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  1. The web site "Britains Small Wars" has many first hand accounts from servicemen who were there 1945/48 also a listing of many of the aunits involved. John
  2. Have noticed that most of you ignor the GSM Clasp for Palestine earned during the period 19th April 1936 and 3rd September 1939 numerous Regimens qualified so not a lead there but narrows down a 3 year period of service john
  3. jagwca

    Help with ID'ing this soldier's regiment please

    2 things that must have some revelance is the #1 and the colour fo the plume gold over scarlet on the kepi. John
  4. I find the re-introduction of the Royal Arms over Four Stripes for the Garrison Segt.Major rather facinating now what about the Accademy Segt.Major which some people concider to be the senior appointment? John
  5. jagwca

    RAF dog tags!

    RAF Identity Discs are from the number block 4017000-4202563 non ATC regular enlistments Dec 1946/June 1958. John
  6. Leigh, Looking at the arm badge and my old book of badges wondered if it might be the 23rd Hussars. John
  7. Graham,I've never heard of mixed Home Guard AA Batteries but that could be just me.There were however mixed RA Batteries with members of the ATS wearing the RA grenade over their left breast pocket at first operating and servicing the ancillery equipment(range finders and Radar)then on rocket batteries took over the weapons a friend served on one in Hyde Park first on radar then a gun number. So it's quite likely that women served on Home Guard Batteries after about 1943. John
  8. Some sort of aircraft navigation devise RAF. John
  9. Leigh,after a much closer scrutiny of the cap badge have to agree Beds & Herts a rush to judgement and my book on wartime badges is not the best. 2nd Batt. served in India 1920 Iraq 1925 UK 1926 Palestine 1936 UK 1938 France 1939/40 4th Dividion John
  10. Hi Liegh,I think the collar dogs are the key(I don'y have any information on them)But the badge is just blurry enough to get confused as it does appear to have a crown at the top thats why I went that route. The 1st Batt. served in India prior to the war so it could be a fit. John
  11. 1st Batt mainly at home. 2nd Batt. India 1922-33 Sudan 1934 Home 1935 France 1939-40 John
  12. Jeanette, Looks like the Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regt. John
  13. Royal Artillery John
  14. A rather tired old mind is having aproblem. In 1944 when the 1st SAS were stationed outside of Chelmsford Essex they wore a maroon title with 1st Special Air Serve spelled out in full in sky blue I vividly remember this title but have seen no reference to it just the white SAS on red of which photos exist in the early operations in France.It was most likely only to have been worn for a very short period say January 1944 to April/May 1944. Has any SAS expert or collector a photo?or can my memories be substanciated other ways. Thank-you in advance. John
  15. Leigh,what years did your father spend in Canada? The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders are a Reserve Army Unit based in Hamilton,Ontario.Have spent many happy hours in the Officers Mess with friends that were Company Commanders with the Regiment. Nice to see the old photos of the pre-war and wartime vets. John