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  1. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    It`s not a healthy bug to get bitten by, believe me
  2. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Great collection Jerry. I love these medals. I got bitten by the bug years ago. Jim
  3. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    I picked this one up recently. beautifully framed. I have no idea of the year of the medal and won`t be taking the back off to find out.
  4. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Very nice Mark Jim
  5. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Jerry, I think it is worth getting one for completion of a collection purposes. Jim
  6. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    These medals are called "uniface". I once collected all CdG and had one of these in my collection. i was informed by a very knowledgeable French collector that these medals were purely for displaying in frames and were thought not to be official. Jim
  7. Tunneller

    XMas came early this year!!

    Congratulations, great piece Jim
  8. A beautiful medal indeed. I bought a Waterloo and MGS medal earlier in the year. The history behind these medals and the men is fascinating. Congratulations on a great acquisition
  9. Tunneller

    French Croix de Guerre WWI

    Odulf, Those are beautiful citations. I just picked up this group of citations with a 1915 medal.
  10. Tunneller

    Warning This Blog May Be Offensive

    Someone can always say something that may be "offensive" to someone else. That`s how it is.The world has gone mad. I am not much for Christmas. After 30 years of watching people beat each other senseless over the "season of goodwill" it means little anymore. It has just added to my current status of being a recluse But here goes to those who wish not to be offended, "Merry Christmas" And for those it might offend, please go and telephone someone who might care because after all it is a western tradition and I seem to have everyone else's traditions and customs jabbed down my throat at every opportunity without thought for the offense it might cause me. Best wishes to all for 2017
  11. It used to be a Long Service Good Conduct Medal when I got mine. It always confused me because i was always in the mire for something over my 30 years and was surprised to receive mine. I did ask for it to be delivered through the internal post I hasten to add Jim
  12. This has just arrived in my collection. Hope you like it, marked 938 W Jim
  13. Tunneller

    1st Empire Legion D`Honneur

    Thanks to all for opinions and information Jim