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  1. I was thinking the same, at least about the ribbons... Yet that said, many unknown variables- were they sealed up in a container of some sort?
  2. What a find! Did you discover this set or was it something found online? Beyond envious regardless.
  3. Paul R


    Hi Vince, i have an interest in Soviet militaria, mainly 1941-1989. I collect mainly award groups, but I’ve picked up some really nice uniforms and flags along the way. I do have a really nice 1980s KGB uniform. I am definitely interested in whatever you wish to feature and discuss. Paul.
  4. Paul R


    Wow. Those are amazing. Which are your most prized?
  5. Luftwaffe General Luftzeugmeister "GL" This branch was thought to have been established in May of 1941. Documentation has not been found on this organization and all information that is used in the reference books has come from photographs and militaria. The Luftwaffe General Luftzeugmeister consisted of civilian personnel who acted as Comptrollers of the weapons factories in Germany as well as in the occupied territories.
  6. Hi Morten, I cannot wait to see your new photo. Paul
  7. I just want to share with my collection of items that pertain to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. In an effort to ensure the continued existence of a free Poland after the war, the Polish Home Army rose up from underground in an attempt to capture the city of Warsaw from the retreating (so they thought) Germans. After 63 days of hard fighting and little of the promised Allied support, the valiant Home Army fought until they ran out of supplies and negotiated a surrender to the Germans. This first item is a display for Major Max Reck. He was an infantry instructor at the Infantry Officer's Candidate School at Posen when he was ordered to assemble a task force and march to Warsaw, picking up any police or military units along the way. With his cadets and assembled combatants, he formed Kampfgruppe Reck and fell under the command of the SS General, Reinefarth. My most recent pickup was this nebel photo that was taken during the Warsaw uprising. Major Reck had one such unit under his command and I believe this is it. (there were only two and the location of these men is verified due to building features). This next image contains a desk ashtray that while not directly attributed to the Warsaw Uprising, it was definitely a memento of the German occupation. A more recent find is this Wound Badge document that was awarded to a member of Landesshutzen 997 who was wounded during the Uprising. And my final item, for now, is a remembrance card for a man killed during the event. Sadly, his unit information is omitted.
  8. Newest find. Infantry Gerfeiter killed during the Uprising.
  9. Without swords is non-combatant (Merit) or civilian?
  10. Paul R

    DKiG Help

    Congrats. Was it a good price?
  11. A little late, but I hope you picked this up. Outstanding example.
  12. I am sorry to take so long to reply, but I can tell you that this is a beautiful bar.
  13. What a beautiful and focused collection. I love the mounted bar.
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    DKiG Help

    I know that time is out, but this is a beautiful heavy version.
  15. After about ten years of envy, a friend of mine finally broke down and sold this beautiful group to me. He bought it from a well-known collector who received it directly from the family. Sadly, the documents and a few other items were sent separately and LOST in the mail. He was on the ship, LEIPZIG. Since he served near Morocco, he received the Moroccan Order of Mehdi instead of that more familiar red/white ribboned Spanish award. I have the child's name who sold the awards, so maybe with some time, I can locate the ship's roll and locate that name. I suspect with the inclusion of the tally, he was enlisted.
  16. Thank you all. Some family jewels are best to stay within the family.
  17. Luftwaffe Judicial Official The Luftwaffe Supreme Reich Court Martial was constituted on 01October1936 and introduced two weeks later. Luftwaffe Judicial Officials wore the basic Luftwaffe uniform, with insignia designated for the Luftwaffe Judicial Officials. These men were included in a14Oct1936 order that required the wear of the uniform, as Soldiers were, while on duty. However, unlike soldiers, while off duty civilian clothes could be worn without permission. There were two different branch colors used within the Luftwaffe Judicial System: Bordeaux Red- Luftwaffe Supreme Reich Court Martial (Reichskreigsgericht) Wine Red- Luftwaffe Justice Officials(Justizdienst) The rankings were published on the 30th of November 1936 as follow: Lower Career(no piping): Feldwebel- Reichskriegsgerichtswachtmeister Oberfeldwebel- Oberbotenmeister beim Reichskriegsgericht(changed to Reichskriegsgerichtsoberwachtmeister between 1937-8) Medium Career(broken blue/silver piping, replaced in Jan40 with dk green and silver piping): Leutnant- Reichskriegsgerichtssekretar Oberleutnant- Reichskriegsgerichtsobersekretar Elevated Career(Silver piping): Oberleutnant- Reichskriegsgerichtsinspektor (Changed to Kanzleivorsteher beim Reichskriegsgericht on 09Aug1938) Hauptmann- Reichskriegsgerichtsoberinspektor Major- Amtsrat beim Reichskriegsgericht (Changed to Amtmann beim Reichskriegsgericht on 09August 1938) Oberstleutnant- Burodirektor beim Reichskriegsgericht High Grade Career(Gold piping): Oberstleutnant- Reichskriegsgerichtsrat Oberst- Oberkriegsgerichtsrat beim Reichskriegsgericht Generalmajor- Reichskreigsanwalt, Reichskreigsgerichtsrat Generalleutnant- Oberreichskreigsanwalt, Senatsprasident beim Reichskreigsgericht In April, 1944, in an effort to offset manpower shortages within the Luftwaffe, the Luftwaffe TSD (Truppensonderdienst) Administration and Judicial Services were instituted. Please see the below link for the discussion on the TSD, for more details. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=16844
  18. Yes, the sword existed for TSD Judicial Specialty, which was created in Nov 1944. These boards were standard Heer and LW with a dark wine-red waffenfarbe.
  19. Hello my friend! Thank you for sharing your wonderful GL photo collection all together like that. Very nice collage. I do not have any new GL photos. You have them all. :-) I don't see them often at all.
  20. That religious clergy KM photo is the only such I've ever seen.