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  1. Actually it was Wallaby fur used for the pugaree on the 6th LH slouch hats not Koala. Rob
  2. Great collection and i agree rare as hens teeth as I have only 1 1918 dated and have been looking for years to find them. Rob
  3. ID tag and pay book

    Hello all I have in my collection a ID tag and pay book from a Turkish soldier captured in Egypt by a Aussie trooper ,Could any one tell me what it is and what it says. Thanks Rob
  4. ID tag and pay book

    Thanks Demir do you know of any one that can or maybe able to help? Rob
  5. ID tag and pay book

    Thanks again for your help, can you decipher the pages of the book? Rob
  6. ID tag and pay book

    Here are some better photos of the book and tag ............. please if any one can translate book and tag for it's meaning that would be gratefully appreciated.
  7. Hi all I have these shoulder straps and I would like to know which units these are and there rank also if possible where they fought and if against Australian units. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Rob
  8. Hi all was wondering if any one can tell who this chap is and what is written on this board which is on the back side of the photo? Thanks in advance Rob
  9. Hi thanks for the reply,I have worked out the top photo is Max Immelmann and bottom is Ernst Udet but would like to find out the name on the back maybe a fan or a fellow flyer? Rob
  10. Can any one access this WO 339 / 89765 or any info on how he was killed and where ?? Also a MIC card for him? Thanks Rob
  11. Hi thanks to all who have replied ,yes I have had some of my questions answered and the case is closed. Thanks again to all Rob
  12. Hi could some one translate this card it is suppose to be written in old German on a ID tag? Thanks Rob
  13. Well going by what you have said the cap is ok but a ww2 issue and is not ww1 as l have suspected it is on ebay thecchap is also sellinga slouch hat as well Rob
  14. Hi Chip It is attached to a forage cap that is claiminy to be WW1 but the front buttons look ww2 Thanks Rob
  15. Thank you to all you gentlemen for your ,if i may ask one more thing .This card would have been written by a collector for his collection so it could have been after WW1 or WW2??
  16. Hi Jens Thank you very much but I don't read German could you repeat it in English.Also would this style of writing been in use during WW2 as this is supposed to be on a tag on a captured cap from WW1? Thanks Rob
  17. Can any one ID these collar tabs please

    Am looking at trying to ID these collar tabs.Any help would be of great help.Also the type of tunic it it? Thanks Rob
  18. Can any one ID these collar tabs please

    Yes that is what I was thinking Observer collars but the circle has me worried as I have not seen that type before. Thanks Rob
  19. I think this would not be covered and if sold to a collector outside of Australia there would be no problems.But as this group is so complete and I would imagine one would not see a complete grouping again it will sell in Australia and from what I hear around the traps that it, and the other lots will more than likely end up at the AWM (Australian War Memorial) which is not a museum but it would be on show at some stage.I think our friend KS will be donating it once again like the VC's he has bought an donated to the AWM. Regards Rob
  20. Hi Kevin yes a lovely complete grouping ,I know of a least 3 collectors that would be hoping they could get them and 1 would be me they are the holy grail for us as a Navel group . Here is a link to the auction page http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot?id=311719 for others to view. Regards Rob
  21. If this is a complete group well you could be looking at approx $35K to $40K as there is one forsale in a auction in Australia at this price coming up in Nov. Rob
  22. Hi all I have this shoulder board which I thought was German but I have been told this is not correct.This came with some German shoulder boards an a German trench club with an Australian medal group and apparently was souvenir by the chap.Can any one tell what this board is the one on the left maybe British? Thanks Rob
  23. Shoulder Board / Strap ID needed - help please

    Thanks Joe I can see why people are leaning towards British but I also see your point about the Belgium angle but there tress at the bottom has me in a quander as that I have not seen before ? Thanks Rob
  24. Thanks to both of you guys ,but we are getting closer to solving the question. Rob