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  1. Tifes, thanks for your reply. The theory that you pose is quite probable, but I think there may be another alternative theory: The medal bar does not have the Jubilee medal, which seems indicate that this man left the Army before 1905 (he could have completed his 9 years Bavarian Army service prior to 1905 and then change it the DA by the model of 1913) and became public servant (bureaucrat, diplomatic service ....), in which he be awarded with the Ludwig Cross and the austrian Golden Merit Cross with crown (with red ribbon, more typical of a civil servant than the military personnel) during WWI.
  2. Hi all, This Bavarian medal bar has a austrian golden merit cross with the peace time ribbon. The cross seems to be made of bronze. If I'm not mistaken this decoration was made in bronze between 1916 and 1918. So, is it possible to be a ribbon of peacetime with a cross made of bronze, or this cross should be a gold one?
  3. A nice saxon frack bar with saxon style trifold ribbon, probably belonged to a Lieutenant
  4. Thanks for your comments The Albert order is unmarked (but looks like a Glaser piece) and the Merit order has a "R" (Rosner) in the low arm
  5. A Lübeck bar The EK is a Otto Schickle EK II (one piece construction and non magnetic)
  6. In the auction 192 of Kunker there was an Ernestinischer Hausorden, Ritterkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern. In the explanatory text it is suggested that the french swords style of the SEHO indicate origin of Sachsen-Altenburg's duchy...Can someone confirm this? I thought that the style of the swords (roman or french) was depending on the manufacturer who had made the decoration. The book " Ehrenzeichen des herzogtums Sachsen-Altemburg " shows pics with SEHO with both styles of swords: french and roman
  7. Many thanks Sascha Of course, for my, the Kuenker's auction catalogs are a very valuable source of knowledge
  8. The order of precedence of the Kuhn's medal bar it's correct?...or both St. Henry medals should be placed ahead the Albert order?
  9. To compare differents craftmanship: a Scharffenberg SV3aX recently sold (ebay.de)
  10. I think that this decoration is currently underpriced: the current market price is similar to a HOHX (more than 8000 awards) I would like to know how many of the 422 awarded "survived" currently..... of course, it is impossible to know
  11. Congratulations, a lovely and scarce piece. Here's my SV3aX and SV3bX: The SV3bX shows a "R" mark in the lower arm (Roessner), the SV3aX it's unmarked (probably a G.H.Osang piece)
  12. Congrats, a lovely piece. The manufacturer is probably the Koniglichen Munzamt in Stuttgart. To distinguish a Friedrichsorden of E. Fohr of an exemplar of the National Mint is relatively simple, but a Wurttemberg MVO....is more difficult.
  13. I only know that Büchner was the scourge of the American SPAD in September, 1918 You can find some info in this book: "Jagdgeschwader Nr II "Berthold" (Osprey) http://books.google.es/books?id=GcksYw2rJicC&pg=PA99&lpg=PA99&dq=FRANZ+BUCHNER+AMERICAN+SPAD&source=bl&ots=VtPkkLW_Gf&sig=z_07jmjKLdZuIM0ZchvNKm4pZ4o&hl=es&sa=X&ei=Yq0CT5z9BoG2hQfgmqytAQ&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=FRANZ%20BUCHNER%20AMERICAN%20SPAD&f=false
  14. palencia

    FJO - knights cross

    Hi Don, One of the marks of the ring looks like a silver mark: "Diana head 2A" (silver 900) Regards
  15. In this thread you can see an albrechtsorden with the same mark (silber) in the needle: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/49794-saxon-albert-order/page__st__20 In " Deutsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen 1800-1945, Bd.3 Sachsen - Württemberg. J. Nimmergut ", can be seen other Saxon decorations with the mark "silber" made by G.H. Osang
  16. palencia

    EUR1200 EK1 !

    Not for this seller: EK1 sold for 1532€ http://cgi.ebay.de/eisernes-kreuz-1-klasse-bugelverschlus-werner-berlin-/220826120410?pt=Militaria&hash=item336a4330da&autorefresh=true
  17. Congratulations, very nice piece :cheers:
  18. I have several doubts on the concession of the saxon merit order. If I am not mistaken, the order of precedence of the Saxon orders is: Albert order----->Merit Order-----> St.Henry order But I have seen enough photos of Saxon officiers who have been awarded with Albert order and with the St. Henry order but not with the merit order (In case of Prussia,during the WWI, an official awarded with the PLM, always has been decorated before with ek2, ek1 and HHO). Even the merit order has been awarded fewer times (during WWI) than the St. Henry: Merit order knigth 2nd class with swords: 1850 Merit order knigth first class with swords: 450 St. Henry Order (Knight): 2800 Which is the reason?, the merit order are awarded only for some specific merit? BR Enrique
  19. Alex, you're right, I have been looking, in this one and other forums, and really many of saxon officiers who had obtained the SV3aX, already they had been rewarded with the SH3 before. It's really curious, but evidently, if for example, in 1916 a Saxon officier are awarded with the SH3 (the high Saxon decoration for bravery) and this officier continues doing merits in the war, that another decoration exist for this officier? Regards
  20. In the catalogue n º 32 of Andreas Thies (item 104) there is a piece exactly like yours: with the mark "silber" in the needle.
  21. Congratulations for this rare piece. Is it possible to know the maker? (It does not have in the back side the mark of the manufacturer).....though looks like Roesner's piece. Best regards
  22. A detail that me had gone unnoticed: the center medallion it's multipart construction :love: ..........¡a beauty! I suppose that it's an early piece