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  1. Oberst Karl Günste. Genstschef d. XX. Korps Hermann Freiherr Kövess von Kövessháza (30 March 1854 – 22 September 1924) was the final, and completely ceremonial, Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian Army.
  2. Hi Demir, would like a copy of your Harp Madalyasis book!

  3. De nada !
  4. Yes there are records in the Ottoman Archives in Istanbul but there are several books and one has to go through the books. The problem is they were written in Arabic alphabet and one need to know that. Also, the date on this Medal is the Occupation of Istanbul by the Allied forces 13.11.1918. The name Grazia (thanks in Italian) and the date is interestind. There is another point, that space is allocated for the names not a name and a date. Especially after the occupation the Allied army people had access to everything and there was a puppet Government. Regards Demir
  5. Hi Chris, yes they are Crimean period Orders. The one on the left is the 5th class. The other one is most probably 4th Class. Regards Demir
  6. Hello Samuel, It could have been given to anybody, anytime whom Sultan saw eligible. Demir
  7. A recently made The Turkish War Medal with Makers Mark
  8. Beautiful medal bars. Thanks for sharing. Regards Demir
  9. Hi, As indicated by Gordon when you first joined GMIC some time ago there is a regulation for selling items. One can not sell items using the FORUMs, you have to sell them on the sales section of the Forum. Best wishes Demir
  10. Hi Andreas, you are right he is an observer thanks Demir
  11. Hello, A friend of mine has this painting and we are wondering about the identity of the pilot. Somebody suggested that he might be Oberleutnant Paul Leim. I would like to have your opinion please. Thanks Demir
  12. There are translation companies which translates these kind of documents.ıca tercüme büroları&oq=osmanlıca tercüme&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j69i65j0l4.7788j0j7
  13. Sorry I can not read old Turkish alphabet. On the other hand all note book photos have to be rotated 180 degrees. Demir
  14. Hi, It is a horse tag. 2nd Regiment, 3 rd Battalion, 10 th Company, 456 (2.Alay 3.Tabur. 10.bölük, 456) Regards Demir