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  1. speagle

    NO IDEA #2

    Probably NOT military, but have No idea.
  2. speagle

    NO IDEA!

    Appreciate any info. Thought it might be a Civil Air Patrol patch, but can't find anything in that category. Image may be upside down.
  3. speagle

    USA Ribbon Bars

    I'm interested in thoughts about the USAF Commendation medal on the top row. This medal was authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force on March 28, 1958 while serving in any capacity with the Air Force after March 24, 1958.
  4. This is an excellent reference book to identify US Army Heraldic Crests. I am also posting a sample page that shows an example of how the crests are identified and displayed. The book has an alphabetical index of motto's as well as an additional index with no motto, but listed numerically. The index gives the Plate number and row. There are 129 Plates (pages) with 24 pictures per page (3096 crests!).
  5. speagle

    USA Ribbon Bars

    The Longevity and Good Conduct don't match up. The Longevity indicates 16 years service (basic ribbon=4 years with each cluster=4 years, hence 16 years) The Good Conduct indicates 3 years service (basic ribbon=3 years). SO-the Good Conduct should have 4 bronze oak leaf clusters indicating 15 years service).
  6. speagle

    Ribbon Identification Help Please

    Black & White does no good. If you can go back to color. It appears the one on the right may be USAF Marksmanship (Expert) ribbon.No clue on the others (while in B&W)
  7. Got this one froma friend that works at the Travis County Sheriff's Department, Austin, Texas Ed
  8. speagle


    Thanks Megan. Appreciate the information.
  9. speagle


    I would appreciate assistance in identifying these three patches. Thanks in advance
  10. VERY nice. Thanks for sharing.
  11. What are you using for the stands? Did you make them yourself? BEAUTIFUL displays
  12. speagle

    Tipstaff search

    This may help those of us that may be a bit uniformed about what a tip staff is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipstaff
  13. Consider hanging them on the wall (if you have the space) rather than on a stand.
  14. speagle

    Can anyone help?

    Might this help? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinderella_stamp
  15. Thought this info may help you on some other leads. http://net.lib.byu.edu/estu/wwi/comment/huachuca/HI1-22.htm
  16. speagle

    Berlin duty certificate

    Found this ascot patch my Dad wore while in Berlin. 2nd BG, 6th Inf-Berlin-Parade Scarf Patch
  17. Here is a certificate my Mom and Dad (1st Sergeant-Berlin Brigade) received when he retired. (Sorry for the flash feedback).
  18. speagle

    US Army Heraldic Crests

    I have redone my display and made one with only Military Police units (except the bottom left which is a Military Intelligence unit).
  19. Part of my collection. Had to go buy more display boxes. Will add more later. Hope you enjoy these. Each frame will be numbered and descriptions added by row.
  20. Thanks Jock. I'll look into it further later. appreciate you making time to comment.
  21. Was advised this should be posted in this forum. Received this for Christmas from my son. I'd appreciate any information, (i.e, Unit designation, meaning of red stripe, authenticity based on inside markings, etc.) It had a tag inside that said "German Army", nothing else. As Mervyn once said, "Your family spoils you Ed". Thanks in advance for any help. Ed
  22. No green under the Peak. So then, do I have an ARMY Artillery hat?
  23. speagle

    Sweetheart PIn

    Another Christmas present. Again, I'd appreciate any insight as to this pin. The back says, "Coro, Sterling, Pat Pending". I found one on e-bay in much worse condition (not that I want to sell it, just doing some research). As always, appreciate any inputs. Ed