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    MA in Military History, Norwich University
    Former Machine Gunner and TOW II anti-armor missileman in the US Marine Corps(1990-1992)
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    Ebola Response, Two tours in the desert 2003-2004(Iraq), Haiti, and Colombia

    My main interests include Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia. I have been unable to shake my first love... Soviet Orders and medals.

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  1. Paul R

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Hello Thank you for the reply. I think that there may be a device missing from the Bronze Star. I've seen ship captains receive the LOM/V for playing pivotal roles. I'd love to hear the real story on the bar. Those strange gray/blue ribbons are for the Coast Guard Auxillary. This man joined the Aux after his time in service. Here is another great bar to CG Captain. I was lucky enough to find the citations for the two top medals. A super cool set and hand written note from Coast Guard RADM K. Cowart. Here is his Silver Star citation awarded for his efforts in saving the CGC CAMPBELL after she rammed a Uboat. https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/33913
  2. Paul R

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Some more favorites.
  3. Paul R

    USA Ribbon Bars

    This nice one just arrived.
  4. My God. Those are GREAT and rare photos. Thank you for sharing them. Are they from your collection?
  5. Paul R

    Goering, Hermann

    Wow. When we think about it, he must’ve signed thousands and thousands of documents. It seems as if they did a great job of destroying the paper trails.
  6. Those are some amazing set ups and displays. Bill, you are the only person I know of who has such complete displays. It is a real treat to behold. Mike, thank you for sharing those exceptionally rare hats with us. I am intrigued with the SA Marine hat. What did those men actually do? The SA was strictly a political arm. What did they do on the water?
  7. Paul R

    German participant of Waterloo 1815

    What are those awards? Clearly before "everyone" received Iron Crosses.
  8. Interesting Point Tim. I hope that someone has the answer to this one.
  9. Paul R

    Polish cross of merit ribbon

    What an awesome gesture. I am sure that he will love it.
  10. I am so sorry to see this.
  11. Is the order award for this group typically awarded for valor? How would he come to be awarded the Afghani award?
  12. Thanks for the great thread guys. Bill, do you have more insignia or uniform bits from this branch? I have some East German uniforms, which are pretty hard to find in their own right. Morten and Grey, please keep the images coming.
  13. The detailing on the lettering seems very subdued to me. I am shocked to see these effectively reproduced.