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  1. Home Air Raid Protection and Rescue Branches- SHD, LSW, and RLB The purpose of this thread is to explore the little reviewed areas of the German Air Raid Early Warning, Rescue and Recovery Services. These units were uniformed civilian auxiliaries of the Luftwaffe. These organizations were all under the control of the Reichs Air Ministry(RLM). These organizations were: Air Warning Service(Luftschutz Warndienst- LSW) Security and Assistance Service(Sicherheits und Hilfsdienst- SHD) Air Protection Police(Luftshcultzpolizei) The Air Protection League was a different organization whose role was to teach the public about air raid procedures. As the war waned on, this organization's usefulness dissolved, as did its ranks. Despite these organizations initially being volunteer, as the war progressed manpower became scarcer. As a result, personnel were actually conscripted to fill the ranks.
  2. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    What rank did he reach in the German Army? Any awards?
  3. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    Wow. That is really nice. Please post a photo of the final product before you send. I know of a source for the collar insignia and chest badges if you are interested. What was his rank? This is the first one. The rest you should know, right?
  4. Paul R

    ID of Polish ribbons

    1. Poland's Army Medal for War- 1939-45 2. British 1939-45 Star 3. British Italy Star 4. British War Medal, 1939-45 That is what I see.
  5. Your photos are second to none. Thank you all for sharing.
  6. Paul R

    South West African / Namibia Medals

    Thank you for sharing this thread and the images of the medals in wear. The uniforms look almost like an older British cut to me. The insignia is definitely inspired by their former occupiers.
  7. Paul R

    The "dude"....

    Regarding the CIB, could the soldier have previously served in the US Army and is wearing it as a carry over from prior service? What are the FFL rules on the wear of previously awarded decorations while serving with other military branches/countries outside of FFL service? The CIB (combat version) cannot be awarded to foreigners, at least that I am award of. Cross for Military Valour with Palm- What is the US equivalent? Silver Star? Congressional Medal of Honor?
  8. I wish I had the time... but it seems well worth it. What are some of the key words you use in your searches?
  9. Thank you for sharing this historically significant grouping and background information.
  10. Agreed. It is a nice specimen. Dont tinker with the ribbon.
  11. It looks good from what I can see. I did not think there were that many Heroines awarded though. I will have to check my books.
  12. I think you did well. How much are they going for now?
  13. A nice military/civil combination. I love those because they show a person's complete working career- military and after. What are the missing awards?
  14. I think that the Soviet labor awards are among the most beautiful and under-appreciated of the Soviet inventory. I really do not see a lot of the groups around. Let's see what you have! I will start with my double ORBL set. Of all the labor awards, this is the most attractive to me. And a nice OL to a woman. Now, let's see some of yours. I will post more later.
  15. Morton- Another amazing photo. I want to find where you go, seriously. Uffz- That set does fit in here. I love that set. It was stored under excellent conditions.
  16. Thank you for the awesome contributions. There are some awesome bars here. That 1870... wow.
  17. I want to share with you my first mostly Imperial medal bar, fresh in. I am guessing that this bar belonged to a combat medic, NCO. I do have one question(as always), what was the criteria for award of the Red Cross medal? For me being a medic myself, medical/noncombattant medals and uniforms are most desireable. I feel a certain kinship to these people who were often in the line of fire, not to kill or take an objective but to aid those who have fallen often times on both sides of the fight. Regards Paul
  18. I love both photos. That officer candidate is stunning. You find the best photos.
  19. Luftwaffe Medical Corps The Medical Branch of the Luftwaffe was one of the original career fields present when the Luftwaffe came out into the open on March 01, 1935. The standard waffenfarbe for the Luftwaffe Medical branch was cornflower blue. When attached to the Hermann Goering Division and the Luftwaffe Field Division, the solid blue collar tabs and shoulder boards were to be retained, by order(although as most rules, this one seemed to have been broken from time to time). These men and officers filled roles ranging from direct patient care in the field to research and development of medications and procedures to drafting health awareness cartoons. Dentists were also included in the medical corps. Ranking nomenclature: Enlisted: Sanitatssoldat- soldat Sanitatsobersoldat- Oberschutz Sanitatsgrefeiter- Grefeiter Sanitatsobergrefeiter- Obergrefeiter Sanitatsunteroffizier- Unteroffizier Sanitatsunterfeldwebel- Unterfeldwebel Sanitatsfeldwebel- Feldwebel Sanitatsoberfeldwebel- Oberfeldwebel Sanitatsstabsfeldwebel- Stabsfeldwebel Officer: Assistenzarzt- Leutnant Oberarzt- Oberleutnant Stabsarzt- Hauptmann Oberstabsarzt- Major Oberfeldarzt- Oberstleutnant Oberstarzt- Oberst Generalarzt- Generalmajor Generalstabsarzt- Generalleutnant Generaloberstabsarzt- Generaloberst/Head of Medical Services The Luftwaffe used trained Officials for medical ancillary services. The specialties can be recognized by the nebenfarbe on the shoulder boards. Apple Green- Pharmacists Orange- School Special Service, Librarian Service, Pharmacist(post 1940), Psychologist Service, Veterinary Service, Luftwaffe War Science Section. More information can be seen about the Luftwaffe Administrative Officials here: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=18055
  20. How many NC EK2s were awarded for the 1870 series?
  21. Paul R

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Embroidered ribbon bars are my favorite. I am extremely disappointed that we no longer utilize this practice.
  22. I can’t wait to see them. I still love that image above. Definitely a yellow waffenfarbe
  23. Luftwaffe General Luftzeugmeister "GL" This branch was thought to have been established in May of 1941. Documentation has not been found on this organization and all information that is used in the reference books has come from photographs and militaria. The Luftwaffe General Luftzeugmeister consisted of civilian personnel who acted as Comptrollers of the weapons factories in Germany as well as in the occupied territories.
  24. Paul R

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Hello Thank you for the reply. I think that there may be a device missing from the Bronze Star. I've seen ship captains receive the LOM/V for playing pivotal roles. I'd love to hear the real story on the bar. Those strange gray/blue ribbons are for the Coast Guard Auxillary. This man joined the Aux after his time in service. Here is another great bar to CG Captain. I was lucky enough to find the citations for the two top medals. A super cool set and hand written note from Coast Guard RADM K. Cowart. Here is his Silver Star citation awarded for his efforts in saving the CGC CAMPBELL after she rammed a Uboat. https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/33913