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    My main interests include Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia. I have been unable to shake my first love... Soviet Orders and medals.

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  1. Thanks GreyC, for sharing that magazine. I understand now! Very interesting. Morton, you scored a very nice photo there. I've never seen the winged device on a GL tunic before. I wonder if this is some sort of rank or paygrade for a certain period of time. I also like to see the LW civilian personnel pin on the tunic and hat. I wonder if the color on the collar and shoulder straps is red or yellow...? It almost seems as if it will be a sort of red.
  2. Good day, I am doing some research on this person(Conscripted), who was in the Reichsmarine est. 1900. Where can I go to find archival information on a personnel from this era? Regards PaulR Reichsmarine specified here. (Jailer ad).
  3. Thanks for that interesting information. Is the building still in use!
  4. Nice score Bill. Ive not seen this combination before!
  5. USA Ribbon Bars

    Very interesting. I did not know the medal was awarded like that to military personnel.
  6. Bill, the ORBL is one of my favorite orders. There is something about the rich enamel and blue ribbon that really distinguish it from all the rest. I love the wear on that ribbon you shared with us.
  7. Cuban General's Insignia:

    LOL. I bet the prices are going to be ridiculous here in the US. Have you ever seen any of the Castro related ranks in collections?
  8. Thank you for sharing this information. Your father had an interesting life. Did he have World War Two service as well? Was there a paper citation that accompanied the Order of the Red Banner of Labor? Bill Garvy- Your grouping above is amazing!
  9. USA Ribbon Bars

    Interesting bar. Id expect to see a NDSM. Legion of Merit, as you know, is a very high medal, which came out in late 1942. I'd find it highly unusual for an officer to earn two during the war, especially without a "V" device. Also, with the Selective Service medal... post war service... unless he earned it as a civilian after the war and mounted it with his ribbons?
  10. Cuban General's Insignia:

    those are stellar. How difficult are cuban items to find where you are?
  11. Thanks for sharing that great photo. I recently acquired this image, of the pattern of uniform I posted above in use.
  12. You all have some fantastic sets. nickstrenk- thank you for sharing your father's medals. When was his Combat Service Medal awarded? Igor Ostapenko- I love the foreign medals that the general had. He was awarded some senior Polish medals.
  13. I am a huge fan of the Franco-Prussian groups. Thanks for sharing this tidy bar. Hamburg Hanseatic bars are not common either. What a beauty.