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  1. Finland Minis

    Great chain Tomasz, A soldier that gas been in three wars 1918, 1939 and 1941 Fantastic Quality christer
  2. Finland Minis

    I have been looking of buying one of these , but I thought the price was a little bit high, but now I see the reason You own almost all of them ... , very nice collection ! christer
  3. Finland Minis

    Wow, I Love the Third Clas w Red Cross ! And you seems to have a crush on 1st Clas medal w Red Cross ? christer
  4. Finland Minis

    Waited for a long time to find a 3rd Class Liberty Cross mini, but today it landed in my postbox Beautiful quality on these small crosses Christer
  5. My Finnish Collection 1918-1945

    Very nice Dave ! I think there was about 2600 awarded of this medal ! But I think the document is even rarer , I have not seen more than a couple during the years . Christer
  6. It have been tough to get new objects to my collection of Finnish Orders , but today a new one arrived in the mail 1941 Liberty Cross 4th Class with Red Cross , awarded about 800 times , mostly to medics and doctors . This one is in almost mint condtion , Now I have to look for a Civilian 4th class Christer
  7. Hi Again , Yes they are still with me, Price haven' gone up , so 20 Usd including postage and they are yours . Easiest way to pay is by paypal or if you send med cash ? I will be going to US in the summer so green money is always welcome. christer
  8. What Belgian Medal ?

    Hmm seems to be a quite rare medal ? I suppose it would be hard to get two of theese ( silver and bronze ) Thinking about buying the two award certs Christer
  9. What Belgian Medal ?

    Aha , Thanks ! Now some googleing ... to find out what is looks like Christer
  10. Iss there anyone who read French and know about Belgian medals ? This Award cert is for a Belgian medal 2nd class to a Swedish man in 1926 , but what kind of medal is it ?? He also got a first class I Think in 1935 Christer
  11. And here is the medal bar , arrived in the mail today Christer
  12. Finland Minis

    Hi Lars , After looking at it IRL I totally agree with you , the order is to wrong to be Finnish and as you say , the first one could be Belgium instead. Well I got two nice minis from Finland and now on the hunt for a Crown Order and a Polish one Probably more easy to find than a FLC II .... Christer
  13. Finland anyone?

    Wow , Nice collection !
  14. Finland Minis

    A new one , with a owner that has done what ? Finnish Order of the Lion Knight 1st Class , Finnish Liberty Cross 2nd Class Civilian , and French Agricultural Merit Order Officer Strictly he should have the FLC II before the Lion Order but the French Order is quite rare it is one of the highest Orders and instututed in 1887 and since then only about 60 000 has been awarded and I suppose most to French citizens . Probably some professor , I will try and find out who it could be The combination must be unusual