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  1. Dear all, can anyone help to identify this medal. It appears to be from Ukraine origin but to celebrate what. Thanks you for your help. Regards il-clifton
  2. If you are still interested in Italian Medals & Insignias you can now get on my Web Site. Click on the second moving banner on this web site www.mattscollectibles.com this will take you to offerings, next click on World Orders Pages 5, 6 & 8 Thanks Rocky

  3. During WWI had been awarded: - 364 Gold Medals Al VALOR MILITARE - 38.614 Silver Medals AL VALOR MILITARE - 60.224 Bronze Medals AL VALOR MILITARE Silver and Bronze medals cannot be "scarce" or "rare" becouse of such high numbers of awards !
  4. This medal is OK, correctly engraved, no doubt at all. Medal type with crowned Z only, without F.G. start to be used during WWI; in my collection I've few dated 1917 and a couple 1918. No one dated before 1917 and no one awarded after WWI. This do not means that the medal awarded for 1916 should be wrong, just a late award. Based to my knoledge, all the medals awarded after WWI should be crowned Z & F.G. All the medals awarded for Abyssinian Campaign, Spain & WWII should be of such type. il-clifton
  5. Thank you for all these valuables informations. As usual is enought to post a topic to our forum and I can collect answers to all my questions. Thank you again. il-clifton
  6. Hello to everybody, I've alot of questions: can somebody help me in the identification of these two badges ? What means the digit 5 on the back ? Has these badges some commercial value ? Thank for your help. Best regrads, il-clifton
  7. Hello to everybody, I do collect world wide medals and I bought sometime British medals too. Today I've quite nice collection of Imperial medals but I'm not an expert at all so I'm asking your help about a couple of medals I've in my collection from long time. Pair to a Lieut. of 9th Lancers, Afghanistan War 1878-80 & Kabul to Kandahar star. Medal is engraved LIEUT. C.J.W. TROWER 9/LANCERS Star is egraved LIEUT. C.J.W. TROWER 9th LANCERS problem is that the star should be impressed not engraved (as per Purves manual) Somebody can help me? I assume that the pair is a fake or that the star was added later-on to the medal, but I'm really not an expert in Imperial medals. Thanks in advance. Marco ps. I'm not able to post the other images. I will be more than happy to mail to anybody can be interestes, please contact me.
  8. Yes, it is not military, also if the pigeons was largely used during WWI. Nice insignia, quite scarce, but not military Regards, Marco
  9. Dear all, FCI means: Federazione Colombofila Italiana that can be translate like Italian Pigeons Federation/Association. Regards, Marco (from Italy)