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    MA in Military History, Norwich University
    Former Machine Gunner and TOW II anti-armor missileman in the US Marine Corps(1990-1992)
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    Ebola Response, Two tours in the desert 2003-2004(Iraq), Haiti, and Colombia

    My main interests include Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia. I have been unable to shake my first love... Soviet Orders and medals.

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  1. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    What rank did he reach in the German Army? Any awards?
  2. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    Wow. That is really nice. Please post a photo of the final product before you send. I know of a source for the collar insignia and chest badges if you are interested. What was his rank? This is the first one. The rest you should know, right?
  3. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    1. Poland's Army Medal for War- 1939-45 2. British 1939-45 Star 3. British Italy Star 4. British War Medal, 1939-45 That is what I see.
  4. Your photos are second to none. Thank you all for sharing.
  5. Paul R

    South West African / Namibia Medals

    Thank you for sharing this thread and the images of the medals in wear. The uniforms look almost like an older British cut to me. The insignia is definitely inspired by their former occupiers.
  6. Paul R

    The "dude"....

    Regarding the CIB, could the soldier have previously served in the US Army and is wearing it as a carry over from prior service? What are the FFL rules on the wear of previously awarded decorations while serving with other military branches/countries outside of FFL service? The CIB (combat version) cannot be awarded to foreigners, at least that I am award of. Cross for Military Valour with Palm- What is the US equivalent? Silver Star? Congressional Medal of Honor?
  7. I wish I had the time... but it seems well worth it. What are some of the key words you use in your searches?
  8. Thank you for sharing this historically significant grouping and background information.
  9. Agreed. It is a nice specimen. Dont tinker with the ribbon.
  10. It looks good from what I can see. I did not think there were that many Heroines awarded though. I will have to check my books.
  11. I think you did well. How much are they going for now?
  12. A nice military/civil combination. I love those because they show a person's complete working career- military and after. What are the missing awards?
  13. Morton- Another amazing photo. I want to find where you go, seriously. Uffz- That set does fit in here. I love that set. It was stored under excellent conditions.
  14. Thank you for the awesome contributions. There are some awesome bars here. That 1870... wow.