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  1. Thanks tony also great info.
  2. Thank you very much my good sir.:)
  3. Hello mates,i picked this grouping up today from a friend collector and. Was wondering if i may ask for some help in finding information on this wonderful soldier.his name is frank hirst .service number 38401 1st aircraft mechanic ww1.thank you
  4. Thank you for the wonderful information.that helps alot
  5. Hello all,thought i would share this sport's medal i have had for many years.i never could find much information on it other than its a silver medal for disk thrower. Front
  6. No purple hearts that ive ever seen numbered were given out in viet nam.thouse earlier number issues would most likely be exhausted in ww2. .
  7. Hello all i picked up this osterrich medal,the front has a strange heavy orange film.i was think of cleaning it off but i stayed my hands lol.the reverse does not have this heavy build this tarnish?is this common to this medal? Many thanks The reverse.
  8. Yet another
  9. Another pic
  10. Hi everyone picked up these jostens wing and was wondering if they are original. Thanks all :)
  11. Thanks all for the info :)
  12. Ok I see. Would this also fit into someone in the barracks police?
  13. Hello everyone, I have had this ddr bar for some time know and was wondering who would have worn it?
  14. Ok, thank you very much for the info.
  15. Just picked this bar up and was wondering who would have worn this?