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  1. Beyond tragic, but at least it is not completely destroyed. I have one such bar, but thank God the ribbons are beautifully intact.
  2. Thank you! It is a beautiful item. Yes, the prices do not show up for some reason.
  3. What is the price?
  4. What is the price for the set?
  5. This is outstanding! Thank you! I have not read much about the Lublin battle. I know about the aftermath between the Soviet backed Polish and the Free Polish Army, after the city's liberation.
  6. Thank you all for educating us on these medals. I had no idea how beautiful these awards are. I wish there was a publication that explained what they were awarded for.
  7. Damn Bill. I want you with me if I pick lottery numbers. This is awesome. Egorka, thank you for this added history! I am amazed at how these items can recreate someones military career.... way more than a random Iron Cross.
  8. Thanks for the additions! Your ability to scout these sets out is nothing short of amazing.
  9. I look forward to it! What started your interest in this field of collecting?
  10. What is the citation on this one? Long service?
  11. Most impressive. You do a great job in bringing life to these orders. Thank you for what you are doing.
  12. Another awesome and desirable piece. These Afghan awards were more hard won than their WW2 counterparts(in many cases).
  13. Long Service? What are the other awards listed?