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  1. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    I start to wonder , did this guy buy every order at the kunker auction 2015 ? Now he have at least 10 objects from the Kunker auction out for sale if I see right Christer
  2. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    He really sell out a outstanding collection a 1st class 1918 civilian !!! . One strange thing is the bidder with few feedback who bids on all his items, but only to a certain level. And he has 65 bid retractions in 6 months. Maybe the seller have a friend as insurance..... well well , the Finnish Orders seems to have been a Good investment . christer
  3. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow ! 1000 $ Thats quite a lot of Dollars Christer
  4. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow , he could loose a lot of money if the price dosn´t rise ..... christer
  5. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Hmm, It really looks real by the pictures on EBAY , and I haven´t seen any real good fakes of this class ... But hard to be 100% without holding in real life , and comparing weight and size . But I would vote for genuine , anyone else ? The price is ??? but maybe everyone waiting for a sniper attack ? will be interesting to follow. Christer
  6. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow , only 165 left to find Baragin price for the moment ..... christer
  7. Finland Minis

    Great chain Tomasz, A soldier that gas been in three wars 1918, 1939 and 1941 Fantastic Quality christer
  8. Finland Minis

    I have been looking of buying one of these , but I thought the price was a little bit high, but now I see the reason You own almost all of them ... , very nice collection ! christer
  9. Finland Minis

    Wow, I Love the Third Clas w Red Cross ! And you seems to have a crush on 1st Clas medal w Red Cross ? christer
  10. Finland Minis

    Waited for a long time to find a 3rd Class Liberty Cross mini, but today it landed in my postbox Beautiful quality on these small crosses Christer
  11. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Very nice Dave ! I think there was about 2600 awarded of this medal ! But I think the document is even rarer , I have not seen more than a couple during the years . Christer
  12. It have been tough to get new objects to my collection of Finnish Orders , but today a new one arrived in the mail 1941 Liberty Cross 4th Class with Red Cross , awarded about 800 times , mostly to medics and doctors . This one is in almost mint condtion , Now I have to look for a Civilian 4th class Christer
  13. Hi Again , Yes they are still with me, Price haven' gone up , so 20 Usd including postage and they are yours . Easiest way to pay is by paypal or if you send med cash ? I will be going to US in the summer so green money is always welcome. christer
  14. What Belgian Medal ?

    Hmm seems to be a quite rare medal ? I suppose it would be hard to get two of theese ( silver and bronze ) Thinking about buying the two award certs Christer
  15. What Belgian Medal ?

    Aha , Thanks ! Now some googleing ... to find out what is looks like Christer