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  1. Got a quick question, I have a book with this information but for some odd reason, I cannot find it! What division did the QOR belong too in WWII? And what color was the patch? Thanks in advance! -RCL
  2. Can't help much as far as research goes, but that is a wonderful group! Nice and rare.
  3. Gorgeous photo! Hes a younger one too, possible military school?
  4. Cap Badges

    I woulda grabbed the Reconnaissance Corp badge, not the whole lot though.
  5. The color is too dark to be a Patrol to me.
  6. Grandfather uniform...

    Definatly looks like Black Watch to me.
  7. Ebay, Canadian Airborne.

    Thanks, I'm gonna haveto pick that book up.
  8. Ebay, Canadian Airborne.

    Wow, another one from the same guy. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s_promot_widget This ones 8 grand, wonder if its a true group because that would be amazing.
  9. Is it real? I've never seen titles such as these, can't find them in any of my books. http://cgi.ebay.com/WW2-Canadian-Airborne-...7QQcmdZViewItem Whats the call gentlemen?
  10. Desert Find

    How the desert preserves such things is amazing! And from such a unusual unit! Neat!
  11. Iraq War Dioramas and Model kits

    Wonderful job! Thats back when the war was a war, how I miss it, now its just a cluster######.
  12. Love the name man, gorgeous cap. Definately a Mess Dress Cap.