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  1. Hi Dave chanced upon this and doing a little search found that you were and might still be interested in him... Read the name on the back, please.




    1. Dave Danner

      Dave Danner

      Hi, Thanks for that. 

      Now I have to reevaluate all the Theophiles. The FR 90 Stammliste listed its Theophile as Friedrich, but that looks like a "90" on the shoulder boards. Also, the 1915 Frankfurt Adressbuch lists an architect in Isenburg as "Max", and the 1911 rank list of reserve and Landwehr officers says the FR 90 officer was an architect in Isenburg. So the Stammliste got it wrong. He received the MMV1 as well as the MMV2.


    2. GreyC


      Hi, yes, I am interested in the units of IX AK, that´s why I took a closer look at the photo. Then I saw that you have worked on in this particular familiy, so I thought I drop you a line.

      Have a nice weekend!


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