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  1. Hello Pete. Thank you for posting the additional information. Nightfighter may have possibly caused the downing of this plane or antiaircraft fire, we will never know. But somehow a closing to this one event among uncounted othersis arrived at. Tragically so near to the end of the war. Bernhard H. Holst
  2. Hello Andy. Well Gremmels seems to be the one after all. I.R. 77 was a Hanoverian regiment ( 2.Hannoversches Infanterie Regiment Nr.77 ). RIR 215 was apparently recruited from Hanoverian area. Bernhard H. Holst
  3. Hello readers. I do agree with Andy re. Gremmers. The letter before the last on third or fourth look must be "r". Grey c. :The Goslar location given as the location of the cap's maker seems to point to Jg.Bataillon 10 (Hannoversches) garrisoned in Goslar. Distinguished with the "Gibraltar" cuff title. Bernhard H. Holst
  4. Hello Chris. I have reviewed the history of this battalion and was unable to come up with a similar name in any of the personnel lists contained in it. I read the name as K. Gremels or possibly Gremmels considering the horizontal stroke atop the "m" indicating a "mm". Bernhard H. Holst
  5. Hello Tim. re. Stawny, Adalbert (4.Battr. d.Ers.Batls.) .... is simply a grammatical clarification indicating 4.Battr. des Ers. Bataillons. Bernhard H. Holst
  6. Hello Michael. That would be nice. My current health unfortunately gives me little energy to even compile a list of my Foreign Legion unit fatal losses which is up to date and close to my heart. But such is fate/destiny or whatever we want to call it. Am lucky to have made it this far... Bernhard H. Holst
  7. Hello. It seems such people are at work wherever items in demand can be gotten by trickery and then sold to most often, unsuspecting collectors. H.M. prison system I dare hope has its ways to give special accommodations and such to deserving felons. BTW: this writer had the opportunity to see the very accuracy if not to call it surgical precision with which the Edertal Dam was taken out when visiting the immediate area shortly after the attack. My hat is still off to these daring air crews from the then other side. Bernhard H. Holst
  8. Hello Brian. Should he or she shoot back at the pictured shooter he will end up with a whole bunch of rock fragments in his precious body ( the steel pot/battle bowler notwithstanding ). The spare magazines appear to be tottering already. Please take this from a former service man as constructive criticism who has only your very best interest in mind though rooting for the one less powerfully armed. This writers experience is with the French automatic rifle ( FM 24/29 ) very similar to the Bren. Bernhard H. Holst PS: not likely to be driven to drink but enjoying your writing as always. B.H.H.
  9. Hello readers. Lt.d.R. Frauendorf, Martin was born Dec.11. 1883 and in peace time owned a factory. At the time of his activities leading to the award of the Military St.Henry he commanded the 5th Company of the Saxon Inf.Rgt. 102. He distinguished himself during the Battle of the Somme against French troops. The award is dated 12. Oct. 1916. He survived WW I. This information is taken from the of recipients of the Military St.Henry . Bernhard H. Holst
  10. Hello Kevin. Thanks for your latest post. Budapest flights must have been hair raising. Breslau also comes to mind. A fellow I worked with flew Italian three engine planes ( ...-Marchetti ) similar to Ju-52. His usual route was Italy to Wiener Neustadt. Wather also a factor with flying across the Alps... Bernhard H. Holst
  11. Hello Kevin. I agree with your statement above. I happen to have documents incl. flight logs to flying personnel of bomber units also used for supply missions. One contains entry of the last supply flights to Stalingrad, reading of which is difficult ( posted elsewhere here on this forum). Hit by A.A. and attacking fighters. Another was involved in support of the Cholm encirclement. Yes, under-rated element compared with fighter pilots, Stuka and even bomber but deserving our attention. Thank you for showing this. Bernhard H. Holst
  12. Hello Jock. Thank you for showing this. I believe in some states making up the German Empire from 1871 to 1918 special decorations concerning the Golden Anniversaries were bestowed. First time I see one over the signature of our then President, Generalfeldmarschall v. Hindenburg. Bernhard H. Holst, born in 1931 while v.Hindenburg was president
  13. Hello Kevin. You are bringing up another interesting subject. The large folder you describe, with the large Hoheitszeichen ( eagle on top of swastika in wreath) on the outside page and used to contain the promotion / appointment document still pops up for sale as a single item. But does not of course contain any date. So it is difficult to establish any time frame for its use. Of note should be the general efforts to save on material/ manpower which became more pronounced during the later years of the war. For example a prelim. Knightscross document in my collection dated December 1944 was typed with such used up typewriter ribbon that the writing can hardly be made out. Bernhard H. Holst
  14. Hello Kevin. It may also have been caused by reason of the formal, large size document being unsuitable to be sent via Feldpost, shipping took place via regular mail to the recipients home. At that stage of the war shipments may have gone astray, destroyed en route, already occupied by Allied Forces etc. But it is conceivable that issue of the large, formal document may have been stopped entirely as you suggest. I have in my collection the packing envelope of one D.K.i.G. addressed to the home of the recipient. I always enjoy your contributions. Bernhard H. Holst
  15. Hello Chris. Same here. Tried until my head ached then needed rest. Bernhard H. Holst