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  1. Thank you Heiko and Dave , its amazing what a single photo can lead to I have find out what Finnish awards he got , but thinking of his rank he probably got a Liberty Cross 2nd class or even a first class I will look further and see if I can find anything christer
  2. And here is the book pages ( in Swedish ) Kurt Irmer is mentioned in several places in the text Christer pdf106.pdf pdf107.pdf pdf108.pdf pdf109.pdf pdf110.pdf pdf111.pdf pdf112.pdf pdf113.pdf pdf114.pdf pdf115.pdf pdf116.pdf pdf117.pdf pdf118.pdf
  3. And just before bedtime I found something In the Rangliste of Marine 1914-18 I found his birthdate March 18 1873 , he was promoted to Kapitän zur See August 20th 1917 (if I read this right) and he was retired September 10th 1920
  4. Kurt Irmer wan on SMS Frauenlob in 1908 so he probably moved to another command before 1916 when she was sunk in the Jutland battle. But I could found out that he got the Swedish Sword Order in 1908 , I have not found out why , but probably some Swedish Navy visited Germany or maybe SMS Frauenlob visited Sweden in 1908 .... the search goes on Here is a picture of a Swedish Sword Order
  5. I saw that Kurt Irmer was on SMS Frauenlob , that was a Cruiser launched in 1902 , she was sunk by a torpedo during the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and only 9 men of her crew survived . He was lucky not to be on the ship then... christer
  6. Hi again Mira , Yes today Finland celebrating 100 years as an indenpendent nation starting Dec 6th 1917 I began my interest about Germans in Finland April 1918 with collecting Finnish Orders and Medals and started to build a database over people who got awards , and soon I realized that a lot of German soldiers got Finnish awards . And so it went on In the first days of April 1918 , there was approx 9 500 german soldiers in Finland they had 18 Artillery guns , 10 " Minenwerfer" and 165 machineguns with them. I dont think there is a translated version of the book series but I will scan the chapter about the the transport fleet and hopefully your Swedish friend can translate it. Since I have a interest in the 1918 war I collected quite many books about it written both by Finnish and in some cases by German participants , and I will see if I can find some more info about your grand grand father. Do you have any info about what he did after April 1918 ? The name of the book serie is ( in swedish) " Finlands Frihetskrig , skildrat av deltagare." It was printed in Helsingfors 1922 and it is 8 volumes in all. I´ll be back Christer
  7. Dear Mira , Fantastic ! The book where your grand-grandfather is mentioned is a Finnish book ( written in Swedish) from 1922 its in 8 volumes and named " The War for Liberation of Finland, told by thoose who participated" volume VII is about the German troops in Southern Finland and in chapter 3 written by KorvettenKapitän Bastian is your relative mentioned and the photo. KorvettenKapitän Bastian has a lot of very respectful words to say about your grand grand father Kapitän Irmer was head of the transport Fleet and a key person in the movement of troops to Finland in April 1918. The Transport Fleet was divided into three groups : 1st group : SMS Kolberg Fraktschiff Bahia Castillo Fraktschiff Buenos Aires Fraktschiff Cassel Fraktschiff Frankfurt Dampfer Equity 2nd Group : SMS Nautilus Fraktschiff Schleswig Fraktschiff Chemnitz Fraktschiff Hannover 3rd Group : SMS Möwe Fraktschiff Habsburg Fraktschiff Altenburg Fraktschiff Giessen So it was quite a big fleet of ships Some pictures of the fleet , first on shows some ships in Germany beeing loaded in Neufahrwasser Second one is Bahia Castillo and a truck beeing lifted on the ship. Third one is the ships on the way to Hangö, Finland Picture number four shows some of the Ships in Hangö , April 1918 I will see if I can translate some of the writing about your grand-grand father in the book, he did a great work. MFG Christer Daun
  8. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    A couple of new ones to my collection First a 3rd class Liberty Cross 1939 , not one of rarest but still only 1004 awarded so take some time to find one at a good price a medal from 1902 ? next , " The commerative medal of the old Finnish Army" quite rare ( Tiainen rates it as R3 in his book) a little outside my normal area but when I find some unusual Finnish I tend to increase my area Then a mini ( just Love minis ....) a 3rd class Liberty Cross for civilian 1941 only 152 awarded and I suppose less minis ' And two German Ribbon bars from 1918 war , first a Bavarian , could be from GebirgsArt Rgt 2 ? Totally impossible to id of course and the another German with a Baden Zähringen Löwen , also hopeless to id ...
  9. Hi Timo , At least two companies made these medals , Tillander in Finland and Sporrong in Sweden Swedish made was hallmarked and some of the Finnish ones ( LT ) They where awarde until 1937 ! almost 20 year after the war .... christer
  10. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    I start to wonder , did this guy buy every order at the kunker auction 2015 ? Now he have at least 10 objects from the Kunker auction out for sale if I see right Christer
  11. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    He really sell out a outstanding collection a 1st class 1918 civilian !!! . One strange thing is the bidder with few feedback who bids on all his items, but only to a certain level. And he has 65 bid retractions in 6 months. Maybe the seller have a friend as insurance..... well well , the Finnish Orders seems to have been a Good investment . christer
  12. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow ! 1000 $ Thats quite a lot of Dollars Christer
  13. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow , he could loose a lot of money if the price dosn´t rise ..... christer
  14. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Hmm, It really looks real by the pictures on EBAY , and I haven´t seen any real good fakes of this class ... But hard to be 100% without holding in real life , and comparing weight and size . But I would vote for genuine , anyone else ? The price is ??? but maybe everyone waiting for a sniper attack ? will be interesting to follow. Christer
  15. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Wow , only 165 left to find Baragin price for the moment ..... christer