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  1. cabbell2207

    My first Mons Star

    Thank you very much Gunner 1,thats great information:)
  2. Hello all, Wanted to show my first 1914 star medal. I am having a issue as i can't find his index card on line.90583 to GNR. W. Freeman Royal Field Artillery. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all
  3. Thank you for the info
  4. Just picked this grouping up of South Africa medals up and wanted to share.They are named to a C.P. Geils with a 8th army bar on the Africa Service Medal.i couldn't find any information on this old boy any help would be much appreciated. Than you
  5. Hello all, Im trying to find information on a south african soldier named C.P. Giles number 7499 but have had no luck.Are South African records available? Thank you.
  6. I would like to give a big thank you to stormrider59 who help me complete my medal bar with a whermacht eagle.
  7. Thank you:) pm me the details
  8. Thank you Lambert.thats a nice bar you have there.
  9. Hello everyone,just picked this four place medal bar up.does it look proper?thank you
  10. Thank you P.F.,im in the hunt for one but i have been unsuccessful so far.
  11. Interesting,after some searching i found other pieces made by the same manufacturer with similar die flaws.
  12. Hello all, i am in need of some help.i just purchased this medal group and was wondering if the war merit medal was real? Its marked 10 on the. Ring .i've noticed many file marks around the edges and even small die cracks on the face that can only be seen with a loupe.Thank you
  13. Hi all, I just purchased this medal and was wanting an opinion if it looks ok.i dont have it yet just pictures.the swastikas have been blurred out by the vendor.thanks all. The reverse.
  14. Hello all, Im trying to find information on a RCAF Flight Lieutenant Donald M Brotherhood.i unfortunately do not have his sevice number but i do know he was awarded Atlantic Srar and Pacific Star.Any help is much appreciated:)