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  1. joelhall

    Real or fake

    Looks good to me, but I'd need clearer photos to tell for sure.
  2. The miniature on the ribbon denotes the EK1. Ribbon only for EK2.
  3. joelhall

    Post-war EK1?

    i certainly believe that theyre important historically, theyre witness not just to the war, but the equally eventful european aftermath. to me theyre a much nicer thing to spend money on than an early 57 ek, same as i love my black wound badge with the black flaked off, my ek with scratches and dents in it, and my rusty fire police helmet with the chin strap broken off. you cant beat an artifact thats seen the history you collect. of course i dont know much about daggers yet, but denazified crosses arent especially rare. ill bet a fair few vets preferred these to the 57 versions, as they were better quality even once altered, not to mention the few who may have wanted to save a few bob ;)
  4. joelhall

    Post-war EK1?

    i think what youre asking is if these were make after world war two as 57 versions? no, at least not quite made per se. the 57 versions featured an oakleaf spray in the centre. these types are so-called 'denazified' medals were in fact originals which were defaced by the recipients after world war two, so as to fall in line with the denazification laws imposed on germany, which called for removing all vestiges of the national socialist party in 1957. the awards were still recognised after world war two by the west german armed forces, but could only be worn if the swastika was removed. many veterens did this before the 57 type awards were manufactured, and often, as with this one, repainted the centre where the swastika had been removed.
  5. hi there folks. just wondering if i could get an opinion of the originality of this cap edelweiss? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=300396840121 joel
  6. even so, i fail to see how much that is going to affect soldiers hurrying to pick up id tags, to think of removing or reading an ek1 to read the back on the off chance that it might say something. theres no p.t.o. on the front after all. and as for arms being produced and helmets refurbished, these were things vital to the defence, and survival of the people in the city. this is different than items produced for propaganda in britain. yes there was the blitz, but were comparing a whole country to one city (blockaded at that!), the whole of britain takes up a far larger space and you didnt have the same effect as on a city which was cut off, meaning their (far less) resources were far too important to spend time, materials and man-hours on a very odd attempt at breaking german morale. its hard to see how they had the means duing that time, let alone people willing to carry out the work in such a stressful time, where primitive survival needs were far more important in everyones minds. the other point is without time and means to create machine parts to produce these crosses, when there were more important needs to be conidered first, i havent seen any examples of... well, the very tacky examples you would expect at best! however i should point out this attatchment on the wr thread, by dimas: http://warrelics.eu/forum/german-third-rei...-crosses-2.html hopefully there could be something coming to light. until then im going to stand in my belief these are post war communist made, as even the best attempts to explain this being made in '41 seem somewhat shaky at best.
  7. i dont think it did THAT bad a job;)
  8. joelhall

    The Iron Cross....

    varients, imperial, third reich, prussian, oddities, rarities, miniatures, dks, kvks - i want them all . unfortunately, im very poor person (VERY poor, ive been off work due to illnes for 17 months and on an nhs waiting list for that long too:(), my collection is very small - about 20 or 25 pieces but all ones i love. i dont have any 1813s or an 1870 ek1 yet though - and no prinzens:( definitely something im on the look out for!(so you all know who to call if you have any spare prinzen ek2;)hint hint hint) and i love having those little extra things to add a bit of 'colour' to the display, patriotic world war one plates and so on. but ill only get a piece which i wont want to sell. im a collector for the collections sake rather than for investment, so everything has to 'bring' something to the collection. hey... a kitty cat... yeah, er... anyway... its hard to keep adding pieces (especially at current prices) so all the more reason not to jump at impulse buys. imperial are always more fun than third reich of course - especially 1914, some of the varients are gorgeous, especially cases and citations. so far i only have a few pieces, nothing very special, a cased ek1 1914, 1870 ek2, oaks, three n/c ek2s, and some miniatures and 'extras' with eks designs. still... theres a lot of fun in the chase aint there;)
  9. да плохо пробуйте это! ...как было это?
  10. joelhall

    Various kinds of non combat EKs

    now you mention it i recall seeing a photograph of the grand cross on a white ribbon. im frantically searching to find it ill let you know when i do:) joel
  11. joelhall

    Various kinds of non combat EKs

    forgive me i dont think i explained it very well, but that was what i was trying to point out. what, though, would be offered to a ciilian at the front in 1914? would this be a black/white bordered ribbon? joel:)
  12. er... think that language barrier might be breaking down again that was kind of my point:)