I'm in agreement that the craftsmanship is exceptional. Here is another picture from a different angle. Thank you again! Regards, Joel
  8. Gents, I'm way behind the times. I have to go on the hunt to obtain some more additions. I've been on the sidelines lately and certainly appreciate all of your contributions. Regards, Joel
  9. Heiko, Great addition. These guys certainly look battle hardened.
  10. Great Pictures Guys! Happy this thread is still going!
  11. Grey, I thank you so much for the addition! All are welcome and lets please keep this thread going!
  12. Gents, I hope all is well and I'll see about finding more pictures to keep this thread going. Regards, Joel
  13. Gents, Here is another addition to my collection. I know that there is evidence now of these being reproduced. However, it is my belief that this one shows promise and I was none the less, able to buy this one at a decent price. Your opinions are welcomed. My apologies on the clarity of the pictures more to follow. Regards, Joel
  14. dond, I thank you for your assessment and sharing of other examples.
  15. Gentlemen, Let me start by saying that I have been go far too long. After working my tail off as we say and I've been diverted away from my collecting interests I had a client present me with the following medal. I have never owned one quite like it. I know there are table medals of the same award struck in bronze. However, I have not seen one with a suspension and ribbon and this one is struck in Silver. Any comments are greatly appreciated. It certainly is good to be back and I look forward to rekindling friendships. Regards, Joel
  16. Not sure Uwe... The mystery continues my friend.
  17. I am a professional Russian!

    Chris, He started out by analyzing weapons on video games to working with a Russian chap at a Car Dealership in which allowed him to perfect his accent. Then got popular on Youtube. Here is the Wikipedia Link on him : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FPSRussia Cheers, Joel
  18. Great pictures Deruelle! I got to see where my others are...
  19. I am a professional Russian!

    Interestingly, he is an American who fakes his Russian accent.. None the less he is very entertaining...