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  1. A German Pilot with the Turkish War Medal, EKI and German Pilot badge. Also an unidentified baged with propellers? Any information on this badge? Regards
  2. Airmans qualification badge

    Turkish Aeronautics Assosiation (Türk Tayyare Cemiyeti) Medals awarded between 1925-1944 source: www.kokpit.aero 32 Medal decorated with diamonds 874 Gold 1.469 Silver 2.531 Bronze 4.906 Total Medals decorated with diamonds which were awarded to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the first Turkish woman pilot Sabiha Gökçen. (Exibited at the Anıtkabir Museum)
  3. Order of Medjidie... good one or bad one?

    It is not 5th class because it seems that the part where the tughra is not silver and I wouldn't suggest this one. Regards
  4. Cholera Medal 1865

    Hi, I tried some well known books but could not find a number. Regards Demir
  5. General Exzellenz Felix Graf von Bothmer (10.12.1852 – 18.3.1937) in Narajow, his Chief of Staff on his left. Colonel Ismet (Inönü) during the Independence War. (2nd President of the Republic) Hans Humann with his sister. Naval Attache at the German Embassy during the WWI and a very close friend of Enver Pasha.
  6. Avsar, Thanks for the really good info and beautiful photos. Best wishes Demir Erman
  7. Four years ago our friend Auseklis from this Forum indicated that BB&Co of the Turkish War Medal stands for Binder Brüder & Co. from Lüdensheid. This Company was also mentioned amongst the German medal makers. So far non of our friends from the Forum said anything about it. I would be glad to hear your opinions. Also did German Companies used Co. for company and is the German sign for "and" is "&" ? Is it possible for our German friends to get in touch this Company and ask whether they ever produced TWMs. http://www.gebr-binder.de/ Regards Demir
  8. Turkish Pilots Badge variations

    What is belt buckle?
  9. Hi Historian, It is nice to have a granson of an officer in our Forum, welcome. Best wishes Demir Erman
  10. Turkish Liyakat medal

    Hi, It is silver. The asteriks is for the ribbon appliance I think. Regards Demir
  11. Atatürk - The Father Of The Turks 1881-19∞

    Hello Alex, Yes this is a military forum and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a military man, in fact a field marshall at the end who fought against the invading armies with success and founded the Turkish Republic. Best wishes Demir PS:
  12. Trench Art Ashtray - Balkans 1918

    Nice, enjoy
  13. Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    Hello Gordon, Nice to hear from you. Yes you are right, Sometime ago, I remember, in one of the discussions, I have agreed to use those terms. I think this is the only medal in the world which could be produced by some other country and considered to be period item. There was no other way of course to be able to get the medal since there was no Turkish Government. Regards Demir
  14. Gallipoli Star (real or fake)

    Hi Lambert, As you know any medal which was not made during and after the WWI or ordered to a foreign producer (if there is any) by the Ottoman Mint is a replica or a copy (whichever word one prefers) which we consider as period items, because of the fact that people hasn't been able to get their medals from the Ottoman Government after the war so that they supplied their own medals from the German and Austrian manufacturers. What we are discussing recently was not the ones made during that period but medals produced recently and call them fakes. IMHO this is a period item, maybe Austrian make because of the style of the tougra. Date is missing. Best wishes Demir
  15. Order of Medjidie

    Hi, There are several medal books and one has to check each one of them. Your people can go the Archives and can ask the help of one of the people working there. I have done it myself for the Turkish War Medal recipients but I couldn't find most of them because they were given during the last years of the Ottomans and medals given by the Germans. As far as I know other medal and order books were kept well if the medals were not given during the lasy days. Best wishes Demir