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    Very interesting design and patterns.
  2. There are more uniforms than demand at the moment. These are great originals.
  3. Wow. He must've screwed up big-time to be sent to a LWFD at his age and lack of infantry experience. I doubt he would've been immediately put in charge of a Battalion like that, would he? Was he demoted? Are his officer evaluations included in those documents?
  4. This has to be one of your more impressive sets! Congratulations on this virtual time capsule. It seems as if you have the man's entire military career in that box.
  5. They did a great job at carefully removing the offending emblem.
  6. What era do you think it was made? Turn of the 20th century?
  7. Cool. I cant wait to see them. It looks like a beautiful example.
  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful awards with us!!
  9. I am so sorry to make you wait so long. Thank you. Here is the front. I am not home, so I found an original reverse to show you what it's like.
  10. Outstanding early Coast Guard Commendation Medal with an original, hand-signed citation for a Cold War event with the Soviets. Commendation Medal citations were signed by the Commandant back then. Now, these are delegated to unit COs that are Captain or above. The citation is for this event: In July 1965, Northwind, under the command of Captain Kingdrel N. Ayers, conducted an oceanographic survey between Greenland,Iceland, and Scotland and was the first western vessel to operate in the Kara Sea of the Soviet Union, for which she received the Coast Guard Unit Commendation with Operational Distinguishing Device. The (then) classified mission of Northwind was to attempt a transit of the Northeast Passage. This voyage involved transiting the Panama Canal. The effort was not successful and caused a diplomatic incident between the U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. (Petrow) Petrow, Richard (1967) Across the Top of Russia, The Cruise of the USCGC Northwind into the Polar Seas North of Siberia. New York, David McKay Co. Inc. and Van Rees Press. Library of Congress Cataloge Number: 67-19909.
  11. Consider it moved. Thank you for posting this interesting tile!
  12. Congratulations on scoring this really cool lot. When you get around to it, we'd love to see some of the highlights.
  13. Paul R

    Ethiopia : Emperor's Bodyguard Long Service Badge

    Thank you so much Owain! I imagine the Orange versions are beyond rare.
  14. Here are a couple, but bear in mind that they are priced with accessories included, as pictured. https://therupturedduck.com/collections/edged-blades/products/model-36-german-ss-chain-dagger-1?variant=12092592455753 and https://therupturedduck.com/collections/edged-blades/products/model-36-german-ss-chain-dagger?variant=12092591276105 Maybe a little more than 2K. Regards Paul
  15. Agreed. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  16. "too real" = made to look like the most accepted standard version?
  17. Were you able to get any of those documents translated?
  18. What a story. I bet very little coffee was needed to stay awake on that ship during watches.
  19. It looks original, with replacement ribbon. What says the rest of the staff? Sorry it took a year and a half to get back to you... I hope you still have it.
  20. Frank, I am only now seeing this thread. What an AWESOME award. You have basically would've been a citation for a Hero order. And the medal itself is a duplicate issue. Double win. Igor, as usual, thank you for posting all of this research. You brought this medal to life. I thoroughly love reading your threads. It's a bummer to see this award dropped suddenly all the way from Hero to ORB... they could've at least given him an Lenin or one of the higher screwback awards.
  21. Darn it... I wish someone saved and uploaded the images.
  22. This is a great citation. He was right outside of Warsaw during the 1944 Uprising. From the sounds of it, he was in direct combat with the Armored SS and Herman Goring Division units. WOW. I'd love to have this one someday, if you ever decide to sell or trade.
  23. I'm still blown away by this group. Egorka, thank you for tracking down and translating this article.
  24. The labor screwbacks are works of art. Maybe one day, if the prices keep falling...