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  1. Here you can see all of the different Types http://www.vapaudenristinritarikunta.fi/pages/show/4 christer
  2. Vey Nice Jovan , Most probably awarded to a Swedish Volunteer in 1939 war (4th class with swords) and then he come back in 1941 as a medic ? and got the 4th class with red cross 1941. There was Red Cross from 1918,1939, 1941 on 2nd class medal , 1st class medal . 4th class Order , 3rd class order and the extreme rare 2nd class order 1939 ( 2 awarded)
  3. Wow, Thanks Albert ! So typical , I focused on the wrong man ... Now I have to read about Klein to leran more thanks again chtister
  4. Thanks Borg for all info , the picture probably shows a English Whippet after the battle . Christer
  5. Fantastic collection Johan Its nice to see a super collection of Finnish Awards Compare to collecting German 1939-45 Orders it is dirt cheap to collect Finnsh rare awards . an Knight Cross for example awarded more then 7000 times and manafactured in ? numbers 10 000?? cost probably 10-15 000 $ I suppose the only Finnish awards coming close to that price would be the super rare pieces like Grand Cross of Liberty cross 1918 , Grand Cross of LIberty Cross w/o Swords 1918 or 1 st Class Liberty Cross with Breast Star 1918 w/swords and 1 st Class Liberty Cross with Breast star w/o swords 1918 And then we are talking about 1-10 issued awards For example the rare 1918 3rd class Liberty Cross 1918 with Red Cross , awarded 22 !! times was sold 2016 for1400 Euro wich is about the same in $ ..... That would maybe get you a empty Knight Cross box
  6. Aha , that explains it, he has a bandage in his hand ... thanks Grey christer
  7. Here is some new pics , 1. Something handed over to a very young looking pilot , the soldier on the left has a 7 on his uniform ? 2. Ground personal showing off bombs 3. Two pilots talking , the man on the right looks like Ritchofen ? 4. A mail bag ? What plane could it be in the background ? 5. And last a pic of how well dressed the aviators had to be in 1915-18 times
  8. Hallo eveybody, Anyone recognize this tank ? Could it be a French one christer
  9. Thank you Dave After googling (is that a word? ) the net I think you are right ! First flight in 1917 which matches the Steel helmets . Another puzzle solved Christer
  10. Here are som German photos wich landed in my mailbox recently First a Anti Aircraft searchlight , then a Obsevation Baloon and last an airplane with some cool looking motorcycles nearby Does anyone know what type of plane it is ?
  11. Very Interesting picture ! Is it a WW 1 uniform ? Than the Finnish Cross should be a 1918 version and was only 44 such cross awarded Could it be Louis Leisler Kiep ? What rank ? Christer
  12. christerd

    A Swedish Volunteer in Finland

    Wow , fantastic ! Since I collect Finnish Orders and are specially interested in Swedish Volunteers in the war 1918-1939-1941 this was an exciting picture for me , What I know is that he served as a Driver during the 1941-45 war in Finland. I haven´t noted him for any more awards. He later drove Jaguar D type in Racing if I remember right ? Guess not all people know that he was in the war to ? Thanks again Christer
  13. Fantastic things Mira , sorry to say I´m not good at Chinese antiques But they looks great ! The black sword looks Japanese ? Could be a real old one He must have picked up souvenirs on the way to and from China , and amazing that you still have them in the family. i haven´t found any more info in my books about your grandfather but they are often written more about after the Germans have landed in Finland and almost everything is about the ground troops. But I keep on looking. Wish everybody and good 2018 christer
  14. Yes , That was my first thought to , but when I saw pic of Generalingenieurs the looked exactly the same ? Was is the difference in collar tabes between them ? Is the color ? Christer
  15. Hi all, Looking through my collection I found this rather simple photo , but looking closer it was more of a puzzle He seems to be General Ingieneur , or am I wrong ? I can not find very much about the Ingieneurs on the net but they coulndt be that many Anyone ? The only clue is whats written on the back of the pic " Berlin Mars 1940 " Christer