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  1. Thank you. The resemblance is so close that it seems intentional.
  2. What is that medal that resembles the US Bronze Star, in the lower left corner of the photo above?
  3. He would've at the very minimum received the Korean Service Campaign Medal, the UN Medal for action in Korea, and the National Defense Service Medal.
  4. Interesting awards. Both sets to Polish contributors.
  5. Very rare bar. Like the previous poster, I've not seen this medal mounted on a bar before.
  6. A large number of these men seem to be much older than their Heer counterparts.
  7. The coolest HK citation I've seen. Thank you for sharing it. I have not seen any others. Have I just been unlucky or are they that rare? Komtur- This is seriously a pinnacle nurse's set. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I have a VM, Valor Cross (Govt in Exile reversed ribbon), and wartime hat badge coming in now. Sadly, these are all unattributed. I am working on deal for a stellar attributed grouping to a VM winner (with Bor's signature on the citation). He was a sabotage officer in Warsaw during the Uprising. The current owner was not able to get anywhere with the archives due to the sensitivity of his job (?), but it's a work in progress. The grouping contains the VM, Home Army Medal, Polish War Medal with four bars, and a pre-war Independence Medal, all with documents. Also included are his prayer book, original photograph, and some other odds and ends. Thank you for the compliment on the above. The Armband was something I was seeking for a long time. These are so scary in that they are heavily reproduced. I am just happy to have an original, despite it being unattributed. The Home Army Medal and document belong to a female fighter.
  9. Your theory makes a lot of sense. Once enveloped with the new services, the branch would be responsible for providing equipment. What year did this happen?
  10. The TENO looks so much like SS, I wonder how many went through a tough time when captured due to confusion with the similar uniforms and insignia.
  11. These are really cool. I've never seen such marked props before. Are they genuinely this rare? Maybe collectables on their own.
  12. Wow. Very different, especially when we look at the ray points...
  13. You have one hell of a collection. Of your 1000+ documents, how many of them were specifically for NC (White ribbon) variation?
  14. That is a killer document and bar. Chris- How many of these have you seen?
  15. The Desert Storm bar is a real rarity!!! Very cool to see the mixed British/Dutch bars too.
  16. Way cool. A Siberia vet too!! I bet he had some stories.
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