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  1. Thank you Dave After googling (is that a word? ) the net I think you are right ! First flight in 1917 which matches the Steel helmets . Another puzzle solved Christer
  2. Here are som German photos wich landed in my mailbox recently First a Anti Aircraft searchlight , then a Obsevation Baloon and last an airplane with some cool looking motorcycles nearby Does anyone know what type of plane it is ?
  3. Very Interesting picture ! Is it a WW 1 uniform ? Than the Finnish Cross should be a 1918 version and was only 44 such cross awarded Could it be Louis Leisler Kiep ? What rank ? Christer
  4. A Swedish Volunteer in Finland

    Wow , fantastic ! Since I collect Finnish Orders and are specially interested in Swedish Volunteers in the war 1918-1939-1941 this was an exciting picture for me , What I know is that he served as a Driver during the 1941-45 war in Finland. I haven´t noted him for any more awards. He later drove Jaguar D type in Racing if I remember right ? Guess not all people know that he was in the war to ? Thanks again Christer
  5. Fantastic things Mira , sorry to say I´m not good at Chinese antiques But they looks great ! The black sword looks Japanese ? Could be a real old one He must have picked up souvenirs on the way to and from China , and amazing that you still have them in the family. i haven´t found any more info in my books about your grandfather but they are often written more about after the Germans have landed in Finland and almost everything is about the ground troops. But I keep on looking. Wish everybody and good 2018 christer
  6. Yes , That was my first thought to , but when I saw pic of Generalingenieurs the looked exactly the same ? Was is the difference in collar tabes between them ? Is the color ? Christer
  7. Hi all, Looking through my collection I found this rather simple photo , but looking closer it was more of a puzzle He seems to be General Ingieneur , or am I wrong ? I can not find very much about the Ingieneurs on the net but they coulndt be that many Anyone ? The only clue is whats written on the back of the pic " Berlin Mars 1940 " Christer
  8. Thank you Fitzceraldo , Always nice to be able to get some info on some old picture , and I haven´got any more information about these units so far christer
  9. Hi again Mira , Yes the Cross I showed is the 1st Class Liberty Cross from Finland , the second class was very similar but was placed on the breast instead of around the neck. 1st Class was awarded 44 times 1918 but I only have the names of 23 and no Irmer there so far. 2nd class was awarded 271 times and 102 of them to Germans , and 59 to German Navy , I would say that your relative is most probably one of them.I have only 38 names of German officers but no Irmer yet. The Swastika in the Liberty Crossis a very old symbol and since the Order was made in 1918 it was long before the Nazi sign. Christer
  10. Thank you Heiko and Dave , its amazing what a single photo can lead to I have find out what Finnish awards he got , but thinking of his rank he probably got a Liberty Cross 2nd class or even a first class I will look further and see if I can find anything christer
  11. And here is the book pages ( in Swedish ) Kurt Irmer is mentioned in several places in the text Christer pdf106.pdf pdf107.pdf pdf108.pdf pdf109.pdf pdf110.pdf pdf111.pdf pdf112.pdf pdf113.pdf pdf114.pdf pdf115.pdf pdf116.pdf pdf117.pdf pdf118.pdf
  12. And just before bedtime I found something In the Rangliste of Marine 1914-18 I found his birthdate March 18 1873 , he was promoted to Kapitän zur See August 20th 1917 (if I read this right) and he was retired September 10th 1920
  13. Kurt Irmer wan on SMS Frauenlob in 1908 so he probably moved to another command before 1916 when she was sunk in the Jutland battle. But I could found out that he got the Swedish Sword Order in 1908 , I have not found out why , but probably some Swedish Navy visited Germany or maybe SMS Frauenlob visited Sweden in 1908 .... the search goes on Here is a picture of a Swedish Sword Order
  14. I saw that Kurt Irmer was on SMS Frauenlob , that was a Cruiser launched in 1902 , she was sunk by a torpedo during the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and only 9 men of her crew survived . He was lucky not to be on the ship then... christer
  15. Hi again Mira , Yes today Finland celebrating 100 years as an indenpendent nation starting Dec 6th 1917 I began my interest about Germans in Finland April 1918 with collecting Finnish Orders and Medals and started to build a database over people who got awards , and soon I realized that a lot of German soldiers got Finnish awards . And so it went on In the first days of April 1918 , there was approx 9 500 german soldiers in Finland they had 18 Artillery guns , 10 " Minenwerfer" and 165 machineguns with them. I dont think there is a translated version of the book series but I will scan the chapter about the the transport fleet and hopefully your Swedish friend can translate it. Since I have a interest in the 1918 war I collected quite many books about it written both by Finnish and in some cases by German participants , and I will see if I can find some more info about your grand grand father. Do you have any info about what he did after April 1918 ? The name of the book serie is ( in swedish) " Finlands Frihetskrig , skildrat av deltagare." It was printed in Helsingfors 1922 and it is 8 volumes in all. I´ll be back Christer